Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The curse of the freebie

I received an email two days ago from Oil of Olay telling me about this free offer on their Regenerist Started Trio kit for the first 1,000 women that sign in. Being a whore for free stuff…Of course I’m in!. So I mark my calendar for 2/24 12:00am in order to get it. I was blow-drying my hair last night when I realized it was 11:58pm. I rush out of the bathroom like a bat out of hell…

Get off, get off, get off! ~ I yelled

Hubs: what?
The Oil of Olay thingy is now, I must enter!
the what!?

oil of olaaaaayyyy get off….

he moves away from the computer while I tried to explain what it is.

So I log in and click on the link…darn it…is for 12:00pm!!!! ARRRRGGGG wait another 12 hours.

Ok so today I’m at work checking thru my phone and nothing, the link doesn’t work until that time. I seriously have my phone glued to my hand going back and forward trying to get in…c’mom 11:57…11:58…almost there…a voice asks "are you going to lunch?”….Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m concentrating go away…11:59….finally 12:00pm!

I click and then…link is too busy …overload…try later.

WHAT? This is not happening, do it a few times…nothing. I send the link to hubs office and I call him desperately yelling at him he must log on…he is like what on earth woman…I told him AGAIN about the OoA thingy, he finally agreed to do it. (doesn't he sees the magnitude of this? narrow minded men I say)... I keep trying all the while on my phone…nothing.
finally is logging in at 12:10!!! YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY




The message read: “we are sorry but this offer has ended. But you can still save with these coupons”

At the same time the hubs calls back and tells me he got the same message…he says “wow, you women don’t kid around with your free samples”
No we don’t darling because it would save US money!

UGH, now I have to be content with the free samples I’m getting from DHC
Seriously their Olive Oil makeup wash thingy is AMAZING…
Hey, at least I got the free samples in last years class-action settlement with the big stores that offered free Makeup (Estee Lauder, Clinique, etc.)

Back to regular schedule progam.

Monday, February 22, 2010

In a world full of people only some want to fly...isn't that crazy?

Crazy chick here.
I've been finding lately that my mind and my heart are not longer working together.

{somewhere in the distant I can hear my mom clapping...}

I dig my job. I really do. I love the people that I work with because they are all mildly insane like I am. They are a nice bunch. They took care of me while I was pregnant and vomiting my guts everyday. They have been truly like family. My girls, oh...they are young and fun and are my comedic relief from reality. I love them all. Then my crazy guys that brought me empanadas, that help me, that care for me. OH. I love it.

I've been in a previous position of holding a job that pay me enough for me to have my own home (before the hubs) and I hated it! It was worst than working in concentration camp. I was miserable and believe me when I said I cried everyday, not because I was hurt but because I wanted so bad to beat up people and I couldn't. Ugh, freaking laws.

Anyways, after that I have been blessed with jobs where people are AMAZING. I have friends all over the place because of it. So I truly appreciated having a job that I actually like.

But my heart is having a change. I feel like I'm doing my two jobs half mommy/wifey duties and my regular daytime job. I feel like If I do one well, the other has too suffer. Last Thursday I said I was not going to anything in the house except enjoy my darling baby, just me and him playing on the floor, watching "UP" on TV...just laughing and being goofy.
He melts my heart that little stinker.

I've read so many beautiful blogs of Mom's that are staying home and they seem so happy. Then I read this post from "Like Mother, Like Daughter" that spoke to me. Her number 3...ohhhhh, that hit home so much. It reads: 3. Worse than being in debt is not having a baby because you think you don't have enough money.

I have always been afraid that if I stayed home my life would not be fulfilled. I don't want to be one of those Mom's that can only talk about kids stuff. I like my books, I like interacting with adults, I like my grown up time and my job. My head tells me this is what I need to do right now because of financial reasons. If I was to listen to standards I would stay with just our baby (lets face it, the big guy is going to college so he wont be needing us as much) and just work our ass of.

But then my heart longs for days at home, days that I can bake, make cookies and brownies, and be with my babies. Days that I can enjoy. Days going to the Zoo or the movies, or browsing museums. Having our own time. Days of laughter and walking in the rain jumping in puddles.

We know that if we are blessed with another little tyke I would need to stay at home cause daycare would be WAAAAAYYY too much money...

oh what to do? Heart and head don't play along so well these days.

