Friday, January 29, 2010


I am mildly medicate.
I said mildly 'cause I could be taking Novocaine or something of the like but I do have a little more tolerance for pain. That and the fact that I.hate.pills. Stick me with needles, put an IV on, heck-I'll even take a suppository. UGH.

So in my quest of getting this stupid tooth fix (of course is not hurting now cause he knew we where going to the Dentist and he is a big fat chicken-the tooth that is) my regular Doctor send me to an specialist: an Endodontist.

His office was really nice. All of the employees where helpful and nice. Especially when it came to telling me that my insurance coverage had change and just for having one root canal done it would completely deplete it for the year.

I said:" OK, thanks"

Sat down.

Got up.

"what do you mean depleted? as in for an specialist or the whole thing?"

"yeah, the whole Dental Insurance coverage for the year would be depleted. Anything else would be out of pocket?"

"Uhm, that's a problem" Sat down.

I though seriously of saying forget it and leaving right then and there. Over $1000.00 for a Root canal? Did I mention I paid almost $100 biweekly for health Insurance? Doesn't seem fair...

The thing is I have seven (7) dentist in my family. Yeah~ you read right: SEVEN. (it will be eight when hubs brother finish college) This includes cousins, aunt, a brother in law and a sister. ALL FAR AWAY FROM ME. The closest one practices in NYC. I though maybe I should just go back to NYC again...By the time I was thinking all this they took me to the back.

Now, I have to give him props cause their office is really modern and beautiful. The guy was AMAZING, and I'm glad they send me his way. He was very gentle and tried to explain the procedures. Didn't hurt that he was good looking either (not cheat on my hubs gorgeous, besides I'm only allow to cheat with the 5 guys on my list *wink*)

He did a whole bunch of fancy stuff: Tooth pillow so I didn't have to maintain my mouth open like and idiot, had a water dam to protect me from swallowing even more water and stuff. He had a huge microscope that comes and looks at your teeth. fancy I tell 'ya.

I couldn't really tell which tooth was hurting so they did a cold test (DARN DARN DARN) and it shows which tooth is the most sensitive one. Turns out I needed TWO Root canals OY!...It bothers me because I do go regularly to the dentist and do the whole shebang of cleaning, mouthwash and stuff. So anyways, I laid thee for 2 ½ hours and I'm not done yet.

His assistant tells me to get up slowly.
She asks" Are you ok?, How are you feeling?"
Me: "like Rocky"
"UHm? You feel rocky?" looking at me concerned...

"nah" drooling on the one side of my mouth I can't feel or open " Like Rocky Balboa...ADRIAAAAAN"

She laugh...I hear giggles from the other room. My work here is done.

I have to go back in two weeks. Then to my regular dentist. FABULOUS.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I must be completely delusional 'cause we just came from NYC last around 10:30pm.
I'm so overly tired and feeling like a hooker after a day in a fair. Sweet.

We received good news this week: our oldest got his green card (which is not green btw) and he had to go back to school. You see, he is studying abroad on a private school. Thankfully -and do to his excellent grades {I'm bragging, I know} he was able to stay longer here until all his paperwork got sorted out.

So basically my weekend went like this:

I got up @ 5am on Saturday Morning, went to work till almost 3pm, came home, get everyone set, we drove to NYC arriving there a little pass 8:30pm. The little guy decided he was on party mode and didn't let us sleep at all. We had to get up at 4am to go to the Airport to drop off A. I'm telling you we looked like a hot mess, hair tangle, sleepy groggy faces...all except for the little guy that look like a Gerber baby.

Then we waited until he left, waited for my SIL to get there (which means us running to another terminal to get her and her family). Packed the car with 4 adults, 2 kids, 2 luggage, 1 bag, 2 baby bags, 2 strollers and everything else that was I know how it would be to work in the Circus.

We returned to their place and crashed trying to get some sleep. Again the little one had other plans. We order food , hang with family, ate some more, all in all great time which meant we left NYC late. Of course then my throat started hurting, not sure if I was getting sick again or too much talking but by the time we crossed Delaware I was so sick, headache, cough, the sorts. All I wanted was to get home and take a shower. Then get up today at 5ish to start the work week.

I have a major headache. I'm debating if I need to see a Dr. to check how my immune system is doing. I say he needs revamping. Either that or I need a day off from the world.

