Monday, April 26, 2010

I want the world...I want the whole world...

Yes, I was watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory because, lets face it, I love you Johnny Depp but the original was MUCH BETTER. Plus I have the special features that have all the kids older. AND have a sing-a-long contest with the cat and the baby. Ok, maybe Pearl was just crying because she was trying to get away from me. And yes, the little guy just said waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa over and over...whatever. Don't matter to me.

I've been thinking lately (lock your doors, collect water and supplies, the world is ending) that there are just so many things I want and can't have. Lots. And sometimes I get sad and depressed and wonder to the Almighty, when are we getting a break.

Y'all know about our financial situation, actually is more like the lack of a financial situation. So yes, I was hoping the taxes where going to give us a little breather. Maybe finally get the hubs a new watch...I dreamt that maybe, perhaps there would be a little left for something small (no- not my dream Hunter's Boots).

But that's not gonna happen. Apparently the IRS thinks we don't need the help and decided to give the money to else where...all of it...*sniff* so yeah, I was mad, I was a raging bull and yes, I did use some words that would make sailors blush...oh yessssssssss I did. I was ready to pack my bag and go back to the motherland-defeated. But not gonna happen 'cause I'm not a quitter.

The one little thing I've seriously been eyeing from The Vintage Pearl forevaaaa ...I think last year I said that maybe I could get it for my birthday...and that didn't happen. Then I was like, ok-maybe Christmas...then we where out of house and home...literally, so that didn't happen. Being that getting a place to live seemed like a priority...geeesh.

(if you are wondering, I want either the left top or right bottom with my boys name)
Isn't her stuff amazing!?

So then I though...uhm...maybe Valentines (not a fat chance) and now I though well, with the taxes it can be for Mother's day. Yeah, not happening. Again. Thanks. And I know people are going to say: "you should be focusing on getting on your feet, and being responsible, and blah, blah, blahbiddy" but it seems to me that I should be allowed one thing. One little materialistic selfish indulgence for now. To make me feel better. I know, is silly.

I figure the other stuff wont come any time see, I keep this folder of pictures of my future dream home and what stuff I would love to have. The hubs and I talk about this stuff and we have faith that one day, hopefully not too far from now, it will happen. (maybe sooner because hubs says we are winning the Green Home Giveaway) there sits all my dreams...compacted on a file format...

I have tons, and I do mean tons of pictures of future projects and ideas. So many dreams to have. Then It dawned on me that I see people all the time, having those things and still want something else. Isn't that human nature? to always want more-bigger-better? I remember my Mom-ster came once and sat in what was then our new car (an smaller SUV) and she told me how much she liked it. I replied that I did too but that my dream car was a Ranger Rover. She asked me why? I said 'cause it is my dream car and is beautiful, and all this inconsequential things. She said to me that this car would take me to the same places as the other one, that it was the same thing, that is nothing out there better than what we already have.

Well, I know that's not entirely true but I get her point. There is nothing better than what is yours. I am not in love with our place, that's not a secret, but is ours and I need to make it a place that I love.

I keep thinking while browsing thru blogland how lucky some ladies are to stay at home, go thrifting and redesigning stuff. To be able to make their home beautiful. How lucky are these women that can actually get my necklace without thinking, how lucky... but then in my goofy old self have a singing/screaming match with the little guy, then have the hubs pat my hinny and tell me I'm beautiful (while wearing an apron mind you), have the big kid call just 'cause and spent an hour chatting about life and laughing with me, even though he is 17 and think is cooler than cool aid.

And then I think of my friend that is single and is day dreaming of Prince Charming. Or the several friends and acquaintance that are trying to have a child. Or the one's that don't have a job. Or a family. Or the friend that's going thru a terrible divorce. Or the one that's sick. And think I have TONS of stuff other people would want to have. And then I crack a smile...

Because I know I have so much already, but by golly!, I'm still plotting how to get that necklace!

