Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm a Horrible Person


Go ahead and hate me 'cause I don't like myself too much either for feeling this way.

I am a really ungrateful and envious person. I never knew this about me. Huh, go figure.

I'm sorry but every time I see or read about someone complaining because the stores where too full, or how stressful this holiday is, or how there is no time to decorate I want to pull my hair out and scream (in true Michael & Janet Jackson Video)

HOLY CRAPOLA- excuse me for this but what is there to complain about?

Seriously, you are going to complaint about all the shopping you have to do?

Complain about your home?

About cooking for the family you are going to have over?

Have you looked around you?

I am in serious distress 'cause all we have is packed away and all our stuff is scattered around, and my back hurts from bending all the time to get the plastic containers or suitcases, and I'm seriously upset 'cause I can't find my tweezers and I can't afford to buy one and I'm going to look like Jack Nicholson in "The Shinning"!!!!! (ain't gonna be pretty)



I was green with envy every time I saw those beautiful homes, every time another "easy Christmas Decor" went on. I was bitter and sad and I know it was not right. I know these people are lucky and I shouldn't be envious or resentful, but I was. I was sad that I was so bitter. I was sad 'cause that's really not who I am. I was sad 'cause this is the little guys first Christmas and there was so much I wanted to do for him.

Don't take it to heart. I'm upset with me, not with y'all (imagine Britney saying it) because this is my reality and it's not your fault. Then when I'm about to finally take some courage and run into a wall I read this post from Thrifty Decor Chick, which is like one of my decorating idols and then I TRULY get mad at myself.

How dare I get mad because God has provide me an opportunity to see how strong we are? An opportunity to grow together as a couple and start with a clean slate? An opportunity to spent a very close Christmas with my Sister.

I should never complaint because there are more serious pressing matters going on in the world today. So many people wishing they can have kids, wishing they had a job, wishing food for their kids, wishing just to wish upon a start that life will be better.

I'm really lucky. I'm truly blessed. I'm truly wealthy.
My kids and family are priceless. We can do it together.

So tonight to get me off this funk, I will be going home jamming to Jay Z "Big Pimping" 'cause sometimes you just have to!

Over & Out

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crush, and not the Orange Kind

My hubs and I have a list of our celebrity crushes. If you ever watch Friends you know that Ross and Rachel had one too. Apparently you are allow one indiscretion if its with someone on your list.

Ha!- Okaaaaaay!! (in true Monica voice) I'm game :)

Now, I never like pretty boys, or what I consider Pretty boys: Brad Pitt, Tom cruise, etc. I like men that look like, So here are my celebrity crushes:

#5: I completely forgot who my number five was so instead I'm putting you here, well, 'cause you should be on this list- Hugh Jackman

#4 LL Cool J (YES-that's right) I could wash my laundry in that stomach!

#3 The Oh-so-kill-me-with-that-smile Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson:

#2. I like him even before he became so popular, when he did "Dracula 2000"
Gerard Buttler

Who could see "P.S. I love you" and not fall in love with Gerard?

And my NUMBER ONE CRUSH, I'm infatuated with this man. When he walks, he sway his hips. Oh, so dreamy Keanu Reeves (if you look up his Biography you'll learn how strong this man is) Love, love, love him

Honorable mentions:
Mr. Sean Connery- he is timeless and sexy!

My favorite Artist after MJ. If you see him in concert you know why.

Anthony Hopkins...OK, I know he is also older but again he is DIVINE!

And also this guy: "The Vin"

Oh wait, I'm married to him :)

In other news, Dear hubs and I spent a very quite Thanksgiving day. We bought our Dinner instead of cooking for just the two of us (I soooooo wanted to make Chicken Quesadillas though). We took some pictures with little guy since after all it was his first Thanksgiving. I have to say I'm not much into it since back home we don't celebrate this day. Never the less, it feels weird not to be home this time of year. Feels weird not to be pulling the Christmas Decor and cleaning up, and having to chase Pearl so she doesn't keep swatting at the decorations- only to find she has fallen sleep under the tree. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. This is going to be a very different time for us.
Hope your Holiday was a great one!
Over & Out :)
My hubs crushes (in case you are wondering) is very simple I think. He loves Sarah Michelle Gellar (yeah, Buffy), Reese Witherspoon, Megan Fox (he is a man after all) Kim Kardashian and Anna Kounikova-Maria Sharapova(Tie)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm in love!!!