Over and Out

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I don't wanna grow up...I'm a Toys R Us kid...

I’m not gonna be 35, no Siree.

For a woman 35 can be a very scary number. 35 is when you are supposed to know who you are and what your destiny in life is. (now how the heck am I supposed to know that when it takes me forever just to shop for a t-shirt?). Thirty Five is when apparently your entire body is going to go KAPUT and things are gonna start falling off, dragging, sagging, it's when your internal clock is going to be ticking more like a time bomb. tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock BOOM God forbid you don’t have children by that time. You better hurry up because its ALL down hill from now on…or so they say.

You know when you feel like you are finally acting your age? yeaaaaaaah, I’m not there actually. Not even close. I don’t feel 35 and I certainly don’t act my age, whether that’s good or bad is yet to be determined. I’ve never been the mature responsible person that my parents wished me to be. It’s just not in me. I live to be happy and content.

Procrastinators!!!! unite and wave your hand in the air. WUAAAA WUUUAAAA (Hollaaaaaaaa to my peep Tori for dancing " ice ice baby" with me. *WINK*

I dance everyday (unless sick) and make jokes and laugh and act silly. I do irresponsible things on a daily basis and I’m proud of them.
I don’t ever want to loose my inner child. That little girl who is a screamer and thinks looking odd is fun, the one that breaks into a song and dance in the middle of the store and doesn’t care who is looking. The one who races in shopping carts just to make her baby laugh. The one who gets her IPod and dance her way around the office to the tune of Kat de Luna. The one who wrote a very wicked letter to Santa and post it on Facebook only to have everyone laughing. Yeah, I’m that girl.

My hubs knows this and loves me for this. Heck, he even agreed to dance in our wedding to the tune of "Baby got back"by Sir Mix-a-lot...yeah, fun times. (should I mention that my Mom was mortified and though I finally lost my mind? shake head, shake still squishing all up in there....Because in the mist of loosing it all even though I did cry I also did laugh. Because I don’t think I have to act a certain way just because other people say I have to.

Its fun to be the wild Aunt, the fun Mom, the crazy funny relative and friend that will crack a joke at her own expense.

I have a niece that is a wild orchid just like me. She is silly and fun, she would lie on the floor and refused to walk because she was doing a protest and was waiting for her Dad to come home. My Sister (her Mom) said to me: “She reminds me so much of you” I couldn't’t be more proud. My niece is 18 and plans to be a Doctor…I say she is going to be like Patch Adams.

My oldest told me the other day how lucky he is to have me as his Mom, and that we have a very especial relationship. This coming from a 17 yrs old is an odditity to me; at that age I hated my Mother. I’m glad he likes me. I seriously love that my relatives think I’m crazy, that they know I’m silly and that I will never ever be ordinary…there is nothing worst to me than to be ordinary, to be common, to be complacent.

I love that I can sing and dance at work, do an impersonation of Rocky Balboa screaming for Dragoor just push myself in my rolling chair all over the office and they think this is perfectly normal. Somehow they like me here. They told me and show me they do. It’s nice to be accepted for who I am.

The other day we where shopping at the Mall and stopped at Hot Topic, while my teenage son looked around and I was holding my little guy propped on my hips Indian style, a little girl came and say hi and asked me if he was my cousin. I said no, these are my babies. She looked at her mom, then at my kids, then at me…smiling she said: “Those are not your babies, you look too young to be a Mommy”…this was one of the highest compliment I've ever received.
I wanted to adopt her right then and there but her Mom said no...dang it. She was about 7 yrs old. I’m telling you, acting silly is keeping me young.

So this year (in a few months anyway) I will turn 35. I am no where near where I though I would be at this age. And you know what? That’s perfectly OK with me. I don’t want to get all serious but the truth is that I know that I'm in the path that I’m supposed to be. I’m with the person who is meant for me. I have the blessing of having two beautiful children, family that support us, friends that I will treasure forever and best of all and uncanny faith that guides me.

Now whats on the agenda for today? I hear there's a shipment of plutonium coming in on the docks...

Over & Out

Friday, January 22, 2010

The End * Sniff*

We all know that my Moral Compass is a little…how should I say this…twisted?
Don’t get me wrong I’m a good person, just a little evil inside. (hollllaaaaaaa to my peeps) So there is no surprise that some really disturbing things fascinate me. Some are truly epic; like the one that just ended.