Over & Out
(Disclaimer: I've collected these pictures to google, the web, catalogs, etc, ...overtime...I think there may also besome from a blog or two there too. If its your picture, please let me know ad I'll give proper credit)

Friday, April 23, 2010

"A missile! A MISSILE! in my bedroom"

Can you tell by now I belong in another era? Yeap, thank Gawd I got married :)
The hubs was nice enough to stay home with me yesterday. Why, you ask?

Because even though I am OCD and I have to have things organized just like so the kids room was a disaster of monumental proportions. I tried my best to organized everything right when we moved but then,what ever was not needed immediately simply got placed in that room. It was not pretty.

Amongst other stuff there was: 2 car seats, a box full of Teddy bears, 2 HUGE boxes of clothes, play mat, 2 topiaries, 2 rolling craft bags, a paper rack, boxes upon boxes of scrapbooks supply, our luggage set, Christmas and Halloween decorations, Xmas Tree, a dresser, nightstand, a headboard, a box of old cable boxes, crock pot, 4 comforter sets, a picnic basket, 2 fans and a rocking chair.

Oh, and did I mention the baby's clothes and diapers and things of the sort are there too? yeah, not pretty. We tried to tackle every weekend but it never happened. So finally yesterday we did it, we toss anything old and worn and unfixable. put the clothes away, have 2 HUGE piles going to Goodwill this weekend. All of the holiday stuff is now on our storage place in the building. It looks fantastic. All I have to do now is reorganized my craft closet ('cause my shelf unit was missing pieces and now I found them-yaaaayyyyy). Oh and I found a box for my ribbon on sale at Michael's for $6.99 from $14.99, but I ask if they can reduce it more and they did...another score for $3.99!

I have dreams for the kids room. The comforter set is black and off white Toile, the walls are going to be cream and blue. Dream....sigh. I'm thinking going for the map/travel theme since It could be use for both boys. (at this point we don't know which college the big guy is going to...yet..hey-he's abroad.)

Painting will be done when the big guy arrives from abroad in July. But it looks so much better already AND It felt like we went to the gym. Oh- and we cleaned the house while we were at it. So to celebrate I made home made should see the little one eating soft funny. (dont ask about the diet- a friend that obviously hate me gave me her Weight Watchers kit...lets just say by breakfast all is lost!)

Also our bedroom will also change...from brown and blue to Blue and white for the summer. Nothing fancy since we are on a budget, but just to bring new life (I'm reusing sister's curtains mixed with IKEA's buy).
I'm happy so far, the place is finally growing on me...or not, but I like to pretend. We did score a coffee Table from Goodwill for $35 after the Craiglist one got snatched. And may be getting a TV stand from a friend...for a small amount...thinking it over...

We have so much going now since we are also having a birthday party for the little guy in 2 weeks and is going to be in another state so the family can attend. I have to make decorations, banners, etc. It s going to be a Circus theme...cant wait. Hopefully it will all come together. The plan is to use all the things circus related. Pop Corn, hot dogs, Cotton Candy, tickets for games, lemonade...etc. I'll post pictures.

So that's it for on the hunt for cheap lamps since Target refuses to reduce the one's I like.

Over & out

Monday, April 19, 2010

HELP...I like my hair!

Oh dear Gawd, mother of the tomatoes, all that is beautiful and all that jazz.
oh, indulge me and tell me how beautiful it is to sleep 8 hrs...hecks, give me 6 hrs!

I lost it yesterday. I really did. The crazy lunatic that lives inside my mother apparently has a relative that resides within me. I screamed at the little one yesterday...and I mean scream.
It was 4am and he had already waken up 5 times by then. Seriously. He went to sleep around 10:45pm (I started before 9) and he just didn't budge. At first I though he may be sick but no, no fever...still gave him so Tylenol thinking he could have pain. Put some Orajel in his gums, maybe is his teething.

Nope. Every 1½ to 2 hrs he was up. Crying. We would pick him up, give him some milk and he would fall asleep again...only to go back to waking up. By 4 am I was at the end of my rope. Hubs got real mad at me :(
He said screaming doesn't work, but my frustration was too much and got the best of me (or the worst?).

