Thursday, September 23, 2010

The tale of water and the toxic crew

NO, I did not get water poisoning.

But I wanna take a moment to say I didn't know how hard it was to drink water. Seriously.

I committed myself to drinking 8 glasses a day (or 4 16oz bottles) and I can only make it to 3 bottles. This is way harder than I though it would be. But I've been trying really hard. I packed my lunch all 3 days so far, brought in healthy snacks, like the diced green apples with dipping caramel @ Walmart for $1 and only 100 calories!!!. I Know I can probably do this myself but in actuality I will probably pack way too much caramel so I rather have this measured for me. Other snacks are cheese cubes and crackers, and grapes. Much better than my 3 o'clock chocolate bar.

Baby steps here. I went to our local Target to get Milk and saw they had the Pepperidge Farm cookies on sale- KILL ME NOW- seriously Verona's are amazing. I had to ask the hubs to hold my hand and drag me out of there fast. But I did it. And I haven't had chocolate cake either.
Every time I see it I tell myself how good it would feel to be 30lbs lighter. Am I never gonna have sweets or a cookie again? No, I will. Just not right now. I'm not ready for it. I don't have the will power to only have 1 cookie. In the other hand I have a meal plan that will include lots of salads and veggies, and perhaps packing my dinner because eating at 9pm is not a healthy choice.

And switching gears about choices...there is other healthy choices that have nothing to do with food. Getting rid of the "junk" that clutters your life. Sometimes that junk can be a person.

I've been thinking a lot lately about the toxic people that we all have in our lives. You know what I'm talking about: those who always find some unkind word or gesture towards you. Those who instead of extending their hands to help you, are opening their palms to slap you...right across the face. Toxic people seemed to always go by the label of "Honest"...have you noticed that?

Its like it gives them a blank card to be rude and obnoxious, cruel and despot. They think they have every right to shut your dreams, tell you how stupid, ignorant, silly you are. They think they are better than you and you just have to take it. Toxic people can disguised themselves as friends too. But eventually you will see the jealousy coming thru. Another form of toxic people are does that suck the energy from your life, they are so negative that there is no way to fight the doom and gloom. You just feel bad all over.

I have met my share of these kinds of people. One of them was my oldest Sister. I haven't spoken to her in almost 2 yrs and I don't intent to. I hate that people always makes an excuse for her saying things like "you know, that's just who she is", "she has always been like that", well no more.

I finally learned that I do not have to take it, that I could break from the vicious circle and be free. It took a HUGE ordeal and her putting my health in jeopardy while I was pregnant for me to break loose. I'm Free from the insults, the putting down words, the criticism, the lack of moral support. I am free of her drama and I do not miss her one bit. I think that's the saddest part.

The Kid (oldest) asked me if I will ever forgive her if she apologizes and the answer was no. I feel so much better about my life now that she is out of it. Just because we are related doesn't mean I have to allow that person to keep poisoning my life.

I still have some toxic people around me, I believe we all have, perhaps not as bad as her but those I can control and distance myself from. Those are easily recognizable toxics that can be kept at bay. Life should be enjoyed to the max. And hecks, sometimes all you need to clean your fridge and your life.

Over & Out

P.S another look at my wonderful new boots!!! (am I a dork or what?)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Patricia £: Disappointing mothers since 1975

I know. I'm a trouble maker. I Rather be that than a bore.
So I'm a year older and the celebrations are still going. We are still getting together for a Bday dinner and family is coming over from the north in a few weeks. Turning 35 didn't hurt as I expected but seeing some of the pictures did. Don't get me wrong, I love my beautiful old self, but in some of the pics it looks like a maternity ward should be near me...yikes! I told the oldest kid who was possing as a photographer for the day:

me:"Oldest, why on earth didnt you tell me to hold my belly in?! I look awful."
Oldest: laughing "it's a camera not a magic drawing board...what do you want me to say? Hold the gut in ma' -you are looking fat?"

side view...

