Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm a Palm tree

I read somewhere on the net this week that spoke to me. Don't ask me where because I suffer from mom-nesia. I googled it and I gather that it was perhaps an analogy that was taken from a message from Joel Osteen:

Not a direct quote-The Oak, being a strong tree is not meant to withhold a storm.
A palm Tree can handle hurricane force winds by bending in the wind and when it is bending it's roots get stronger so when the storm is over it is stronger than when the storm began. When the storm is over the palm tree stands upright stronger than ever ready for the next storm...

I've discovered that I am indeed a palm tree, how is that for a meant to be since the homeland is full of them? :)

I have seen some storms that I wish you don't, and yet victorious I stand. I am not defeated, instead, I stay strong each time to become who I was meant to be. Every time I have a new obstacle I remember the last one, that one that you often wonder how the heck you are going to get out off (helluuu-pregnant at 16 anyone?) and I tell myself: you SO can do this. You can cry, you can be sad, mad, upset, angry and hurt but YOU WILL go forward. ALWAYS.

It helps a great deal to have someone by you that gets this too. We are palm trees. I see my life now and I wonder "what's next" and it comes down to that it really does not matter. It will be what I should be. I'll try harder. I'll have faith. I'll try not to make mistakes, but heck- I only look perfect...I'm human. (I kid- the human part of course).

above- Me dancing on my Bday celebration (aka same day I was layoff, and yes, that was a fried cheesecake)
Right now, somehow, we are making it. I have to say it feels reeeeeeally good to be home. To play with the little guy and have long conversations with the big guy. I have to laugh because right now my oldest is playing in his computer "Don't stop believing" by coincidence :) I sure hope HE never stops.

Today was so beautiful for me and I did so many mundane things, like clean the fridge. I am so proud of it I should take a picture. We had the maintenance people come and service the heat/air and check the fire alarms. The little guy was like "uhmmmm hiiiiiiiiii" so adorable, and then started mumbling in his own language if they could please rescue him from this insane asylum. Then he forgot about them and tackle the cat.

I'm rambling. Carry on.
ahhhh, I love fall. I truly do. (even though the last 2 fall seasons have been awful to us). This one...well not so bad if you ignore that I was layoff. I'm starting to BELIEVE they did me a favor. Family should always go first. I am happy today. Happy to be home. To make a home. To make home made burgers for dinner. Happy to have implemented a two week meal plan. Happy that I can go food shopping tomorrow with no worries, then take the little one to play. I'm Happy and it feels good :)

How about you?
Over & out

P.S- does anyone else is waiting for the last minute to get Halloween costumes? I think I'll go as Snooky!
(first pic from the homeland, 2 photos before last by Daniel E.)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Don't hate me... " I don't hate you, I can't hate the Pathetic"

You know when you go on vacation and the time flies and all of the sudden the week is over and you wonder where the time went? well, that's me these days. Ah, you missed me didn't you?

Everyday is spent with family, handling a little one, that sometimes does not want to leave my sight. It has been both a joy and a big stress having the little guy full time. I feel bad for him because at least in daycare he had other kids to play with; I'm trying to take him out to play and do stuff with him. He loves going out.I still miss going to work, not the actual work but the getting dressed, putting makeup on, going out to lunch, etc. So I've been trying to do some of that too, although I have to admit my sweatpants have become my BFF. I finally got a chance to do a movie date with the Big kid. We watched this: So good...and the story of my life
and also this:

Anyone trying to meet people online should see this movie. I found it good but sad...
I've also had a True Blood Marathon when I found out the save feature on the cable was going to expire. I watched 19 episodes (12 from Season II, 7 from season III) in less than 24 hrs. Yeah baby. By the way, I'm not a huge find of the Series since I'm more of a classic Vampire kind of gal; but hecks- is Vampires none the less.

Also we did some of this:

Life has been full, not without its challenges (why does unemployment takes so long and yet they already sent me a letter about taxes?) Other than that I've been finally tackling the scrapbooks again and I feel creative and active.

So what are you up to?

Over & out

Friday, October 8, 2010

Take me down to the Paradise City

Not for nothing but who would have though that not having a "job" would be such a hard work! :)
Uff, I've been busy doing nothing. Nothing because I feel as if each day I barely accomplish what I wanted to do.