I have to say I haven't slept a full night since I was pregnant. I spent 36 weeks throwing up, dizzy, nausea, the worst acid reflex in the world, leg craps, back pain, etc. It was a very difficult pregnancy but I would do it all over again. But he is not sleeping the night...EVER. He is going to be one yr next month.

I love my babies. There is not a limb, organ, blood that I would not give for them and for their well being. That said...I'm imperfect one (shhhh-don't tell anyone). One that gets tired and that is currently falling asleep at work and at the wheel. NOT GOOD.

One that is so overtired right now that has contemplated building the George Costanza desk (remember that one?) I'm tempted to have one build so I can take a nap there.

So in my desperation I called the Mom...yeah, MY Mom...See how desperate I am?
She said to give him water with sugar and that should help but let him cry.
I really did not want to resort to this but I don't see what else I can do. He is well fed, bathe, rubbed with Lavender lotion, cuddle and all that every night. I did try to put cereal in the milk but it only make him right now, letting him cry seems like my only option.

If you know a better way, or heard you great-great-Grandma said something that works I'm begging you to share.

Oh, and my day just gets better. we all take turns to buy coffee at work (collecting did not work) so usually whoever is drinking it, if is gone, will bring more. This lady that thinks I don't know what she is doing, she is trying to pull the oh-was-it-my-turn-and-i-forgot-i-get-it next-time-if-there-is-not-a-shoe-sale-at-Macy's...yeah, you guessed this week was her turn again and she can't buy it. Not till Friday...So after no sleep, also no coffee at work. Can you tell I'm a freaking ray of sunshine today?

Thats not good. REAAAALLLY not good for me. She better watch it when someone elses brings it in....I may put some eye drops on hers. Or Ex-lax. Or both.

So help me out here, give me some kind of advise...otherwise I'm ready to pull my hair out, and I reeeeally like my hair.

Over & Out.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Nasty...sing it Miss Jackson

C'mom sing it Janet! can you tell I have something loose in my head? .We are fortunate enough that nothing out of the ordinary happened to us this week. Certainly don't want to repeat November- yikes!

Unless you count our Little one doing single steps from the table to the couch, and me seeing him for the first time drag around his cars to be considered news…I wuw him.

Lately it seems like a lot of people are writing about mean, nasty emails/comments going on the net and blogland. I read NieNie… after I found out about her and her story I've read as far back to the beginning of her blog. I was so compelled by her family, her kids, the love she and her husband share. Then today she posted about “Letter to e-mail” about this "lady" that keeps sending her mean emails.


Is THIS what the world has become? We feel superior to judge other people’s actions? I cannot believe for the life of me that someone will have the “COJONES” (sorry, word to describe male genitalia that comes in a sack) to write her a mean email. To her? really? have you read her blog at all? Someone gets bugged by her going to the salon to do her hair or by the fact that she painted her toe nails? Seriously?

Uhm…I think she was too nice in her response. I would have told that person to get a life. She has every right to do as she wishes for pete's sake. And questioning her donations? what she wants to do with her donations is her and HER FAMILY business. UGH- people can be so spiteful.

I’ve seen my share of nastiness out there on the net. All you need to do is go to HGTV’s Rate my Space to see the comments there-Oy!...half the people out there aparetnly need to be medicated- OUCH! People are really miserable these days to take the time to be so mean to one another just because you are hiding behind a computer monitor.

Do I like every post-idea-room-decor-project I see out there? Nope. Do I laugh at some of them? Yeap! but that does not give me the right to put that person down. There are too many colors in the rainbow and diversity IS the spice of life.

And here I was saying to the oldest kid "be yourself no matter what, be true to yourself, because there is always going to be someone thats not going to like you because of your race/religion/if you are short/tall/skinny or fat, etc". Now I have to be concern about people being bullied for expresing themselves?