And then it hit me: no matter what pose I take, I am fat-actually obese if you follow those pesky guides. I did promise the Dr. to loose 30lbs. UGH. Anyone wants to sponsor a liposuction?

I have said before in front of the kid that I wanted to do better, so being the annoying know it all 18yr old he has challenge me to take a healthier living: no more coke, no more eating out (after my birthday celebration next weekend!), portion control-this one is actually easy, and no sweets...WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT...oh hecks nooooooooooo.
Stomping feet on ground, no, no, no, no!!!!!

So here I am doing my new year resolution on the anniversary of my birthday. After all, what better day to live a better life? I have an injured knee that is not getting better and the fact that I'm carrying the extra weight doesn't help much either. I get winded from walking a flight of stairs...I'm only 35 for Pete's sake!!! I should be better and I WILL do better. The plan is also to dance for now to get some cardio in and then buy a "Zumba" Dvd. This is not going to be a diet blog but I will post my progress here. I feel if I write about it I will have to own up to it. Would I succeed this time? I hope so.

more than half this cake is still on my fridge...and I wont eat it :(

what can I say? he wuws me!

the kid was: "c'mom look at the distance" and I'm "where in the distance?"
hecks, at least he would have something to say to his therapist.

-at the risk of braking a leg. Wish me luck. I'm going to need it.

Over & out
P.S I got my HUNTER BOOTS!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The lamp, the toilet and the cleaning lady

I love to read. I always had. I remember in my younger years sitting in the rocking chair on the balcony, looking out to the street immersing myself in a good old book. Then I remember me crying because someone had interrupted me to do some ordinary and mundane task the required me to step away from "The Lady of the Camellias"...that Alexander Dumas knew how to write a book or two.

I always had time to read. I took books with me, read in bed, maybe at lunch time.

When I has getting ready to have the little guy I said to my Sister that I couldn't wait to be home so I could relax and read. She laughed. Being a recent mother herself she said I was not going to have any time. Well, she was right. I guess I've forgotten how much time consuming a baby could be. At the time I was reading "Four Blind Mice" by James Patterson...the kid is now 16 months and I have not finish the book. You would think that I could read when he naps or watches TV but I always always find something to do, like laundry, closet organizing, cooking, etc.

In comes the toilet.

As any mother will know, bathroom time is precious, is golden, and sometimes even a miracle. I've been knows to be washing and blow drying my hair at 11:00pm for lack of time. Lately I had a moment of Serendipity~ I've discover that my bathroom time could also be my reading time! Turns out that I could leave the kid with the hubs to go take a shower; bring a book with me and sit in the bathroom for 20 minutes of uninterrupted reading time before I jump in the shower. Pure Bliss.

It does not happen everyday, but now I know now where I can find extra time for me: in the throne! :)

And now that I'm in the subject of toilets I can talk about the "cleaning lady".

I have said previously that the smell of AJAX and Clorox is intoxicating to me (not like: the fumes are, but like ahhhhhh, that's smells clean type of deal). I like a clean organized home. I like coming home and smelling a clean scent. So I was more than thrilled when one of my favorite blogs had a giveaway of cleaning products. It was sponsored by another blogger that sells these Shaklee "environmentally-friendly" cleaning products and we where to contact her if we won- 10 winners to be exact. Well I was one of the "lucky ones". So I email said lady - a very popular blogger BTW- and asked her what I need it to do to received my prize.

And nothing happen. No reply at all. So I posted a comment on her blog. Nothing again. Email her one more time. Nothing. Now, she keeps posting on he blog so I know she MUST read these messages at some point. After my 3rd email I felt like I was begging for a cleaning product, and who wants to feel that way? I do want to try the product so I may just buy it from the web, but NEVER from her. She underestimate the power of word of mouth. I could give praises to this product and recommend this to friends and family, but guess who is not going to be recommend or gain any sales from my part?
I was actually thinking of posting a link to her blog to see if she has any ovaries to respond to me(not the lady with the giveaway- she is a doll) but I figure is always best to take the high road. But SUCK.BIG.TIME. That's just bad manners. Oh, and now I don't even want it. She can shove it. Plus I would have promoted that sucker up like no body's business. Her loss, really.