You know what happens when a woman used to being a work is left home to her own devices? She eats almost an entire batch of sugar cookies. Yeap. So much for being healthier. I have not been meeting my daily water intake. But I will. I will get back to doing more good things for me. I promise to follow my new healthy habits and to do better. By the way I had only 1 cup of soda in 2 weeks and it was only because we had pizza night and seriously...juice/water does not go with pizza.

These days have been spent on pillow fights, chasing a little monster that continuously turns off the TV an run away laughing, baking, cooking, organizing and decrapificating the house. What I do now is take each day a few drawers and clean them up...then move to closets. My Sis says when I'm done I can do her house. Oh the Joy's of being OCD!

We finally went to IKEA and got a matt pad since I refused to use our new bed without it (all the mother's out there with little one's know what I mean: vomit, pee, juice, etc.)
*Warning-this is not a decoration blog and the rooms are still in progress*

So we moved our Queen bed to oldest room.

Move new King bed to our room, hang curtain rod and curtain.

Organized scrapbook/craft closet.
I had 3 plastic drawers filled with all my craft stuff, I clean that up, gave a hue bag to the little guy's former daycare and I purchase these fabric baskets from Target (They where on sale for $2.50 ea but they didn't have matching one's left) they do the job.

Hopefully now I will get things in order so I can have at least one hour a day for my crafts, but the little one has not been napping long lately.

So off I go to chase him again since he just pluck the stem out of a fake pumpkin. My life is filled with Olivia's cartoons and jokes of silly porno! (what?! I have a teenager remember?)

Now Pasta or Shrimp for dinner?

Over & out

Friday, October 1, 2010

How to steal Plutonium and get away with it :)

You thought I actually knew how to do that? Geez, someone needs a vacation. I'm not that smart (or stupid). L.P.A (long post alert)
The lack of post has a great explanation, I have been doing all sorts of boring things around the house, including organizing my craft closet (yay!) and doing all sort of mundane stuff. House work takes time.

You see, I was Layoff (fired?-all semantics) last Saturday. I have now join the unemployed statics of America. It is so funny that they always wait 10 minutes before your shift ends to call you in the office and tell you that you are being layoff. I am not one to make a scene ever (ok, maybe if you throw away my cookies but that's a story for another day) and they agreed to be used as a reference.

am actually doing very good. When we had the little guy we always talked that we where going to see if it was more convenient for me to be home or work. I am only sad because I work with amazing people (well, most of them) and the people that I helped due to being bilingual. I miss them. I am not sad...yet. And I'm sure I would missed getting dressed up in the morning, the lunch breaks, etc. But now I get to have time to be home and take care of it, not having to rush to make dinner, doing each chore at my own pace instead of trying to get everything done on my one day off during the week. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and the new door that opens is always better. (BTW- I already have an interview set up)

On to next one.
The same day (Saturday) we had planned to go out to dinner for Japanese (my favorite)! I decided that it was still my Birthday week and
I was going to have a great time with the family. So glad we did, plus the location-one that we haven't been before- was really nice. Oh, and the fact they had deep fried cheesecake helped TONS.

I was forced to dance to the tune of Happy Birthday- Shakira got nothing on me!

Another rambling. I was browsing to my ever loving youtube makeup guru's and one recommended Fortune Cookie Soaps...they are adorable. If you go to Groupon you can get amazing deals, including purchasing $5 that will give you $15 to
spend on the Fortune cookie soaps...spent $5 and get $10 extra? Yes, thank you.
The soaps are about $2.49 to $2.99, not bad at all for a cute gift. Here are some of their items:

The one below is called Boogeyman and I cannot wait to try it

The one above is Fall soap (duh). the fortune soaps can be ordered to come in a cute Chinese take out box, how cute is that? I figure I will get a few as cute inexpensive gifts. I figure if I start getting things like that I will be done way before Christmas. If only clothes shopping for the boys would be that easy :)

Last week I did really good with my water intake and writing down my food consumption, this week? not so much. I will give myself a rest and will go back to my goals on Monday.

So I must leave you now, E! investigate is calling on to me.

Over & out