They get you addicted, show you there is something else out there, and give you just a little more, they reel you in…they keep you in suspense… and then WHAM they take it all away at once.

If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, you obviously have not seen the beautiful complex drama called “Jersey Shore

How am I going to get my fix now?
How am I going to cheer on when they have fights?
How can I get my doses of 20 jars of Gel?
Tell me how am I supposed to live without youuuuuuuuu… record scratching

I mean is not like every day you see a guy doing his GTL (Gym Tanning Laundry)

I am so crushing for Mike “the Situation” LOL He can cook, he can bench press, he can speak two languages (English and Guido),
and best of all he can take his shirt off 20 times without me even asking. Ahhhhhhh. so much inspiration. I mean seriously this is what I wanna be when I grow up. Just a bunch of crazy drinking fist pumping lunatics fighting over pickles and skanks.

And now it’s over, now I have to content myself with reruns of this magical hour until the DVD comes out. The hub thinks they should send them to Italy next summer just to see what antics they can pull off. I’m totally voting to make “the Situation” the national Spokesperson of the guidos. I think I'm in love. (he is the one neeling in the front)
I also think that Jwoww breast should have their own show. Then again she can created a video on how to beat up people...she is my hero. Who can get in to fights in stilettos? She can!!!!
Oh so many memories...the hater juice, the hot tub, Snooky falling all over the place, the drama between Sammie and Ronnie, Pauly D stalker...oh my. Thats it...I'm changing my name to P-Pumping!

Ahhhh, let me go work on my hair poof. Oh~and I've decided I'm totally going to be "Snooky" for Halloween...buahahaha

Over & Out

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

75 ramdom things about me

Because the world needs to know even more about this wonderful creature called Moi! LOL and because a friend send it to me so I figure "why not?"