That's it, I'm playing the lottery tonight...

Over & out.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

It happen like this...well sort off.

It was a sunny hot day in November. Yes, HOT. Living in the caribean has their advantages. It was such a busy street, you could just sit there for hours watching the cars pass. She was so tired from school. She was sitting on the bus stop bench waiting for him. He was always so quiet and at the same time he always seem to get her. Funny thing was that the age gap didnt faced either of them. She was 16, he was 22. She didn't get all the things that people said about him. She figure they just didn't know him like she did.

As always he was speeding like a bat out of hell and stopped the car with screeching tires. He smile at her. She got in the car and said "Hi"

Him: whats wrong?
her: nothing
him: not nothing, I kow you...
her: can we just drive?
him: sure...

She was broken hearted. Sad. disapointed.
She didnt want to go home; what for? her mother was probably in one of her moods and would be asking her to do stuff that she simply did not care about. There was also the inminent fact that they would be moving soon, once the house her family was building was finished. But she could care less about those things, life as she know it was over. After all isnt that like any 16yr old feels after her boyfriend does something stupid. Life was over. She would never love again.

They drove in silence for a while like they did so many other times. She was thinking that's the reason he liked her, 'cause she didnt bug him with stupid questions or with an incesant amount of useless topics. She turned her face away from the window to look at him. He was always there. Always dropping everything to pick her up. to hang. Even went so far to follow her when she went to the beach for a week with ehr family. He was there. She wonder why...

She smiled.

"why are you smiling?"
" no reason"
"have been drinking havent you?"
"you know I don't out for that car!!!! Geez, I swear one of these days you are going to kill us"
"impossible" he smiled.

He knew she was sad, he suspected it had something to do with her boyfriend. They never talked about him. He just casually mentioned it once saying someone had told him her boyfriend was back from abroad.

Where do you wanna go?
Her: anywhere...
lets go to my house

A few weeks passed and she knew she had to tell him. he first time she mentioned her suspicion he blow it off saying she must do something. She knew in heart what was going to happen. She knew and she didn't care. She had a brave heart. The brave heart of a ignorant 16yr that thinks the world will work itself out, the heart that has hope and dreams and just KNOWS things will work out. The one heart that cannot see that things...that life...was quite hard and difficult.

She knew in her heart, she knew in the pit of her stomach that this would be the last time she would see him. She was sad. Not because she loved him but because he had been at one time her best friend. He was the one she wanted to call when she wanted to get away from it all. The one she depended on. And she knew. She knew that would be no more.

She just wished she didn't have to do it on his birthday but she couldn't put it off any longer.

He picked her up and drove them to his house so he could finish getting ready. She brought his present along and hand it over to him as he was sitting on his bed tying his shoes.

This is for you. Happy Birthday...

oh, thank know you didn't have to.

I know, I wanted to...uhm...I have to talk to you...

He stopped what he was doing and looked up.
yeah?, tell me.

Remember our conversation last month?


Well, it turns out I'm indeed pregnant and I'm keeping it. I don't want anything from you.
I just though you should know. know how I feel.

I do.

I don't want anything to do with you or the baby.

I know. Just though you should know. Can you take me home now?

Yeah...let's go.

They drove in silence. There was nothing to say. She was scared shitless and had no clue how she was going to do this, but she just knew this was what she wanted. She was sad but she was at peace.

When they got to her house he just looked at her for a while but didn't say anything. She so wanted him to say anything. She wondered if he was sad also. She open the door to get out, but then stopped herself midway, she looked at him and said: "Good bye"
and she knew that was going to be the last time she will speak to him.

Over & Out

Lorelai: It's from my mother.
Rory: What is it?
Lorelai: It's heavy. It must be her hopes and dreams for me.

Rory: I thought she discarded those years ago.

ahhhh so true!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear Someone...

I am linking to SHORTMAMA's post of the day!
She is funny, go check her out...I mean after you read this post of course.

Dear Childcare provider,

When the little guy is crying like a banshee you don't need to call me and
ask me if I can come pick him up. He is 9 months and gets cranky sometimes.
You know, sleepy, hungry, wet. Seriously, I love that you care enough to call
but if we are sacrificing ourselves and working our butts off, please handle the
situation unless he is TRULY sick.


