Saturday, May 2, 2009

1St post

Saturday May 2nd.
Feeling a little stressed since we are expecting a baby, oh- in a few hours :)
well, actually if I don't deliver by this weekend I am going to be induced on Monday Morning
since I have been ready for a while (let's not get into details, shall we?)
It feels to me like a first pregnancy since Alain is already almost 17. Gosh, time does fly.
I forgot everything, maybe because the first time around it was such an easy process and
had no sickness or pain at all.

I'm sure making up for it now!!!

I'm supper dupper tired from not sleeping and God bless the Hubby for being so
patient with me thru out this whole process, you learn I can be quite annoying when I
want to.

So until later, lets see if we get this baby thing rolling.

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