Even I, being mouthy and a little on the loopy side, think this is shameful. I am sarcastic and can say the darnest things (mostly of the inappropriate kind) but cannot come to terms of just being mean because I don’t like the way you live, or I don’t approve of your d├ęcor, or because you like to use silly words. This post from Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick had me rolling.

I wonder if this is just ignorance…

I guess I’m very lucky that I only have a few readers (Did you notice I got one more? woooo hooooo almost 10 baby- I can feel it!) and the fact that I would seriously put people in their place. Or maybe not…maybe I just let them be miserable human beings that thrive by making other people feel bad. Yeah, I can imagine how good YOUR life is if you have the time to be so petty.

I've determined long while ago to erase from my life negative people. I can certainly enjoy a healthy banter but when you are mean, spiteful, ungrateful, jealous and all over crazy (yeah-I’m looking at you-dead-ex-relative-that-should-remain-nameless) I can move on quite easily.

So there you go. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. Now I'll go do my nails to get some lost soul pissed at me!

Over & out

Monday, April 12, 2010

I’m a Genius!

Ok, so I’m wonderful and funny and bad with money and all that, but I bet you didn’t know I was a genius. Go ahead…call the Presidency…they would wanna hear this.

I’ve discovered why America is so overweight, why we are seriously obese!
Go ahead…call your peeps…I’ll wait.
(gameshow music playing….then record scratch..)

So you all know about my false pretense on getting healthier *cough*
I mean my attempt on being healthier. So off we went shopping yesterday and I have my trusty little list so I can keep to what we really need, and the coupon’s and all that.

I was already determine to make a homemade fruit salad since the hubs loves it and I can pack that for him to take to work. That way he wont have the excuse that he didn’t have time for a break ‘cause he can eat that at his desk. Also cause I’m trying to introduce the little guy to more foods.

I started doing the shopping while the Hubs went next door to get his hair cut and right there, in the fruit and vegetable item it hit me like a ton of bricks where falling over my head. HOLY CANOLI - BEING HEALTHY IS SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE!

I kid you not, how can I have my daily intake of fruits when they are so darn expensive?
OMG, no wonder why we are so overweight. EVERYTHING that was on sale was really the bad stuff for you: Cookies, Ice cream (2 for$5, now-why can they do that with chicken tenders, huh?), the white bread, Coke ($0.69) etc. Everything that we are supposed to avoid is what’s on sale OK, I’m lying. The cabbage & Yogurt were on sale too. There.

The eggs…I almost peed my pants laughing. Regular eggs cost a third of free range eggs.
A third people! So how on earth they want me to purchase those when I'm on a budget? How the heck is America supposed to do better? If you have $5 for lunch you can go to Taco Bell, get a $0.89 loaded burrito, a side of nachos and a coke and have money left over. Can’t say that I can do that at the deli for a healthy turkey sandwich or a salad. Maybe.... Subways.

And have you been to WHOLE FOODS? That’s like someone that buys at Target going to Saks on Fifth…yeah, I get your stuff may be better but I would be out of a home if I could afford buying everything there…so…yeah, not happening.

Good meat, good fruits, healthy bread, all that comes with a price. People that are on a budget need to watch where their money is spent and it cannot always be on the healthy stuff. Yes, I can get water instead of soda, but if I want variation juices are not cheap (I’m talking about 100% juice). Back on the mother land most people make their own out of fruit, so Hubs thinks it would be a good idea to get a juicer…except is a $75+ investment…maybe we just stick with a blender.

No wonder people go to the Dollar menu place so often. I’m sure more people would eat better if it was more affordable. Yes, we do make bad choices and I think most of us have no idea what so ever in regards to portion size. If we ever do get the correct portion we complain is too small. But eating healthy is so much more costly.

I wish Panera would do a $1 tuna sandwich, or Wholefoods would have more sale items or coupons ( I don't know if they do now but they didn't when I use to shop there), but that's not going to happen. Another mystery to me besides the Pyramid of Giza is the cost of water bottles are so expensive when you go out (try a amusement park or Zoo if you don't believe me) and they do not come with a most people succumb to the soda 'cause they figure at least they can do refills.