  1. I love the rain, yes, even driving in it.
  2. My favorite Artist of all time is a tie between Michael Jackson and Sting (female and close second Alanis Morissette)
  3. I stole a strawberry shortcake figurine when I was 10~ I lost said figurine the same day.
  4. there is nothing I like to do more to get relax than get my nails done
  5. if you pull my hair I’ll scratch your eyes out
  6. With that said I use to get in tons of fights in school. 99% of them where defending my younger sister.
  7. I come from a large family of 5 girls, one boy and one half brother. My Mom had 14 siblings and my Dad had 11.
  8. I don’t speak to my oldest sister and I couldn’t be happier about it.
  9. I love Vampire movies but hated the whole Twilight phenomenon; it wasn’t that great.
  10. I loved Anne Rice forever and have been to New Orleans and taken pictures of her home.
  11. I also met her and I have an email from her. And on that note I have a signed and numbered picture of her home
  12. I’m a very good listener.
  13. I tend to give great advice that I should be taking for myself
  14. I’m really bad with money
  15. Money has never been a priority for me (uhm, maybe that’s why I don’t have any)
  16. I love Mexican food
  17. I don’t really like alcoholic drinks, and if I drink any it would be something fruity. (like Hypnotic with Pineapple juice)
  18. I love to dance and do it almost daily…at random…even at work :)
  19. I don’t get Farmville nor do I care about it.
  20. If a show is really popular, I probably don’t watch it.
  21. That said, I’ve never seen American Idol, DWTS, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Grace Anatomy, etc.
  22. My youngest son is name after a character from “Sex & the City”~he was the sweetest guy ever! Can you guess who?
  23. My oldest is name after a guy I had a crush in High school
  24. I’m extremely open minded
  25. My favorite jam is Guava (Caribbean fruit)
  26. I’ve never ever had a PB & J sandwich…nor do I want to.
  27. My Dad is my hero.
  28. I cry easily: listening to a song, remembering my kids, watching a movie, in graduations, etc.
  29. I love to read…I mean LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE to read.
  30. The scariest books I’ve ever read: “Absolute Fear” & “The Witching Hour”
  31. I don’t play any video games (I though Super Mario 3 was cool though)
  32. I’m intrigue by the human mind
  33. I watch/read/research way too much about crimes, serial killers and things of the sorts.
  34. I can watch “Snapped” everyday or anything crime related.
  35. I use to love horror movies, but after my last pregnancy-not so much
  36. I watched “The Ring” once and would never ever do it again, it scare the bejeezus out of me!
  37. My favorite Show of all time is “Gilmore Girls” helluu? Mom got pregnant at 17 and its now with a 17yr old daughter-sounds familiar?
  38. My Husband says I have the “Monica” complex (OCD and cleaning)
  39. Fall is my favorite season
  40. if I could, I would have a closet full of boots (dreaming of a black Hunters boot right now)
  41. I’m addicted to coffee ~ and on that note Starbucks is NOT my favorite
  42. In the last 2 yrs I’ve become addicted to makeup and watching tutorials on youtube
    my favorite desserts are Flan and something that is made out of beans J (Habichuelas con Dulce)
  43. I rather have dessert than a meal
  44. I’m always certain I’m going to win the HGTV Dream Home.
  45. I reeeeeally don’t like Apple Juice or Ice tea.
  46. My Favorite Holiday is Halloween
  47. I really want to get into running
  48. I don’t like anything fat free, sugar free or diet anything.
  49. Growing up I had nightmares in which my mom was coming to get me…go ahead- call Dr. Phil
  50. I absolutely love Martha! She can do no wrong in my book! (Stewart in case you are from Mars)
  51. My favorite video of all time is Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”
  52. My Favorite Song of all time is “Moon Over Bourbon Street” by Sting
  53. I’ve been to both Disneyland and Disney World.
  54. I’ve also been to California, Chicago, Boston, New Orleans, Florida, NY, NJ, PA, MD, CT and Las Vegas!New Orleans is my favorite place bar none.
  55. I WILL visit even more places in the future J Ireland here I come!
  56. I love my husband with all my soul and I LOVE that he GETS me!
  57. I love White Chocolate and my favorite candy bar is Cookies & Cream by Hershey's
  58. I'm not allergic to them but I really don't like nuts
  59. I don’t like mint flavors in my dessert, coffee, candy, etc.
  60. My Favorite Clothing Store is Anne Taylor (Loft or no Loft)
  61. I have way too much useless information on my brain
  62. I love animals and don’t trust people that don’t…but no matter how much I love them, I love meat even more.
  63. There are too many things I want to do/create. I hope with the new place we get to do some.
  64. I’ve been wearing the same perfume since college, not the same bottle duh (yes, I have many others but there is one that is a staple)
  65. I absolutely and positively hate when a store promotes something and they don’t tell you there is a “hidden” condition. UGH!!! That drives me up the wall. Last store that did this to me was Bath & Body Works.
  66. I love some people that I do not necessarily like and vice versa.
  67. Taco Bell is a fast food heaven
  68. I love big bold jewelry
  69. I have an uncanny, deep to my core and soul believe in God but I don’t believe in hell.
  70. I’ve been trying really hard not to judge people.
  71. Growing up I wanted to be a Dr.
  72. I often think about people that I met thru out my life that I've lost contact with and wonder how they are.
  73. I’ve realized that no matter how accomplish I am and how much I actually love my job, I’ll be MUCH happier being a 50’s wife: baking, taking care of the house and the family.
  74. I will do anything in my power to help the people I care about.
  75. I’m so grateful that thru out my life there have been MANY people that love me for who I am and have helped me along the way.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Riding away...or maybe I just need medication

I’ve been having the same daydream for months:

All of the sudden I’m running thru a vast green field, smiling, chasing after a horse (mine apparently) A beautiful black stallion.
I’m dressed in riding gear (you know, the boots, the pants and a light sweater). My hair is flowing in the air as I run.

I can see myself so happy, so free. The funny thing is that I can even hear music playing in the background…”Clocks” by Coldplay.
Can you picture this? Me dress to ride a black stallion while running to the fields…while the music is playing… buahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa
(I'm saving my pennies to buy these: Hunters Boots)

It’s hysterical, but it’s my dream and I love it.
BTW I’m currently looking for a book to tell me the meaning of dreams…never mind…let me go find a nice psychiatrist before the people in white find me.
Over & Out
in other news...Uhm, I'm sorry to tell you this but having your phone say "please enjoy the music while your party is being reach" is NOT enjoyable, plus chances are we don't like the same music.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I think they got me confused

There is something really odd about my junk email. Seriously.

I mean, the way they send the junk mail to me is quite hysterical. For one they are trying to get me free samples of a blue pill that I do not need- Thank Gawd- for another they are trying to get me to enlarge a certain piece of anatomy that I do not possess.

