Saturday, August 29, 2009

Waking up with Aiden


If you get to know me at all you soon find out that I'm not even half human unless I had my cup of coffee in the morning; seriously I don't even like to talk. No good morning to me, no birds chirping outside, no rainy day (my favorite BTW) can make me be a morning!!!

I never saw why people find it so exhilirating to get up early in the morning and being so happy about. NOT.ME. Turns out hubs is not so bad, but he is also a night owl like mua. Then we have Alain, a kid that during his school year is prompt to get up~but when vacation strikes he can be sleeping until noon if you let him. Another owl.

Well, it turns out the joke was on us...we where blessed with a happy-go-lucky-monring-baby.
YUP, little guy LOOOOOVES the morning, he wakes up, does his famous fish
impresion (feet and head up like he is a whale, arms back) then turns to be on his back, smiles (saying to himself: who's the man now?!) and then starts talking.

He starts touching his crib toys, pulling on the strings to make things make noise. So of course I get up and see him, I tell him "Good Morning" and he just cracks up the biggest laugh, like he had this planned. And of course then I'm up, and I'm happy, and blessed, and realize that we are so lucky to have him. We had so many frightening moments that we though that he may not make it, but he did. He is a fighter that little one. A fiery one like his name says.

And this morning, I take him to bed with me cause it's before 6am and hubs already was up with him on his last feeding. We talked for a bit, then later I wake Daddy up and I start getting ready for work. I come back from the bathroom to find you and your Daddy laughing and talking and it hit me: well, maybe we are indeed morning people after all!

Monday, August 24, 2009


You know when they make jokes in the sitcoms/tv shows telling you that when
you go to see the shrink he is going to ask about your Mom because "it all gets blame
on the mother"?...well in this case this one is sooooooooo true!

I got my shoe addition from my Mom (actually, now that I think about it... my purse/bag addiction also). From the time I was a little girl my Mom had stacks and stacks of shoes and purses. But seriously she can buy 5 new pairs in one month and tell you with a straight face
she didn't get that time she came to visit us and in a priod of 21 days she bought 8 pairs of sandals!!! ~ yes my friends, that is commitment to a cause.

I should also state that I come from a house hold of 6 females including my Mom, so we ALL inherit this little trait. As soon as my younger sister left the nest, my dear Mom had some shoe racks put in DS closet so she can stack more of them there.

I know a lot of people don't get it, why so many? But to me shoes are perfection, they always fit (well, mot of the time *WINK*), they don't make you look fat/skinny, and they can totally make an outfit. Exibit A) Jeans always look better with heels.

I almost made it thru my entire pregnancy wearing heels, they just make me feel more confident~preeeety~taller~skinier. I dont necesarily buy the really expensive ones (read: Manolo, Christian, Prada, Gucci, etc.) I am alaways on the look out for a great sale (Amazon is great on this).

Also go on the off season to department stores like Macys, I have purchase many pairs for even 75% off!!! I'm going to be posting pictures of "the Shoe of the Day" and how much it cost. Here is the first one: Purchased at Kohl's on sale for $20! Luuuuuuuuve it:

FYI: I had to pull my pants up so you can see the shoe, Nail Polish color "Lincoln Park after Dark" by O.P.I

Saturday, August 15, 2009

8 Things

So since I'm soooooo bored sitting at my desk at work
just waiting for the time to go home to my family anf have some
well deserve family time, I am going to bore you with another
beautiful list:

8 things I look forward to (not in expecific order):
1. My next nail appoinment
2. Picking up the hubs at the train station so we can go home.
3. Watching silly old movies and ordering pizza
4. Aiden's next milestone

5. Alain's High School Graduation next year
6. Halloween
7. Going to the Renaissance Fair
8. Bedtime

8 things I did yesterday:
1. Cry like a silly old woman
2. Work
3. Made Tacos for Dinner
4. Watched a few minutes of Gilmore Girls before falling asleep
5. Washed off my makeup before bed
6. Went to CVS
7. Read some of James Patterson book...I can't remember which one...
8. Called my Mom (she lives abroad)

8 Things I wish I could do:
1. Be more artistic...I'm only crafty.
2. Keep my mind from wondering off
3. be able to run (and enjoy it)
4. See Alain more
5. Buy a old farm house, and do a major overhaul remodeling it to our taste.
6. Remember what I came in a room for
7. Be healthier
8. Do more decorating around the house.

8 Shows I watch:
1. Gilmore Girls
2. Weeds
3. Law & Order (all of them)
4. Unsolve Mysteries
5. Platinum Weddings (I love to see the ridiculous amounts of money some people spent)
6. What Not to Wear
7. Property Virgins on HGTV
8. Jon - Kate + 8

Finally that day is gone!

So thank the good that Friday was.finally.over.
There are some days that I'm in complete amazement and
recognition of how blessed we are. We truly, honestly are.

Then comes a day like this past Friday that all you want to do
is crawl into a corner, turn into a ball, and cry so hard until
you finally fall asleep. YEAP.that.was.yesterday.