I found the most awesome blogg for chandeliers: Chandelier Magic Beach House
Not only do they create the most beautiful pieces ever but her home is the kind of place you never ever want to leave. You need to check her out. here is some of their work:

I want this BAAAAAAAAD

Ahhhhh, I'm having dreams of a beautiful chandelier, I guess I better work extra hard to get the house first and THEN think of the Decor. Hey, a girl can dream!!! I already told the hubs I want to cover the sofa's in white (yeah, I know I have a baby, blah, blah, blah). And I'm sooooooooo going to paint to my heart's content.

Over & Out

P.S: Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!! Hubs and I are going to be alone since Sis is going to visit her hubs family for the next 3 days. Boston Market it is!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

25 Questions

Today is a very cold and very rainy morning and I love every bit of it. I love the rain. I truly do. The smell of the rain makes me happy, it reminds me of when I was younger and the house next to ours had a tin roof, the smell of the rain when it falls on the earth and the sound of the tin roof is something that I will treasure forever. I want to have more of those happy memories. I want our kids to remember the little things like that instead of the Christmas they got a PlayStation. I want them to remember the smell of baked cookies and hot cocoa on the morning of Christmas and all of us around the tree in our PJ's. I want them to know how much I enjoyed being an 80's kid and how much fun we had playing outside, climbing the fence to the little school across the street to get "ciruelas' prunes (believe me, real prunes from the tree are delish). Going to the small market to get fried chicken liver with tostones (I am SO not kidding- we loved it) and walking around the main street downtown, running behind my Mom that ALWAYS had something to buy. Going to our Uncle store and playing with toys and hiding between the ginormous amount of stuff in it. Walking home, with a hot empanada in hand. Those are the memories I treasure and the kind I want them to have. I am dreaming of a new place where we can build this memories. I know its goign to happen soon!!!!

So with that note I figure I entertain you. I love reading these kinds of things in other people's blogs. Here is a little bit more about me:

1. If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be? Garden District,New Orleans or Santiago, DR.

2.What's your favorite article of clothing? Shoes

3.Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex? Shoulders, eyes and feet (yeah, I'm weird like that)

4.What's the last CD that you bought? I bought two: Michael Jackson's "This is it" 'cause I love him, not because he died and Sting 'If On a Winter's Night'

5.Where's your favorite place to be? On a Hotel in Puerto Plata , Dom. Rep. with my family

6. Where is your least favorite place to be? probably the bank (I hate banks- I rather go to the Dentist)

7.What's your favorite place to be massaged? my back and feet

8.Strong in mind or strong in body? Mind

9.What time do you wake up in the morning? depends on the little one, officially up by 6am

10. What is your favorite kitchen appliance? Tassimo Coffee maker but I secretly dream of owning a Kitchen Aid Mixer.

11.What makes you really angry? Disorganization and people who are mean to others.

12.If you could play any instrument, what would it be? it use to be Piano but now it's Violin

13. Favorite color? Purple (any shade of it)

14.Which do you prefer...sports car or SUV? SUV any day, hate small cars (except for a Mustang)

15. Do you believe in an afterlife? yes

16.Favorite children's book? Even though I love to read I don't have a favorite children's book. But I really enjoyed "1,001 Arabian Nights".

What is your favorite season? Fall- love, love, love it.

18. Your least favorite household chore? I love household chores, the only thing I never liked much was cooking and now I do.

19.If you could have one super power, what would it be? I want to be like Matilda and move things around :)

20.If you have a tattoo, what is it? I have 3: And Ivy around my ankle, a cherub on my shoulder and a Triquetra on my lower back

21.Can you juggle? please...

22. The one person from your past that you wish you could go back and talk to? My very first Boyfriend so I can tell him what an A$$ he was.

23. What's your favorite day? Thursday

24. What's in the trunk of your car? knive, rope, tape, handcuffs...hahahahaha- KIDDING. A mess: Stroller, wall art, a bag, witch hat, an umbrella, gloves, a baby tub, a gallon of water...etc

25. Which do you prefer, sushi or hamburger? sushi!!!

There you have it. What's on your list?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Me/Not me

I saw a post like this in Saucy's blog and I figure it would be fun to do the same instead of focusing on my life this week. AND you get to know more about me!:

ME This is my dream ride, but I do drive an SUV
Me:Yes-I love Boxing

NOT ME: if you wan to torture me, have me watch this:
never me

can' it.MeNOT ME, never, EVER -not even if I'm sick

SO ME...I own these
not ME (unless 9th month preggers) MeSO NOT ME (Caviar, in case you didn't know is fish eggs-ewwww)
will never be me:

There you have it. This is a very short list 'cause I can go on and on, and on, about this things. What about you?

Over & Out

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"My strength is made perfect in weakness" St. Paul

Ok St. Paul, you better know what you where talking about 'cause I'm counting on it!


Incredible enough we survive the last 2 days. So there; That's done.