I think the junk mail people also have me confused with Pablo Escobar (with all due respect, I don’t want his living relatives coming after me).

Here is a sample of the subject on these emails: Replica watches, Rolex, the look for less. But now that I think about it Pablo surely had the real deal. Then it continues to "be a real man, show her a great time, it works everytime, how to be the best latin lover..." you get the idea. Then to top it all off: SINGLE RUSSIAN WOMEN…meet Beautiful Women, Sexy Blond 24, etc, etc, etc. So aparently I'm a latino man that can only think of one thing, looking for available women for sale, and fake watches.

There is not one thing targeted for my demographic, not even close. I think is Karma for working a few years ago in a sweat shop…errr…a Marketing Mailing List company. Let me tell you a little bit about it.

These places basically sell your information to other companies, base on income, sex, education, shopping history, etc. That’s right my friend, right now somewhere out there, some company is selling your name and address for a profit and there is nothing you can do about it. Let me explain: if you purchase with a credit card that basically puts your name in that company’s data base and they can in term sell those names. If you subscribe to their mailing list, yeap…name is there. If you though to buy a gift for your grandma or the crazy coworker that everyone gave you cash for and you decided to put it in your card…yes, your name is there. Newspaper subscription? Yes. Magazines? Yes. Wedding/Baby registry? That too. The only way you can stop this is by calling all the people that you’ve purchase or get catalogs from and ask them to remove you from their mailing list…and then pay only cash for EVERYTHING. No, I’m not kidding.

But look at the bright side, your mailbox will never EVER be empty.
So let me go see how much a fake Rolex cost. I can see a white suit in my future…Tony Montana Style ;)
Over & Out

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sunday night:
mumble mumble…I think my tooth is hurting

Me: Al?
Al: yeap
me: come with me
Al: its 10pm where are we going?
me: to buy a wrench to take my tooth out…
Al: (annoyingly exited) cool!

turns out I can buy Orajel which BTW does diddly squat for my pain.

rumble rumble rumble
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (cry)
rush to get up
OUCH! (stomped toe on crib)
picks baby, makes milk,
cough cough cough
faint cry
turned to face hubs: what?
Hubs: I’m dyiiiiiiiiiiing!
touches hubs forehead to find he has a fever (and want his mommy) hahahaha, sorry…carry on

Monday Morning:
Drop baby @ daycare
rushed to Dentist office
wah wah wah (Charlie Brown’s Teacher sound) no-we cant see you now- wah wah wah
appointment set for Tuesday
husband on phone: I’mmmmm dyyyyyiiiiingggggggg
work-with tooth ache, empty Orajel in mouth which makes my tongue numb which makes me talk like I have cotton in my mouth
picks up baby

later that night:
owwww owww owwwww
Husband: I’m dy-ing (dramatical pause) cough cough cough
achoo, atchoo, achew
Hubs: hoonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…I need juice
Me: roll eyes, while holding side of face with one hand and the baby in other.
baby crying : waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Baby crying
Baby has a fever…give medication, numb my tongue again and takes one Tylenol and one Aleve.
Hubs still dying
we watched NJ Shore in awe. It’s so bad its good (rubs hands together and has evil laugh buahahahahahaha)

Dentist office:
wah wah wah (Charlie Brown’s Teacher sound again) wah wah wah- you have to go to a specialist wah wah wah root canal wah wah wah
come afterwards wah wah wah….OY!!!! grunts and moans, mumbles…walk away stomping feet.
baby sick…fever…wailing…crying…
Hubs: I’m dyinggggggggggggggggg…(I’m sure you are and I know who is going to kill you *wink*)

later that night:
owwww owww owwwww
Husband: I’m dy-ing (drmatical pause) cough cough cough
achoo, atchoo, achew
Hubs: hoonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…I need juice
Me: roll eyes, while holding side of face with one hand and the baby in other.
baby crying : waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

older kid asking whats wrong
Me: this is what happens when you have a baby and this is WHY you don’t want one, right? (odd conversation about sex and abstinence)
Me: (inside laughing…abstinence…hahahahaha…ouch ouch ouch, tooth hurting)

Sometime Wednesday Morning:
Me: Alo?
Daycare: wah wah wah…baby has a fever…wah wah…need to come…wah wah wah.
me rushing to finish work, boss said to go, running to get to baby while dialing Pediatritian to make an apoinment.
Ouch ouch ouch
tooth…head…shoes too tight but looking fabulous…
baby has an ear infection

later that night

owwww owww owwwww
Husband: I’m dy-ing (drmatical pause) cough cough cough
achoo, atchoo, achew
Hubs: hoonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…I need juice
Me: roll eyes, while holding side of face with one hand and the baby in other.
baby crying : waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

you get the picture…how was your week?