I am on a quest to find good prices...I don't like Walmart for food, seems like they are not cheaper than my regular place... I also have to check Trader Joe's and see if they are any better... but maybe now that our Target is having a grocery built I can find some sales there.

So off I go, on my quest to be healthy and still afford the occasional shoe...lets see what happens.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Karma...gotta love it.

Dear ex-boyfriend,

For years and years I blamed you for everything that happened to me. I cursed your name for all the pain you’ve caused me. I couldn’t figure it out why you where so cruel to me when I loved you so very much, I took care of you when you were mentally unstable and guided you with every step of your therapy.

For years, I kept thinking what could I’ve done differently to keep you. To make you want me. I couldn’t figure it out what you meant when you said you loved me but where not in love with me. Why would you be so cruel after years together to call me on a Friday to tell me you where going to get married the very next day with someone you just met a few weeks prior?. If that was your idea of honesty you where seriously mistaken. I remember very vividly that day...I remember I couldn’t even cry. I was in shock.

For the life of me I couldn’t understand why after all that you didn’t leave me alone. You kept calling me, writing to me. I tried to avoid your calls and letters, I tried to be strong and be at peace but you wouldn’t let me…telling me how much you missed me and care for me and how I was the only person in the world who truly understood you. I couldn’t figure it out why you couldn’t just let me be.

As the years passed, you always had the bad timing of contacting me when I was ready to be happy and move on with my life. It was like you had a sensor saying “hey-She is about to be happy-go bother her and confuse her just one more time”. Why did you always saw the need to inform me of your latest conquest and how you where cheating on your wife with this and that girl because they reminded you so much of me? Who does that?

I remember the last time I spoke to you…it was years ago and I was telling you something important to me and of course, you had to brush it off and toss it aside and made a mockery out of it. I had enough. I finally had the courage to tell you off and cut you off.

And for years I wonder how I would feel if I ever saw you again…I didn’t know. I was angry at you, hurt...I heard stories about you, none good. I knew you divorced her and actually remarried her… and continue to cheat on her.

Then it happened. This little social network I belong suggested you as a friend…I said to myself that it couldn't be…I went ahead and checked your profile and you looked the same…then it dawn one me… you posted an old picture of you!. uhm...interesting...then I saw your current pictures. You look so different now. You look old and consumed and miserable. You have the face of a person that hasn't sleep well in ages.

You don’t even look like the shadow of the man you use to be. You are balding too, which is just life’s little joke on you ‘cause you where always so dammed proud of your hair.

The pictures with your family look forced, none of you are smiling…not even in one picture. You and her are not even touching and are at opposite sides. You look frail and sad.

And then I realize I don’t blame you anymore. I caused all that on me back then. I allowed you to use me and abuse me. I allowed you to hurt me and then I came back for more. I was the dumb one thinking you where a good person that was just misunderstood, a good soul with bad habits. I defended you when deep down I knew everyone was right about you.

I was the one to blame, not you. You didn’t make me do those things, I did them in hopes that one day you where going to wake up and realize I was always there for you. That I was your one true love. Stupid little girl.

Now days I am a happy woman. A loved woman. A woman overjoyed with silliness, happiness, craziness and living my happily ever after -not without its trials but blessed none the less- with a man that cannot be more perfect for me. A man that has showed me that love does not have to hurt, a man that has made me his number one priority. I too am so very different from that girl I used to be.

I wish I can say I’m sad for you and what you've become. I wish I can be one of those people that can say “I wish you all the best” but God knows that’s not me.

So for now I will be true to myself and do exactly what I want to do:

Make fun at the fact that you are going bald while pointing and laughing at your pictures saying “la la lalalala” I’m so happy you look so bad!