I finally told my younger Sister about the situation on Sunday (and by that I mean I ran to the bathroom and let the hubs tell her) She has rescue us and we are currently living in her basement. The baby seems to think he is having a sleep over and is enjoying himself; the cat in the other hand is not doing too well :) I believe she thinks she is being punish (I feel her pain) and stays in one corner next to the washing machine.

The one thing that kept me from crying was that amongst the chaos the hubs grab me in our parking and hug me and gave me the longest kiss ever and told me he loves me and that he is so glad he is going thru this with me 'cause anyone else would have run for the hills. Say it with me: Awwwwwwww

You know in every move/ packing experience there's bickering and fights and things of the sort.

We didn't fought once. I mean we are dead poor so there is nothing there to fight about. I was just glad we have each other.

I am so grateful though. For my Hubs, for our baby, for a Sister that is being severely inconvenience and her family for giving up their basement. For my God Daughter that tells me in her 19 month voice: I wuw you and hugs me. For the four tequila-drinking-at-9am-crazy-guys who where kind enough to help us move (how did they put a 2 bdrm. apartment into a 10 x 10 storage unit I'll never know-actually I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!) and they where laughing the entire time, making me feel less like a failure.

I am so sad though. I feel like a blanket of cold has wrapped itself around my heart. Only the warn embrace of the hubs can make me fall asleep (that and a Marathon of Law & Order: SVU).

Gosh, this is going to SUCK for a while. There's no getting around that. But I have to think of all the positives: My Sis has cable!!! Now I can watch T.V again!

Also, I did more exercise in 2 days that I have done the entire year.

Another positive: we lost our coffee table and TV unit. hehehe, it was falling apart and finally couldn't make the trip to the storage so: TADA, less crap to carry.

Uhm, that's all I can think for now. I'll keep you guys posted.Thank yo to those out there sending messages and encouraging words. It's more appreciated than you'll ever know.

Over & out.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Everything will work itself out...

Everything will work itself out...
Either that or a nice padded room is in my future.
I'm not going to bored you with all the details (quite honest, if I think about it too much, I'll just go in fetal position and cry) but we are having a BIG challenge ahead of us.
We have faith.
We have hope.
We have each other.
We have health. (Obviously not the mental kind)
And like they said: "When you hit rock bottom there is no other place to go but Up"

So here's to UP!

Can't wait to see where that is and where life is going to take us. And if all fails, I'll just throw rocks from our bottom to the bystanders :)
I'm probably going to be back after Tuesday when all is settle. But do me a favor, if you see someone that's quiet or lost in thought, go give them a hug...they may really need it.

Over & Out

Friday, November 13, 2009

To my Sister Ka

Dear Ka,
I'm sorry I took your lollipop.
I'm sorry I hit you with the skates (but seriously-why couldn't you use one and I the other, eh?)
and I'm sorry I wanted the first seat in the spaceship/plane back in the laundry sink.
But please remember all the people I beat up for you! :)
...what I'm trying to say is I wuw you.

I am so glad we get to celebrate your 25th Birthday for the 8th time!

BTW- my yellow watch was cuter than your blue one!

Over & out

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Giving up one of my addictions...for now :)

In our household there is always one staple in our pantry. We could be missing bread, milk, rice, etc...but you bet that dear hubs is going to have this item in the house:
We can wait to next shopping trip for anything else but if Coke is missing hubs will go for a drive and magically "PUFF" Coke will be there. It was getting a little ridiculous when I saw that we where buying 3 * 2 Ltrs every other day. No kidding! 6 Ltrs in 2 or 3 days! Hubs has always been addicted and since he doesn't drink coffee (WEIRDO) that IS his caffeine jolt. For me, I started drinking more of it since we got together and was trying to get him to quit but instead he got me hooked!

So today is our second day without it *YIKES*, we made the commitment of 30 days on no soda for now so let's see how that goes. Thank Heavens I still have my coffee :) People around me are afraid someone is going to get hurt, I just tell them to give me a week so the nervous tick wears off.

Over and Out

I decided to dance around in the office just to see what reaction I got from people and basically they all acted like it was normal for me to sing "Rent" and dance...figures! I should try harder to shock them.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dear A

Dear A,
As I was typing away yesterday during our little IM conversation and browsing thru your school pictures it finally hit me (and it hit me hard): I've missed it!
You are completely grown and I missed it.
I miss you growing up and becoming the wonderful, caring, smart young man that you are. I made a decision to what I though was better for us and the price was much higher than I anticipated.
I missed you having the chickenpox.
I missed you shaving for the first time.
I missed your first day of high school.