And now, going my usually style {backwards} I'm on the hunt for some lamps for the bedroom. I am redoing our room sine my bed and comforter set is going to the older kid's room. I have search high and low looking for something affordable. The GW has not delivered, and even though I have found some nice choices at HomeGoods and Target I'm still not willing to spend $50+ on each lamp. Remember, I still need to get a new comforter set too. Then the Sis sent me this picture:

New Lamps for $9.99 @ Ollies? Yes, thank you. I may paint them...not sure yet. But I like the price. I'm going with a white, green and blue scheme so the silver will also work. Now on the hunt for drum shades!

Over & out

***Pictures taken on my way to pick the hubs. Yeah driving. I don't text and drive, but I will take a picture***

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Life and a letter

Hard to believe that nothing super-ultra-mega-fantastic is happening to me right now. Other than the little guy being sick again (thanks Daycare and all the kids that drink from my kid's juice cup-I've seen you!) but if you remember {and I know you do because Helluuuu is me} I'm turning 35 for the first time this weekend!

You know how women always lie about their age, I never had because my oldest is 18 so how could I? As it is I get "the look" know, the one after the calculate my age minus the kid's age and realize I was doing the dirty way before I should have. Yeah, that look. But I figure 35 should be a good age to get stuck on, right? I mean my younger Sis, by a year may I add, has been 25 for ages.

I started to think about life, and how I ended where I am. I love my life. I didn't know at the time how the choices that I made where going to lead me here but now everything is falling into place letting me know all those things guide me. One different turn and I would not be where I am. Would I have loved the other life? Would I have been happy? I don't know and now I'm too content to care. I do have to say that lately I've been thinking about my younger stupid self and I wish I could write myself a letter à la back to the future:

Dear P,

How are you girly? I know, hating the world and life because seriously~how can it be that people don't realize you know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING? Well, sorry to tell ya', you are dead wrong, not about everything, but hey that's WILL eventually figure it out. (to prove is me I will tell you that you play spaceship on the laundry sink and Jordan Knight IS THE COOLEST)

I got to tell you, stop getting into fights. Seriously. I know you are trying to protect your sister and family but is so not cool. The same goes for that stupid t-shirt Willie brought you back...that is so NOT your color. And is there any chance you stop wearing 4 socks in different colors? and while you at it, toss the dog tag...keep the "Tiffany/Debbie Gibson Hat" you look dumb but there are some AWESOME memories of wearing that hat around town.

When you meet CM try to avoid him...actually never mind...You are going to meet your FIRST greatest love out of that one. Oh, and yeah your parents WONT kill you about being pregnant at 16; but do buy earplugs 'cause the Mom-ster will make your ears bleed. I'm sorry to say that your relationship with Dad will never ever be the same; be prepared.

That guy that you fell in love with? if it acts like a jerk, talks like a jerk and everyone is telling you he is a jerk...guess what? he is a jerk. Do not cut class for him, he doesn't deserve it. Do not help him with his depression-he is not worth it. Spent more time focusing on college and not meeting your friends outside the cafeteria. You are so smart and have so much potential, don't sell yourself short. Toss the fake friends, yeah they are popular but they don't bring anything good to your life. From 1994 to 1998 don't even bother dating. SERIOUSLY, don't even...

Why don't you try to get a photography class instead?
But enough of the dready parts. I want to tell you to enjoy yourself, to not worry so much. Everything will work out in the end. Life is beautiful, you are beautiful. Have fun, keep those close friends even closer. Learn to keep your moth shut. Read even more. Enjoy your school years, you are gonna miss them. Try to keep in touch with the nice people along the way. And yes, you will be disappointed by some but it is OK. You will learn from that also.

Oh and when Banessa suggest going to a concert...GO! you are gonna have a blast even though you are soooooo going to get in trouble :) Don't lend your silver necklace to Jeshenia!!! And guess what?! you actually end up liking nail polish on your toes.
Also, it is ok to make mistakes. They will make you a wonderful well rounded person. Make good choices. And no matter what road you take life will be wonderful and beautiful and surprising.