Parent of some times cranky baby.


Dear Hubs,

I know you thinks is ok and that it can wait a little longer
but if you don't remove the empty boxes from our living
room I'm going to have a cow. I need to finish organizing
this place in order for me to function. Your safety is a stake here.

Your anal retentive OCD Wife.


Dear Mom of another kid at the daycare,

I did not see you running towards the door
and when I realize you where behind me I immediately
apologize and open the door. There was no need for your rudeness.
I don't care about your nastiness or if you had a bad day. Take it
against your husband like we all do.

I believe in violence and will smack the crap out of you.



ahhhhhhh, there...feel better already.
Carry on lads!

Over & out

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Cat in the HAT

I've been really busy trying to catch up at work after the monumental storms that hit us. Every night I turn around and look at the clock only too see its again midnight...and I still need to wash my hair. Needles to say I've been dead tired...and also my eyesight that was bad its getting even worst.

So I leave work later and pick up the little guy, I get home and open the door and I see Pearl (our cat) jumping of the couch and running for dear life. I call her...

Me: pearl, pearl, what happen baaaby (insert baby talk here) c'mom you fat girl, come to mama, whats wrong? booo boo gagagaga {ok kidding there}

me again: peeeeaaarllll, come heereee. why are you hiding...


then grunt

follow by soft meowwwwwww

I call again...Pearlll...c'mon...

By this time I have the baby on the bed and I'm taking his coat off...then
cat jumps on bed all happy and meowing even more...only IT WAS NOT PEARL!

me: sho, sho, sho...who the hell are you (oy, that sounded like rap, carry on)

meow, meao meow.

cat runs out of the bedroom but lays on kitchen floor. Pearl is no where to be found.

I dial the Maintenance in our building. Phone is disconnected (WTF?!) did I mention that.we.just.move?

call hubs: there is a cat in the house and is not ours.

hubs: what.da.ya.mean a cat?

me: four legged creature, small, furry, long tail, usually kills mice.

hubs: funny. what are you talking about?

me: there is a cat here and I am locked in the bedroom. I'm calling Cust. Service. Bye
(I'm not afraid, I'm an animal lover darn it, but I have a 9 mo baby and a senior cat and I don't know where this cat came from or if its sick, has feline AIDS, fleas or rabies)

Instead I call the Sis first, cause really...I have too.

Repeat conversation above. Sister laughs at our luck. In our last place we had a mama Squirrel and her two babies under our sink, they got there...thru the AC VENT!
Anyways I am wondering if someone was here...

Sister: yeah, maybe someone let him in

Me: what if they are still in here?

Sis: what?!

me: let me check if there is a killer here, if you hear me scream call 911

sis:'re crazy

me: (open door, close door, check bathtub, baby's room closet,etc) nope, not here, let me see here ...OUCH...I'm ok just slam the door on my finger...uhm..nope, no one under the bed...ok we're good.

Sis: ok, then..

we hang up.

So I call Customer Service...not business hours...leave message.

Beep: yeah, this is Patricia from blah blah blabiddy, there is a cat inside our place, all our windows and doors where closed. I'm guessing someone was here and let him in. I want the locks change IMMEDIATELY. hang up.

I grab baby on one arm, use my fake baby voice and manage to make the cat go out his stays in the hallway. I don't care. Cat meows incessantly for 5 minutes. then silence.

A little later is time to pick the hubs from the train station. By this time Pearl has reappeared and seems upset. ha- like I brought the cat in!

pick up hubs
come home.
Telling hubs the story as we are entering the building. I look around and I don't see the cat...must be someone's cat. I looked in the laundry room...nope, no cat.
Hubs opens door...Pearl is running from the living room to the bedroom. Hubs walks in first. Stops on his tracks and says with freaky ghost movie voice: "its baaaacccck"


I go to the bedroom while hubs tries to figure it out how Houdini got in (oh yeah, I name it)


me: yes?

hubs: come heeeeere....

me: what?

hubs: he is entering from behind the stove

me: what? You're crazy

I looked and see this skinny mini is indeed coming out from behind the stove.
we pulled the stove out and on the corner behind the cabinets there is a hole in the wall.