Believe me, I know that God knows better than I do what plans lay ahead and whats indeed good for us. I know that this was meant to be 'cause you are probably Dad's best friend. I know you have a great life and I am so very proud of you.You have a great sense of humor and have great empathy towards others. You are so caring towards small children and my heart melted when you told me you were considering being a Pediatrician 'cause you wanna help kids.

You are sweet and respectful (despite what "someone" says) You are a grateful young Man with an uncanny love for God. I don't remember any 17yr old in our family that prays like you do.
I love that you still think I'm cool and can talk to me pretty much about anything; which is a great thing since I grew up with you. There's less than 17 yrs between us my boy- and I feel of the both of us you are the mature one.
I love that we have the same taste in music, movies and books. I love that I have pictures to prove you wanted to be a Backstreet Boy when you where younger (HAHAHA- nope, I'm not letting that one go and I can't wait to show your girlfriend!).

I just wished I witness the beautiful process that got you here. Granted, I was with you until you where almost 7 but the other years...those precious little things that make you YOU are not coming back. This is your final High School year and it seems like you are really enjoying it and having a blast while learning. I am happy for you. I want you to enjoy it.

Just wanted to say Kid that it's a true honor to be your Mom, I am blessed beyond words and so very proud of who you are.

I love you more than Paris Loves attention, te quiero de gratis (I love you for free)

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Conversation and coffee

I'm dead tired. Little man had his 6 months shots yesterday and had a really difficult night. I don't remember the last time I slept 6 hours straight...must've been before I got pregnant. Oh well, since I am so pooped I am going today with a little conversation between me and the hubs:
we are out and about; Hubs goes to bathroom.

Me: Did you wash your hands?

Hubs: yeah, why?

Me:whatdayamean why? 'cause there's the flu and H1N1 around and we have an infant.
I have Purell on the bag if you need some.

hubs: I did wash them, Geeezzz.

me: Ok, just checking.

a moment passes

hubs: uhmmmmmmm

me: what?

hubs: maybe I should use the Purell just in case...

me: I though you say you wash them...

hubs: yes, but people touch the faucet and the door handle and this, this and that... just give
me some

me: anha!!!

Yes, hon...let's just say you DID wash them.
In other news: this is a little view of how I intend to survive today.

If you could marry a hot beverage, this would be it: Hot Caramel Latte.

Since I'm addicted to coffee.can''ll.get.a.headache I can tell you I've tried many, many different kinds of this delectable treat.

Yeah, Starbucks is good, but I don't really feel like paying $5 for a coffee and have a punk teenager look at me weird when I don't say: soy latte, skim milk, no foam, Chi something. I like WaWa's coffee (unbelievable enough the Hazelnut one) and I will gulp a few cups at any dinner or Denni's or IHOP or Friendly's around. Panera Bread has very decent coffee as well.

I am also the proud owner of a Tassimo Machine, you know, one of those individual machines that can make tea, hot cocoa, cappuccinos, lattes, etc. It's so worth it and HIGHLY recommend it.

And still I think I like this beverage from DD better. uhm...maybe I should go around and taste every coffee in a 20 mile radius and compared them...maybe the hubs will tie me down when I am all hyper like last night that I ask him to chase me around the house if he wanted to know where the chocolates where...uhm..decisions, decisions.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lets make a SNIFFLE song!

Oh God Almighty!
Is everyone and their mother sick?
Seriously, I feel everywhere I turn there are sick people. Hubs said that you should see
the faces when someone sneeze/coughs on the train- he said is quite funny since everyone
has that panic.oh.dear.lord.don' face!

Not that I don't think is serious, but we come from a place that just "deals" with stuff. I believe if you are gonna get it, you are gonna get it no matter what you do. Dear B-I-L is probably the healthiest guy I know: eats green like is going out of style, low fat, low sugar, wheat stuff: all the stuff I don't/wont eat. It just seems he's been sick for MONTHS now. Gets sick, recups for a few days, and sick again. UGH.

Yesterday they called me from the daycare 'cause the little guy was crying a lot and not wanting his bottle or sleep; so I left work early to get him and by the time I got there he was sleeping. Don't they recognize a fuzzy baby? Either way, since he has been congested and was diagnose with Croup last week I decided to have the Doctor take a look at him (I guess all the panic around me is rubbing on) and of course he is fine and just has a little cold. Can I tell you the waiting area in the office looked like the E.R? JAMMED PACKED!

I guess I should not complaint about it, at least people are trying to prevent this from going around even more. Even our office is full of Lysol, purell and Clorox (oh, and did I mention BIG Boss ordered Masks?-yeap, he did).
On that note, hubs has a cough, so does my Sister, her Baby, her husband, my little guy and of course: ME! (I don't feel sick though)

So let us get together and cough in unison!
Hope we all get better soon.