Over & Out

Friday, January 8, 2010

Lights go out and I can't be saved Tides that I tried to swim against...

I love this song from Coldplay. It's been on repeat on the car since yesterday.
Ticking clocks...that's whats happening in my mind right now. I just submitted the application for what it would be (hopefully) our new place. So cross your fingers, pray, dance naked on the rain while chanting, jump on one foot while barking like a small dog (name that movie) or do whatever it is you do for good luck. C'mom go for it...I'll wait...(game show music playing on background)....done? cool. Moving on...

In other news it snowed here so take a look around

Its so pruuuuty :) Of course the fact I don't have to clean after it makes it love it more. Ahhhhhhhhhh so nice, so fresh, the cold air hitting my face..pttttttttt...pttttttttt. ppppptttt (spitting hair from mouth) hehehehe.

Oh, and I'm so sorry to say that my standards just got lower. Is that possible you ask? well yes, apparently so. I've been watching two horrendous shows, I'm not kidding they are BAD, but I can't help it. I wanna see what other stupidity people can come up with. Wanna know which shows they are?

I bet you do...*WINK*

I'm watching *sigh* "Jersey Shore" and "Real World DC" AGGGGHHHHH. I know, I know, I know. I have no shame. The last real world that I did follow was the New Orleans one because, well, I'm obsessed with that place. But right now I'm watching people use an indecent amount of hair gel, some real tacky clothing, AND have bad arguments about Religion. What can I say?

Over & Out

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Adventures in Dating part Dos

First off I would like to say the following is not in any way, shape, or form trying to make this person seem bad. We are currently good friends and he was/is a nice person. But hey, a girl has to use every material she’s got. Not my fault I dated a bunch of sitcom characters :)

Mr. M and I meet while in college. He was the best dress guy in the whole place and I’m not even kidding. The guy never EVER wore sneakers to College which was an oddity. (let me take this moment to say that if you are not going to the gym or preparing to walk the mall with me, don’t wear them. I don’t like a man wearing sneakers) Also wore Shirts every single day. I mean not once did I see this guys in a T-shirt while out in public. Always well dress, smelling fantastic, shirt pressed, nice-clean shoes. We use to hang out with the same people. One day, we where sitting by the cafeteria and he was drawing something is his notebook, when I looked over it was me! I though it was really sweet. (insert warning instrumental music here...uhm...let's use the one from JAWS shall we?)

The next day when I showed up for work (in a small plaza, in a kind of like footlocker store), one of my coworkers pointed out that he had been there looking for me. I looked outside and saw M. sitting by. He saw me and came in and told me this: “Hey, good Morning, how are you?…I came to tell you that I like you” Say it with me: AAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

Of course I dumped current date #57 (which was the cheapo from this post) and proceeded to date Mr. M.
Now Mr. M had a secret, he was younger than me (not in a Mary Kate Letourneau young) and I didn't know this. True it was not by much, but you know the deal how girls mature faster than boys? so true.
At the beginning all was well, he was kind, polite, caring and a gentleman. He was smart and funny and had great taste in Music. I’ve already established he was a sharp dresser but what I’ve not said is how freaking fantastic his body was. Seriously, I’m talking Mark-Walberg-on-those-Calvin-Klein-underwear-adds good.

The guy went to the gym 6 days a week and on the seventh, he ran. Hold a second, let me wipe some drool. got it, carry on...

You are probably trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with him. And I tell you what it was: he was OBSESSED! I mean freakishly obsessed with me. Flattering at first, ‘cause C’mon- who doesn't want to be adored? plus I think I’m awesome, but it got so bad it was just... funny.