I'm not going to go into every little detail 'cause that’s just
so annoying when people complain and whine about life,
and work, and how it's not fair and blah, blah, blah.
Suffices to say that it was a bad day, everything was just chaos and
I honestly just wanted to give up. I mean you try and you
try and then you get punch by life and are left
with this hallow empty space in the pit of your stomach.

I really need to get better on my Faith skills. I usually can see the light
At the end of the tunnel, I do…really. I always pray and think of all those other times when I though life was so bad and somehow everything turn out ok.

Of course, DH came to rescue and made it all better, like he always does. He keeps things in perspective and don’t get the emotional side of things cloud the big picture, our vision, our family. Reminding me that I have to keep the faith, that things always have a way of changing for the better…and that no matter what by the end of the day,

I have to remind myself when I see those dark clouds hovering about that there is always going to be someone to dry my tears, to make a joke and make me laugh about the silliness of it all, someone that’s willing to make a fool of himself if it means that It’ll make me happy. I am truly blessed ‘cause I married my best friend and the best man in the whole wide world.

You complete…ME”!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nails!!!! My little secret

OK, so I got a Secret (Just picture the Madonna song playing)

I Love, love,Love, love,Love, love,Love, love, getting my nails
done. To me is like a zen-spa-feel. I feel pretty and pampered
and I love the me time I get. I love the hubs and the little monster
more than life itself, but sometimes a girl just needs to take care of herself.


Feel the trembling pulsations of the massage chair as you are putting
your feet in warm water...LOVE.IT.
I know some people are kind of iffy about someone touching your feet,
and I'll admit that sometimes I have to concentrate really hard not
to burst out laughing when they are scrubbing them with the pumice stone,
but again, it's all worth it!
So since we are in the subject I'm really particular about the colors I like:
Is either really light as in a French Manicure, "Baby Cakes" by Essie or I go to extremely
dark as in "Russian Night", "Lincoln Park After Dark", "My Private Jet" all by O.P.I

I see sometimes a pruuuuty pink or even a crazy blue ("For Audrey" by China Glaze)
and think Oh my...yummy but I know if I did them in that color I would get bored
within a day or two.

So here are some pictures of the things I see that I like:

BTW- these is NOT me...although I have done both the first and last pic...they where interesting.

I can't wait for this weekend to go have my nals done! YAYYYYYYYY

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Purple people eater!

oh, how I love me some really not a healthy addiction since sometimes my eye shawdow would look like someone punch me in the face instead of the smokey look I attempted to achieve, quite funny though.
I reallly do hope I don't look like Barney though. Here are some pictures of my insanity (uhm...yeah...all were worn on the same day):

Kenneth Cole watch

Benetton lunch bag (well, what I use to bring my food)

My pruuuuty purse (Mother's day gift from Karina)
it's purple, not pink.

and finally the makeup: (notice a little bit of the purple shirt I was wearing)

Now, all I need is to get me some purple shoes, I do have the jewlery

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Baby is 3 months!!!! (and my new Ring!)

darn. time is flying by so fast.
Our baby boy is officially 3 months old! it wasn't too long ago we met for the first you remember? I do: you where oh-so-warn and squishy (and a little gross) but oh so beautiful and I couldn't believe you were ours to keep. Then you looked at me and it was like "hi there Lady, got any milk?" I was madly in love.

Today you are more rounder and not so squishy anymore. You can turn all by your self and grab your little "paƱito", you put your fingers in your mouth and make funny faces. Gosh, you even try to have a conversation with us. and you LAUGH, you LAUGH like someone told you the most amazing story there is to tell.

However, today you were moody, you didn’t like that we woke you up and you DID NOT want to be in your car seat. He was not crying, more like complaining….waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa“like GET-ME-OUT-NOW!!!!” hehehe- I wonder who you get that from (???)

OK, so back to more girly things, I am wearing the coolest most affordable ring. I found it while browsing stores in the mall. They have this little cart in the middle that sells glass pieces. OH, I am in love with it. So cute, all blue and green...had to do my makeup in those tones as well...I mean the ring kind of dictated my entire outfit today.
Here is a picture of the ring (which BTW cost $4):

What a deal! Here is my eyeshadow...sorry for the blurry picture but my photographer AKA Tori was making me laugh:

Oh and here is my shoe for the day...very inexpensive (less than $20 girl!)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Yeah Baby!
Guess who can roll over all by his georgous tiny self?
Yes, indeed= Mr. Aiden himself.
I went to check on the little guy because I heard music coming from his crib in the am
{read 4am} and I see him pulling the string on his toy...I asked DH if he place Aiden
in that possition and he (very sleepy) said no. So I lay down Aiden again and wouldn't
you have it-he indeed rolled over!!!!
He nows now that this toy makes music and I guess he say to himself:
"yeah I can do this"!

Our little guy is growing so fast is not even funny. I shouldn't be surprise,
after all it wasnt such a long time ago that another little-hold-my-hand-mommy-guy
turned in to a teenager who is on his last year of high School.
Time does fly, and we better make sure we cherish all this moments that we
are given with our kids, hug them and kiss them and let them know they
will always be your baby.
I guess next time I am exausted because he woke up again at 4am I should
hold him longer, look into his beautiful wondering eyes and see that this will
not last forever and that I am going to miss these mommy and me moments.