Life as it turns out is gonna be pretty great. Amazing actually.
So be happy younger self. Be yourself, don't ever loose your sense of humor. Remember that kindness does pay off. But if you get a chance to key M's it! -I kid, I kid...sort of.
Over and Out
Fabulous me
***all pictures taken from google Images***

Friday, September 10, 2010

That thing-that-should-not-be-mention

Be warned, you may be disappointed. I did not work as an undercover agent, stole some jewelry or work as a stripper (what? it can happen)...just letting you know.
I finally got my pics so now I can tell you what I did a few weeks back.

A little history: after the nightmare of our flight back with Spirit (AKA the worst airline in the history of Aviation) I returned to work 2 days later. I was called to the big boss office to tell me I had a warning for not being there when I was supposed to. Never mind that I was in constant contact with the office letting them know about the situation (and paying long distant charges, may I add) nope. never.mind.

He proceeded to tell me that I had missed MANY days (yeah, like in May when I got a RAD Sinus infection that the ER put me home for 5 days, while at the same time my little guy had "the hand, foot and Mouth virus" and fever. Or when the little guy got sick AGAIN with yet another ear infection accompanied by a virus. Yeap. I did miss ALL those days- in which every.single.time I brought Doctors notes. (hubs and I took turns also).

Boss said I had no more days that I could take for the rest of the year {that was in July} I told him that I hoped I didn't have to take any days, but that I have kids and a family to take care of. He did not seem to care.

A few weeks back the hubs cousin that lives about 4 hours away invited the entire family for the weekend: cookout, lake, fire pit... At first we said no since I work on Saturday's. Then the Friday night before the reunion we had a family meeting. We decided to go. Yeah folks, I called in sick without a Dr's note, risking to be suspended.
In this time and age we focus too much on money and what we "need". I am one of those that has a long list of wants. I know we need the money and some people may call me irresponsible for calling out. Honestly I could care a rats ass. I have a family that needs me. I...we needed that time off. Time to reconnected, to have a road trip and sing along to ridiculous music. We had a blast and in the end I know it was the best decision. Let the images speak:

Oh, and I got something else to tell you. The hubs was watching Robbin Williams stand up comedy last night as I fell into Morpheus arms. I dozed away and later on (when the hubs left the room to go to the PC) I was waken up by the following sounds "yeah, yes, yes, F*me, f*me mr. cookie dough maaaaaaaaaaaaan (follow by heavy breathing) I kid you not. Apparently after a certain time Showtime (or was it HBO) has that certain amount of entertainment. Then I see our oldest pops by the door and says to me (all the while I'm pressing the remote buttons like a mad woman)

oldest: "Mom, I'm gonna close your door 'cause you seemed to be watching porn" and laughs.

Me: "Noooooooooo I am NOT!" press button, press button, curse.

Yeah, my life is a sitcom.

Over & out

Monday, September 6, 2010

That's what she said

So no post on the unmentionable weekend. I know, I suck...ask the hubs...bwahahaha. I went there! Sorry my goof is a little off today- but we are all adults here right? Don't get all offended.
Today is an off day for me. Everyone and their mother is having a long freaking holiday and I'm working. Do I get paid extra? yes. Is it worth it? nope. Not a 5:11pm when I want to be home.

Also I've been reading an inspiring blog. Kenz from All the Weigh inspires me. I think she is beautiful and intelligent, and I wanna know every nail polish she uses.

I will be turning 35 in 13 days and I've been looking forward to it. But with that also comes the realization that changes need to be made. I can't (wont) tell you why 'cause if I do nothing is going to happen. I'll wait until I have gotten a grasp of what I'm gonna be doing.

So instead I'm going to bored you with even more questions. I figure since I have to be torture by working on Labor Day while y'all are enjoying your family and maybe even a BBQ (bastards) I should be entertained for the last half an hour.

