Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One of the Happiest Days of my life!

I am so emotional right now I can't even post!
Here is the scoop:

My Oldest got his Visa to come to the US!!!!!
more details to come!!!
I can't stop crying :)

Sick baby and a giveaway

Dear Little man has been sick, thus no sleep for me or the hubs.
He started getting sick probably on Friday since the daycare told us he was not his usual jolly self and seemed to be having tummy issues. So on Sunday he woke up at 5am and did not want to go back to bed, or eat, or be jolly. He started crying non stop no matter what we did: bath, car ride, singing, etc. We finally called the Dr. who told us maybe it was his belly and recommended Pear Juice which helped him go to the bathroom.
However, come the afternoon Little man had a fever, he had it the entire night. It would come down with a bath and Tylenol and then back up after a few hours, so we stayed home with him yesterday (this is the first time Little man has been sick- THANK GOD!)
Took him to the Dr.'s office, they said it may just be his teething but because of his age wanted to keep checking on him. So after 3 days of no sleep he feels better today, still we took him to his appointment and he is much better, and no fever. Daddy stayed with him anyways so I could do some work for a bit. He can go back to daycare tomorrow.

Ok so in the meantime, go check this blog, she is so funny and talented and has great cupcakes recipes...oh, an a darling giveaway for Halloween: Saucy's Sprinkles

I need to sleep!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Halloween Decor! (about time!)

First I have to say that sometimes I get sad remembering the Decor from the House in NJ...oh the luminaries, the smog machine, strobe lights, etc, etc, etc...Now Halloween is a little different but equally important to me since it's my favorite Holiday.Coming from a Caribbean place, you truly enjoy the change of Season...for me (if you haven't guessed) Fall is my favorite. I love the whole, pumpkin-apple picking, crisp air, apple pies, Hayrides, hunted houses, scary movies, costumes, Halloween, Thanksgiving deal. It's just so...well..perfect! No pressure about presents, only the joy of getting together with family. (that and the fact we didn't celebrate this back home *WINK*) OK, so without further a due, here is the Halloween Decor for 2009:

My Martha Stewart wanna be bones...there was glitter everywhere!!!!

Balcony...I didn't take a pic of the glass door or the railing (black & purple garland and glow in the dark ghosts)...so just imagine that is decorate, ok?

Our Halloween Village! One day we will have a big table just for this...and even more items!
It lights up and moves...Blood Bank & Torture place...we need a witch in there :)
Another shoot at the bones, these where purchased at Michael's and glittered with Martha's kit. The bowl/glass thinga majingy is a terrarium...all items purchased on sale! (The Terrarium was $6)

Bottles:Labels already made, they where purchased at Dollar Tree, 8 in a package. I have another set to use with the real drinks on our Scary Movie Night.
If you notice the books in the back are a collection of Anne Rice Vampires, Stephen King, Jack the Ripper, more Vampires, witches, etc...we are weird like that. Also the picture above is a black and white Erie signed copy of Anne Rice's old New Orleans home where the book "The Witching Hour " took place. ( I will post about my New Orleans obsession soon)

TV cabinet: Dollar store frame, reads boo (I saw this @ Thrifty Decor Chick but I believe she got the Idea from someone else...White pumpkin with stickers..this is ALL over blog land!)

Trick or Treat Banner is from Martha's collection at Michael's and also Granding Road has them...
My Idol Martha, there are several Halloween issues from previous years on our coffee table
Fall decor and pumpkins, next to it is a bird cage that needs to be decorate for fall as well...I'm thinking candle and a wreath...

Bathroom towels...

Bathroom Tea light holders ...
OK, so I was cooking so ignore the mess but here's the stove. We also have towels and more decor (including on the fridge) but I think this is good for now...you get the idea, don't ya?