For the next hour we chase, grab, lost, spray, put food, push, grab more, move furniture, put back furniture, trying to catch Houdini. Pearl was freaking out, she is like a bitter old lady criticizing the young generations for dressing like a ho. She is hissing and making grunt noises. All in good fun. BTW- the little guy is laughing thinking we are playing some fun musical furniture game. I finally cave in and grabbed a box of diapers, empty it out, place cat food in it and catch the little fellow (with pink gloves on of course 'cause I'm a stylish mama)


Hubs place a cardboard on the hole and tape it shut in the mean time.

Now I have to call CS again to let them know that the crazy fat white and black animal is ok, because it would not be funny if they come and let Pearl out thinking she was the intruder.

Over & out

My oldest is dating...a girl name Patricia :)
Oh, and I have to tell you why I love craiglist

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sick. Dying. Good Bye cruel World

According to my Dear Friend Tori I'm stealing that line from "Hocus Pocus" remember that? the movie with the fantastic Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker about witches? Oh I love, love, love it!
But that's not the reason of this post. I was truly sick and dying, or at least it felt like it. Seriously my immune system is no longer in service. I felt horribly on Tuesday at work and actually got sick. I didn't quite make it to the bathroom and end up doubling over cleaning up my own puke. I tell you, my life is so glamorous.
Hubs thinks its the stress of the move and all that but it wouldn't have been because he ended up sick also. Both us got home and jumped in bed and took turns in the bathroom. by 7pm we were all sleeping or at least trying to. We couldn't even eat. Not like these sexy bodies need more calories but still. I had pain all over my body and my bones felt like brittle, had serious abdominal pain, a fever, felt clammy, nausea, like my blood pressure was dropping, all in all horrible.

A friend suggested that maybe I should go to the Hospital but there was no way I was going to spent 3 hrs with a baby in the E.R. I though if I got truly ill I much rather call an ambulance...oh, I'm not crazy, its just that we where cover with 25+ inches of snow and the roads where B.A.D so there was no way we where driving.

Any hoooo, let me focus on this week: We are home and so far so good. I have a serious lack of storage which means I'll be donating /giving away a lot oft things that we no longer use: old clothes, comforters, scrapbooking stuff, all going bye byes 'cause I have no place to put them and I refuse to live with clutter. Our Old Place we had two walking closets and that my friends, is a lot of stuff one can accumulate. For the most part we are all set up, except for the Baby's room which is where I'm putting all my extra stuff for now. I also have to go shopping. It doesn't make any sense you say? well, it doesn't. But us being us we forgot to pack an entire kitchen cabinet when we moved and now we must go shopping for these:

The sad part to me is that some of these where part of our Wedding gifts and now we have to get them again. Not all at once of course, maybe hitting home goods...will see. I have a few nore boxes to unpack so I may be surprise.

So we are finally back at work after not one but TWO snowstorms. The roads where awful and all but I'm grateful 'cause it gave us time to recoup from being ill. Here are some shots of the area:

Friends Deck, there are some chairs somewhere in there...

My Sis and sweet Niece...
these guys were truly trapped in their home.

So like you can see , these have been very unproductive days to a point, although I love the staying at home cozy up with the family. Now I learn to double check everything when I move and to not believe the hubs when I ask: did you check? was my fault though cause i was packing the kitchen so I have no clue how I missed those...ahhh but he does try, the hubs...I wuw him. I'm gonna go now catch some ZZZZzzz because tomorrow is a work dinning room table is still missing it's glass top, eventually we will get at my sister's...I think :] I hope...

Over & Out

Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm too Sexy for the snow

Wouldn't you have it that I open my big fat mouth saying I was gonna move NO MATTER WHAT and that NO SNOW WAS GOING TO STOP ME... guess it:

WE DIN'T MOVE****I want an Oompa Loompa NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! (stomping feet)

Ugh, what can I do? the snow was much worst than anticipated and the crew thats helping me move (for free, 'cause that's how I roll) got stucked so here we are Monday, and still no move. The plan is for tomorrow...did I mention that is going to snow again too? wave fist in air while cursing the skies

So here is to living another day in boxes, having wet feet 'cause of the snow, almost fallin on my beautiful ars on my way down the stairs in the parking lot, and to a week of umpacking while sipping wine! (ya' know, I don't usually drink but I may have to this week, just saying)
Over & Out