Over & Out

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You have such a pretty face

I know anyone that has been on the fatty side has heard this line at least once in their lifetime. For me, being fat is something currently new...well...11 years new.
When I moved to the States I was so sad and depressed being alone here without my son, having a bad boyfriend, etc, etc, etc that the only comfort I found was with food.

On the first year I went from 120lbs to 150lbs...30 lbs in one year people!.

I still remember going back home and having arrived as a surprise, when my Mom opened the door the first words out of her mouth were: "Oh my God, what happened to you?! you are so fat"...well...hello there mother!, nice to see you again too. oldest (then about 7 yrs old) didn't recognized me. It hurt so bad. Every where I went, people commented on my weight.

I wanted to tell everyone that I was still the same lunatic, with the same erroneous moral compass but with a little extra handles. Of course things didn't get better after that since, again, I dated a bunch of loosers and just didn't care anymore. Junk food, Xena and Hercules where my only friends on those early years.

Fast forward to the happily married, slightly OCD me in the present.

I finally decided to do something after I've been having dizzy spells and pain on my knees. Of course, test are being done, but I need to do better for me and my family. Stinking Doctor really got me with this line: "You have to think what kind of example you are giving/going to give your kids". *sigh* I know she is right. Portion control can do it

Currently I am 180ish lbs fully clothed (shut it-you know that matters!) and I've been trying to do better. I have a BIG sweet tooth that comes from my family. And my dear hubs...he is sweet, but he caves in when ever I want sweets/cake/candy/soda. The hubs also has a medical condition and needs to do better himself but he has no will power right now and a crazy workday. To top it off, I'm the one who cooks here so I'm the one to blame for keeping traditions and making tacos, quesadillas, Arroz con pollo, etc. (nope-I'm not Mexican-hehehe) and because of it, it's up to me to make sure we do better.

The funny thing is it seems that after talking to my Doctor the other day, everything in reference to diets is crossing my path. I was watching the news on the net and came across a video of Kelly Osbourne as a guest on Dr. Phil talking about obesity. She said people gave her more of a hard time for being fat than for being a drug addict. That's just so sad.

Then my favorite makeup guru Marlena @ Makeupgeek had a video posted on youtube about how she lost 67lbs in 10 months...and counting. I like how she incorporate each change in two weeks increments...that's pretty much what I'm doing.

I been drinking water instead of soda -especially since my Dr. told me not to bother with the diet products since they are pretty much worst than the real deal. In her words: "you are replacing one bad with a worst one". Yeap- sorry gals: diet soda IS worst than regular soda. Same for the rest. Oooooh day I'll see you again!

All these, to me makes more sense since my grandparents lived to be almost 90 and ate EVERYTHING regular. Granted, they never tasted McD's or junk food for the most part.

With that said, I just wish people would be more compassionate of others. On my last trip back home (which was 2 months after having the little guy) an old friend came to visit me and it went something like this:

Friend: I'm going to start a savings account!
me: uhm...'kay...

friend: yeah, I'm gonna save for your Lipo 'cause who saw you then and sees you now...WOW Patricia!

me: ...silence...crickets...crickets...

UGH- I wanted to say, "Okay- me too! I'll save so you can get your hair relaxed and get a weave!". People can be so rude and mean.
Moving on...

Enough of negativity. Focus on the real important thing here: ME/ My goal (which has to be realistic because my daily life is insane) is to walk 3 times a week - but I'm hoping to run soon. And to make changes 2 weeks at a time. S.L.O.W.L.Y so they are consistent and to learn that they are here to stay.

So here is to me...only better!!! *WINK* now, where did I put that Crystal light...uhm?

Over & out

Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm going to torture people with a Nail Clipper!

That's my favorite saying and people know me at work for this saying. Yes, I think it would be very creative to torture people with a nail clipper, if I do say so myself. So you would think people would know better then to cross me. I know this is sounding mean, but I can attest that "you like me, you truly like me" at work. They are like family...and as such there are some of them I would like to give a wedgie to.