Rude comments

OK, so 2 posts in one day!!!
You guys have to see these Blogs:

Mabel House


Saucy Sprinkles

Is it really that hard to go by the old proverb: "if you don't have anything nice
to say, don't say anything" (my translation may be off...this is how my Dad said it in

Del Amor y otros Demonios

The tittle is from a favorite book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, is called " Of Love and other Demons"

My job has been kind of crazy lately, getting really big, really fast and
that means more work. Believe me when I said that I am GRATEFUL
in every way possible for this job. I first started with the company in another State
and then moved to MD when they expanded here. It was a blessing
'cause Hubs hated his job in NYC (actually, I hated that place with every.fiber.of.my.been.!!!
They where horrible and didn't follow thru with his promises, and so many other complaints.
Hubs really wanted to moved and when we find out the Co. was expanding it was like a prayer
answered. (FYI: hubs works in the Law field)

In this time an age where I know tons of people who have been lay off and are much
worst off than we are, having a job thats thriving is a blessing. I'm also so greatful
that my schedule is kind of unconventional: kind of half a day on Wednesday's and another
day off during the week- so then half day Saturday. Ya' know what that means????

Well~ it means that we get to spend more time with Little guy!!! He only goes 3 full days to daycare and hangs out with me on my days off and with Daddy on Saturday's! Thats truly a blessing. With Big guy (older son) I spent his first year at home with him, plus my Mom was right there so he was never placed on daycare. I was very happy of that. With Little guy, we don't have that option, but at least we feel we get to be with him more :)

I've been reading a lot of blogs in regards living a frugal life and we have done some MAJOR twiking to try to manage our finances. I mean daycare is almost as much as rent (actually what a lot of people DO pay in rent!) plus the whole dieaper.milk.clothes.etc...
We are not getting an additional income and we have all these extra stuff to pay for.

I have become a coupon queen of sorts (not like "Balancing Beauty and Bedlam" http://inpassionatepursuit.blogspot.com/ she is like my hero!!!) but I'm trying my best.
I'm obsessed with Halloween and I was making sure I purchase everything I need it with coupons from Michael's and the Dollar store (love the ideas that are out in blogland). It took me a few weeks, but it was oh.so.worth.it.

I purchase only things on sale now and make sure we get our bang for the buck. I have a coupon book in my purse now!!! - I'm not great, but we are trying. (I was MEGA excited when I score a shirt and a sweater from my favorite store Anne Taylor for less than $15!) Our meals are where we spent probably the most since I try to get what we like, but hey-there is always CVS for Extra Care Dollars and the new Up and Up line at Target- believe me, those things DO help.

I just have to say, if you are struggling- hang in there- God always- always- provides!!!
He doesn't forget about you. Those things that you think you can't live without suddenly are not as important. When I get to see how lucky we are, how blessed, how much more we have than othes do (some people spend thousands to get a baby and we have two beautiful and healthy children... Some are lonely~ we have each other) I say: no matter what it WILL be OK.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm back Trish!

Well since it seems I actually have someone reading my blog, here is my update for the day/week: I turned 34 this past weekend! Yaaaayyyy- so happy 'cause I had such a great time.
Last year I was sick as a dog with the pregnancy so it was a thrill to be able to actually eat my food this time around (I know~TMI). My Mom says I should say that I am younger since according to her I don't look my age, but having a child on his teens doesn't allow for this unless I was feature in the evening news, if you catch my drift.

The hubs as always was so sweet and sent me Roses, Truffles, a bear and balloons to work. Ahhh
the girls went crazy about them.
Then for my Bday dinner we went to a Japanese Restaurant with Sis and her hub, my Goddaughter and of course little man. Little man was excited, it was like he had a clown in front of him instead of a Hibachi chef, GD got a little scare with the fire but she enjoyed the food. Ahhhh Sushi Salmon! YUMM...then Dessert! On top of all that I got my sis to make a traditional meal the next day and they got me an Ice cream cake (brownie-caramel concoction to die for!) AND I still have to go shopping with my gift cards and Hubs is getting me
yet another coat!!!

I had an awesome time and also spoke to my big man (older Son) who was celebrating it as well. Oh~how I miss him, but thank God soon enough we will celebrate birthday's together again.