It started like this:
We would be talking on the phone…

Me: ok M. I’m gonna go take a shower and wash my hair so I call you when I’m done.
M.: OK, love ‘ya.
Hang up

5 minutes passed.
Ring, ring, ring

Me: alo?
M.: hi hon, what 'cha doing?
me: I told you, I am going to take a shower…
M.: oh, I though you would be done
Me: uhm, no. I’ve haven’t even got in yet…see I’m a GIRL…
M.: OK, call me when you are done
Me: Okidoki

5 minutes passed, me undressed in the bathroom.

RING, RING, RING... Mommy Dearest yelling that M. was on the phone. Me screaming back "tell him I’m in the bathroom and I call him back”…ring, ring, ring…3 more times bythe time it took me to shower. And that was just the beginning.

I would tell him that I was going shopping with my friend and he would call her cell phone 11,000 times asking me why was I spending time with her, that the time I was with her I could be with him instead, that why I didn't want to be with him, blah, blah, blah. At first I though he was insecure but then he got even more hysterical. Waiting for me after every class, constantly calling me or showing up where I was. My family has been a member of a Country Club forever and to attend their festivities you obviously had to be a member. I went to a picnic in said Club with the family, while walking around I found Mr. M (or rather he found me). He had jumped the fence in order to get in and see me.

Another time we where arguing and I decided to leave. We where in the parking lot at school and I got in my car and told him we would talk later when I cooled down. He said no ‘cause he knew I was going to dump him. I said I wouldn't but to let me leave…all this said with me at the wheel and him standing outside. Well, he decided he was not going to let me go and jumped on the hood of the car and grab to the wipers and said he was going with me. All this while I had a friend in the car and the entire building cheering and screaming for me to take off with him on top of my car. NICE. So I lowered the window to tell him he was being stupid, he jumped so fast I didn't had time to react and he put his hand inside and unlocked the car and got in the back refusing to get out. I had to drive him to his home and sit with him while he cried and cried and cried…

There was also the time when I was driving and he was arguing with me 'cause I wanted to go out with my friend. He jumped out of the moving car, roll over and start running in a Mission Impossible Style. I stopped the car and watched him ran away. I laugh so hard I had to park to the side to gain my composure. Then when I drove off and got home he called me to ask why I drove off. He apparently ran the block and expected me to be there waiting for him (don’t worry, I was only barely going 20Mph)

AGH, also I never saw a man that cried so freaking much. It was tiring and annoying and even though everything else was wonderful *WINK* I had to cut him loose. There was so many more incidents and so many more stuff but then this post would take forever. (like the time he showed up at Basking Robbins because I was with a guy friend and he found out and proceeded to insult me and screamed at me in front of everyone there? yeah…) We parted ways and eventually talked things out and he realized he acted psycho. We have become good friends and we are still in communication. He has a beautiful baby boy now and I wish him only the best 'cause overall he was very nice to me. (yeah, this is him)

Also, please take note that Ive NEVER felt threatened by him and he was never abusive, never raised a hand at me. Just saying…

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Mommy Dearest

My mom is a special lady.

I’m sure one day I’m going to open her closet and find a broom there. hehehehe. Evil, I know.
Don’t get me wrong. I love the woman to pieces, after all she raised my oldest son and he is a pretty decent human. I just don't like her sometimes.

Growing up with her was…what should I say… a challenge? entertainment? I've been told she resembles a lot to the Mom on "Malcolm in the Middle".
We never saw eye to eye and we fought a lot (I ran away at age 15…and went to live for a few months with my second oldest sister) She had a very strict way of raising us and I developed my running and dogging skills so much I've should had really consider the Olympics.

And you can stop right there with the "she is the only mom you'll have, you are so lucky she still there, blah, blah, blah". I know this. I'm not going to talk bad about her 'cause that's just...well bad. (plus I have to leave something for another post). So I'm just gonna make fun of the crazy shit she pulled. But believe me when I say If I was to tell all the stories, Oprah and Dr. Phil will be having a bitch fight to get me on their show.

She was a good Mom overall -beatings not included.

She cooked for us. And I’m talking I never had microwave ANYTHING until I got to this country. I only new the kind of juice that came from the actual fruit. Laundry was a funny time because she would want to do laundry and not have enough dirty items and would be asking for us to get something else for her. Yes, she had help in the form of a Maid but she also did a lot all the time. Must of the time she could have just relaxed but she didn't. I know that raising 6 kids was a hard task for her. But she also had kind of like a Military school type of attitude. We got punished and hit more times that I can count. Some with reason, must of it without.