My chihuahua bites posted these and I'll be following along:

What is your favorite book? Too many but The witching Hour by Anne Rice is still on top

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage? Nonalcoholic? I don' usually drink alcohol. Maybe a little I pick Coke and lemonade- just not together. Oh anf a homeland drink of Milk and Orange juice, yum.

What is your favorite childhood memory? Geez. Probably my trips with my dad

If you could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would they be and why? Marthat Stewart- cause she ROCKS. Anne Rice-my favorite writer, and maybe Alex Rodriguez of the NY Yankees so hubs has someone to talk to.

If you aren't married, what is your dream wedding? If you are married, was your wedding your dream wedding? Our wedding was a destination Wedding. It was not perfect by any means since we had a small budget but we love it. I was sick the entire time but I was able to spend time with both of our families. And our wedding song was "I like big butts" so we rocked. (I kid you not)

What are your favorite names for a boy and a girl? Can't tell you! You will want to steal it from me. Nah, I like different names. If I have a girl (Gawd help me) her name will be Lorelai...I think...maybe

What types of animals do have, if you have any? What are their names? right now only Queen Pearl the cat

If you could pick any one store to serve as your own personal closet, what store would it be? What is your ideal outfit from this store? EASY: Anne Taylor. Anything there I love. It's classy and confortable and their pants wont wrinkle.

Here are her own questions:
What do you miss most about your pre-children life, if anything?
ONLY getting my straight hours of sleep since he still wakes up thru the night. Oldest has been a peach.

What advice would you give moms-to-be or those thinking about becoming moms? Patrience IS a virtue. GET TONS OF IT. If someone offers help-TAKE IT. And in the end EVERYTHING IS SOOOOO WORTH IT!
If you won $8 million in the lottery, how would you spend the money?
Stay @ Home with the kids and start a Flipping houses business. There is a few people I would like to help but there is SOME others that had treated me so badly that wont get the time of day. Just keeping it reals peeps.

If you had the talent and training for any profession, what would your chosen profession be? A Doctor, no doubt. Second Choice a Designer.
If you could compete in any reality show, what would it be? I dont like reality TV but maybe Dancing witht he Stars so I can loose some weight.

If you could pick any celebrity to be your BFF, who would it be? Sandra Bullock

Let’s say you got invited to the Academy Awards. You get to choose any designer to dress you. Who would it be and why? Oscar de la Renta. he is classy and has femine taste and things you can actually see yourself wearing

What have you gained by blogging? A hell of a lot of inspiration! there are some amazing people out there. People who care and people that teach you that life is so worth living.

Over & Out

Friday, September 3, 2010

how I discover that I'm lazy and I have no talent what so.ever.

First off: I know I'm supposed to do a post on "" and I will get to it as soon as I remember to download the pictures. Sometime watching makeup tutorials on youtube takes precedent. That and the "Jersey Shore" yeahhhh baby!

Anyways, the title of the post? yeah. Aparently I suck. I try to be creative, I do scrapbooks and cards and decorate for Birthday's and showers. I also worked for one of the top of the line Craft companies (that is currently doing Martha's supply that is available @ Michael's). I've also been schooled in Interior Design as well as worked as a Design Consultant.

All this means nothing. Squat actually. My house is not extraordinary and I didn't make a lamp out of a coffee pot (most of this due to finances and that my Tassimo coffee machine is my lover).
But a lot of friends and family think I have "some" talent, and naive me I believed them. That was until I found this blogger.

Seriously this woman can probably create a spaceship if she wanted to. I think she is probably related to McGyver some how, but she is cuter and way more feminine. How does she do it, beats me. I'm still trying to figure it out how to hang my curtains in between my days. Oh, but I love her home. Here is a few samples of her handy work:

I know she has been feature on blogs a lot more popular than my 14 followers blog (LOVE YOU MY PEEPS!) but right after Martha, she is my hero. (all photo credited to sawdustandpaperscraps)

Go visit her and tell her a crazy slighty psicotic woman sent you. And that she should adopt me. Just saying.

Over & Out