So I think (uhmmmm) that I'm done with my Halloween Decor and will be posting about it tonight. I got tons of ideas while looking thru blogland so thank you all for being such and inspiration. Now to the hunt for a Skunk costume for Little man!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


I was supposed to clean yesterday and start my Halloween decoration but changed my mind and I'm going to die instead!!!

Been sick since Tuesday with the sticking flu (for Pete's sake, is not even that cold!)
so I was happy to have Thursday off. I told little guy: "here's the deal; you behave really good today and take care of mami (spanish for Mommy) and I'll take care of you when you get the chicken pox, deal? He agreed and napped with me for most of the day...ZZZZzzzzZZZzzzz

So not much to report here except that I have to lysol every surface I touch at work, purell my hands every 2 minutes and my boss wants me to wear a mask. (yeah, thats what happens when you don't have any more sick days available).

Ugggggg....I need my bed, chinesse food and "Ferris Bueler's Day Off" on my TV!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Ok so I am insane, I know this. Actually I think I’m probably certifiable!
I am starting my fall-Halloween Decoration this week!!! (go ahead, say it with me: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)

I know is only September but one month is just.not.enough.for.me!!!
Hubs thinks I'm crazy but he is going with it. I'm starting my cleaning
tomorrow and decorating on Thursday since is my day off. :)
I will post the pictures of the mayhem.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Oh the joys of traveling with a baby!!!
The little guy is a trooper for sitting for 3½ hours to our trip this weekend to NYC.
We had a Birthday party on Sunday in NJ so we decided to make it a weekend trip and hang with the hubs family in NYC since we haven’t seen all of them in…well..forever.

So we left early afternoon on Saturday since I had to drop Sis family at the airport for their Caribean vacation. Packing with a baby is.just.horrible.The milk, bottles, sterilizer, bibs, clothes, diapers, etc...oh my! Plus dear hubs has no idea how to pack so I must pack for all of us...yipeeeeee.

Anyways, our trip went like this: MD-NYC for the night, then NYC-NJ then back home, all that in 25 hours! I know we are a MAD couple but we really enjoy seeing the family and especially since little guy finally met his Radabuelo (Hubs dad). Little guy was such a joy with everyone, laughing and playing...only at the end of the long drive he was getting tired of being on his chair for so long.
BTW- we have a fantastic homeland breakfast made by the hubs dad. Pics to come shortly...
I am so exhausted...must.eat.junk!

I got new shoes from Bass last week!!!

Above Little Man in his car seat...

...but it was too long of a drive for him...

When we arrived he was not in the mood for pictures...

Finally meeting the Radabuelo (gramps from Hubs side)

and finally with Cousin Paola for a NJ celebration.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

shoes, shoes and YES ~ more shoes!!!

OK, so I kept thinking that doing one shoe at a time was going to take way too many post, turns out I was right. Instead I'm posting my Summer shoes now and then in a later post I will show you the fall/winter one's. Of course that I sometimes wear a sandal in the winter for a party or something. And there are some shoes I wear year round...so without further ado here they are:
That mess is my side of the closet, behind that pile with the pink box on top are more plastic shoe boxes, also not in the picture are plastic containerswith my boots.

Black and cream one is one of my faves. I wear the brow ones all the time.

Camel buckle one is Enzo Angiolini, to the left is a ankle wrap sandal from Victoria's Secret.

Red one is Kenneth Cole, cream is Candy's, then Nine West, Anne Klein and the last one Alfani.

Hello lover! My ultimate favorite shoe by Chinesse Laundy, bought on sell 75% off on Amazon.

These are just the hang out one's: Nike's, ADIDAS, Croks (the red one is missing from this shot) Rocketdogs, Birkerstocks (I have another open sandal one- also hiding) then the Maryjanes, blak and white Alfani, yellow Banana Republic, and the best flip flops ever from Eddie Bauer...oh there is a high heeled blue flip flop from a Brazilian brand that are in my car.

As you can tell 80% of my shoes are high heels, I mean I am only 5'0" tall. And yes, I was able to wear these thru out my pregnancy. Thats all for now, until the fall one's come out.