She is so freaking amusing though. The things she did and still does are just plain crazy.

Exhibit A:

Her father owned a large farm in the country. He and grandma decided the children will go to school in the city so they lived in their city house with Grandma. Mom was only at the farm on Holidays and in the Summer. One summer my Mother decided to go to the river to swim and took one of the donkeys to go there. She walked behind the donkey and he proceeded to kick my mom on the side of her stomach. Poor animal never saw it coming.
What does Mommy Dearest decided to do? Well, if it was me or any-other-semi-normal-under-caffeine-person would be doubling on the floor in pain and crying hysterical. But dear mommy had other plans.

She tied the donkey to a tree and… SHE BIT HIM IN THE EAR!!!!
Who does that?! My mother does. She got revenge.

Exhibit B:
When I was around 9 or 10 we forgot my Mother’s birthday. I mean EVERYONE in the house did. My Dad, my older siblings (which by the way where older than me and my sis by 15, 13, 10, 9 yrs). My Mom was in a foul mood all day. We asked what was wrong but she just told us to beat it. Then Dad remembered it at around 6pm. He asked that my older siblings go get a drinks and appetizers. My younger Sis and I tag with Dad to get the cake.
We called our closest Aunt and we got everything ready while Mom was watching TV in the Bedroom.
Then I tried to get her to come out telling her our Aunt was there, to what she responded she did not care and that she was busy. We where trying to pretend a surprise party but she refused to come out of the room.
Then…all of the sudden she gets up from the chair and starts running towards the dinning room where the cake was. I guess the cake was gonna get it no matter what.

She jump at it and with her two hands smashed so bad it look like it was tapioca pudding. There was cake everywhere. Then she threw everything on the table, breaking stuff around.
She screamed and for a moment there I though the voice was coming from one of the Seven demons living inside of her. (Can you guess that movie?)


Suffice to say, we never had.
Over & Out

Friday, January 1, 2010

'cause I'm BAAAAD, I'm bad, you know it...

And to answer your question-yes, that was sang in true Michael Jackson style. I WUW HIM.
shut it- he is the best! (yeah, I'm aware it should be past tense but I refuse...I'll start subject please).

oh- so you kept reading, huh? Masochist.
So I've been super dupper busy with the kids and the hubs and traveling. NYC was AWESOME and even though my boots died in the process, walking around NYC in the middle of the pouring rain while a certain teenager took photos of everything in sight was totally worth it. Our trip there took us the entire day of the 24th...we left the house at around 10:30am, stopped for an hour to shop for some last minute things (because I love to procrastinate) and also to eat something...we didn't arrive till 9pm! DARN NJ TURNPIKE TOLLS. Good thing is that I was able to put on some fake nails in the car while the baby slept. yeah...I'm cool like that.

I had this plan to get there early afternoon, rest, shower, get fabulous. but noooooooooo. We got there and tons of people where at the house already. So rushed pass 11,000 relatives trying to take my baby from me (shooo, shooo) and me bathing that same baby in the bathroom sink so he can freshen up. We shower in a flash (stand in front of mirror-splash water at it-get out) and started to party on.
The hubs family loves to party and this time they did not disappoint. Tons of food and drinks and (oh-my) desserts. I got a chance to dance with the hubby since everyone took turns to hold the little man. We went to bed after 4am!!! Talk about exhausted. Over the next couple of days with hang in Manhattan and took in everything it has too offer. We didn't get a chance to do everything we wanted because it was raining so bad (sorry Central Park) but we'll be back soon enough. Here are some pics of the trip:

THE FAM (me in red)

My Boys and I
Raining on 42nd
John Travolta's M&M double

A wall of M&M

The line here was ridiculous!
Musical Snowflakes to the tune of my Fav: "Carol of the Bells"

The Tree

Inside St. Patrick's Cathedral

My Ruined boots...yes, that's watter!

At the Park

So that's it for now. I'm going to go back to reading my new favorite blog: Calling People Names because she is freaking fantastic and hilarious.

Over & Out


This year I'm against new year's resolution. I'm going to enjoy life more, do less and be happy. I'm not going to worry about weight, or cleaning or anything that's not really important. If 2009 tough me something it was that material things come and go. Is who you have next to you and with you that matter. Pass the pork.