I took off Good Friday for religious reasons (what?! I WAS raised Catholic!) and also because the daycare would be closed that day. Since the hubs makes more mula, it makes sense that I stayed with the little man. And I truly enjoyed it. I actually was trying to teach him the "Our Father" prayer...but it kind of backfire since he started clapping and doing the signs for twinkle twinkle...anyways.

So I came to work on Saturday and this is what I found on my desk:

Yeah, boxes, and boxes, and boxes and UPS things to be sent out 'cause gawd knows it wont function without me here. UGH.

So I dedicated myself to torture people at work by singing to them...and making fun of them...oh the joys of revenge! I told a coworker that he is as charming as a Serial Killer and he took it very well.

And today someone else really upset me. They guy is younger than me (so about 30ish) and he owns his own company, several houses and buildings, etc. and makes a load shit of money (excuse my language) and he is always complaining about it. His latest debacle is that he owes the IRS a little over 2 Million buckaroos. Now I know that would seem like a ton but he has said himself this can be paid in a year or so (that's how much he makes that he is able to do that) but still complaints because he has a lot of bills. I tell him is just money and that it will all work out, but he keeps complaining that I don't know how bad it is. I say is okay, as long as your family is well and healthy.

So I asked him if his kids have food today and a home to go to. He said yes. I told him he is ahead of the curve because they are people out there that today they do not have anything to give their kids, and some people don't have a home to come to.

His answer was "that only happens to people that don't work". OKAY. BREATHE PATRICIA, BREATHE. I wanted to slap him. He has money to pay his bills and feed his family and eventually pay his debt so I don't think that is much to complaint about. When you are on a verge of tears because you have no freaking idea how you are going to buy milk for your kid or pay the bills, or medical things, THEN you can complaint. When you received a letter that your house is going to be taken over, or your boss calls you in his office to tell you they are letting you go...then complain. When you know your kid is sick and you have no way of helping him, then complaint.

I know a girl that is currently in a shelter because she has no home and has been working non stop for 7 years. THATS NOT FAIR. Even I was in a predicament where we had to stay 3 months in my sister's basement. I HATE that there are people like him, judging others thinking that a homeless person is just lazy.

Yes, there are some lazy people out there, but there are people with bad fortune. Anyone saw Oprah when she brought this newscaster that was making millions and he was laid off his job and basically started working as a Vet Assistant making a lot less? That's not his fault.

Even here on blogland I read constantly about all these people who are not working, trying to make end meets and sacrificing a lot. Good, honest, hardworking people. Yes- some of us are bad with money (me!) but that's so ignorant to say.

I guess is true what they say- the more you have the more you want. And money cannot buy compasion or knowledge or hapiness. I want to be comfortable and not worry about bills; but I also want to know everyday that is just money...and it comes and goes.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Oy with the poodles already

So I spent my Wednesday afternoon talking to my OBGYN- also code word for most embarrassing medical appointment for a female. I was, laying in this comfy place *cough*, cover by a paper towel waiting for my Doctor.I have to say she is indeed very nice, and I think as a female she is trying her hardest to make this quick and comfortable as possible. Bless her. There is nothing comforting about having to show your Vajaijai to a stranger and wondering what they are thinking. All the while thinking to yourself : "I know I shaved but it doesn't look like a landing strip or a triangle...more like Dali did some of his impressionism art there."

So this time she spent a good chunk just talking to me and telling me what I already knew: I need to loose weight. I gain all the weight I lost with the pregnancy (YES- you read correct: I lost weight by being sick my.entire.pregnancy). And now I'm having dizzy spells and knee pain so she is doing some testing to make sure is not my thyroid or something like that.

She made a lot of suggestions such as more water, less soda, less frapuccinos full of sugars, measuring what you eat portion control. Also said to try to exercise during the weekend since my schedule is crazy. She said to make it a goal to exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes. But I think what got me the most was when she mention about kids obesity and what example we are giving our kids. She is right, so I'm going to make an effort to do what she said. Loose those pounds slowly and be on my goal weight in a year... I know I can do it.

Good bye cruel world!

Over & out