Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Of love and other demons (Del Amor y otros demonios)

I'm taking the title from the great Gabriel Garcia Marquez and one of his terrific books.
I'm alive. I think I'm well, or at least much better...except for the sleep. Haven't slept well in weeks. I'm averaging about 4 hours if I'm lucky...last night was a little better.

My breaking point came in the form of me breaking down in front of my desk, crying...sobbing...while my adolescent son came and hug me and told me everything was going to be ok. He also asked me to go wash my face because his shirt was now full of buggers and drool. I'm so hot & sexy.

It was just one of those weeks in which everything fails, everything was going wrong, family members with health issues, then our own money issues. Don't get me wrong, I am a fighter and if I wrote here some of the things I've survived a) you probably wont believe me or b) would have someone make me an offer to write a book.

I am well aware that just by the mere fact that we have a place to call home we are so very lucky. And as I drove by a bus stop and saw this poor woman freezing in the cold I was thankful to have a way of going around town with my kiddos. I know I have more than some, that was not the issue. I was f*ing feed up with not getting a break. We try and try so hard and it seems like there's always something. I know we all been there.

I couldn't sleep and then I couldn't get out of bed. I mean I would get up, take the hubs to the train station, make the little guy breakfast and climb back in bed. But there where some days that my hubs and oldest kid had to take care of I lay in bed. Was I depressed? maybe. I just needed to be, and cry, and get it out and collect my bearings so I could move on.

Some things have finally clear up and that's great. But all this left me with a feeling that I needed to clear up my life. I wanted to delete this blog and my FB account. But then I communicate with our family that is far away thru these means so instead I left FB for family only and cleared the majority of the blogs I followed- I'm down to 30...maybe I would cut down even more.

I know we each have to do what is best for us, so when I found myself being jealous and feeling like a pathetic looser because I couldn't paint my house, redecorate, have crafts and projects or have this terrific new pillow, vase, etc I knew it was time for change. I needed to read only blogs that make me feel good and happy. Blogs of people who sometimes struggle like me or one's that I felt where really sincere (AND YES Short & Chic is very important to me because she talks about nail polish and THAT is something I can afford. SOOOOO There.)

I'm still trying to get some more sleep, trying to relax more and think less. Not to worry about anything that is not completely necessary, be thankful that we ended this year WAY better than we start it, but over all I have to say I am thankful that I got help. I highly recommend my two therapists:

Ben & Jerry :)

Over & out

Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's my party, and I cry if I want to

I'll be back next week...I decided to have a nervous breakdown this week.
Don't worry, nothing good chocolate and a bad movie can't cure

Over & out

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mommy Dearest part II

here is the proof that the Mom-ster hates me:

a clown? seriously? and Karina as a Holland Maiden?
oh mother!

Over & out

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Tale of the Body thieve (aka flu)

Yes, I'm alive. I survived an encounter with the flu even though I didn't get the vaccine. Thankfully between the hubs and the oldest they took care of me and the little guy. One day I woke up and my oldest vacuumed the entire place, cleaned his room, had feed the little one and cleared the dishes. I think I should get sick more often.

I have, however, been doing some retail therapy without actually shopping...kind of window shopping over the net. Wanna see? First off this beautiful hand bag from handbag Heaven (what a lovely name, isn't?) $43.16

These are from payless:

Above $45 and below Christian Siriano $49.99 (a little pricey for Payless but I still love them)

And this gorgeous boots from Miz Mooz! ahhh, I swear I wish I had a closet full of boots...although these are $ day.

I did find the covete nail polish grey area from the previous post. Got it at Ulta along with this fellow:

It's called Cuckoo for this color. Thankfully I had $9 worth of points with ULTA so he came home with me for free :) awwwwww nail polish makes me happy. Not like job hunting, that stresses me to no end, specially because I got no call backs. Lets see what happens.

Off to make dinner.

Over & out

Monday, December 6, 2010

Friend Making Monday's by All the Weigh

The lovely Kenz @ All the Weigh has another Friend Making Monday question: What are you excited about this month of December?
For me this is quite easy, last year at this time we where homeless...and not the we are going to loose our home and have to sell, but more like we-are-gonna-have-to-sleep-in-the-car kind of deal. It was hard and awful. Probably one of our lowest points. I wanted so bad to have a place again, to decorate and have a tree for the kids.

So this year I was so happy that we where blessed with a place to call home. My number one was:
Putting out the Christmas tree and decorations

N0.2 seeing everyone in NYC for Christmas. They are a fun bunch and usually they have a way of lifting my does help I have a great Sister in law.

What where/are you looking forward to?

Over & out

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Loving the pretty things

This post was going to have a very different tittle...something to the effect that people anger me. No, I'm not a hater of any sorts but lately unappreciated people make me really angry...or maybe is sad...sad that they do not see what they have an do not appreciate it.

A very popular blogger posted about being minimalist and how Christmas decor was annoying her. She has every right to feel that way, but I saw so many people agreeing with her. Does EVERYONE out there feels is no longer needed to decorate for Christmas? if that's the case, that is very sad to me. It kind of makes me feel like when I watch HGTV House Hunters: the house is perfect but they don't like it because it has a pink bedroom...really? ever heard of a paint brush?

I remember the blog "Rue's Peanutbutter & Jelly" and how she no longer blogs publicly. It felt there was a competition, all the houses looking almost the same. It didn't feel like anyone was putting any though but rather following along the "big" bloggers. How she felt out of place because her dinning room was red and not the trendy all white. I do love the inspiration but we are not all going to be the same.

I was fortunate to grow up in a upper middle class, all 6 kids going to private schools and universities, having maids, building a new home out of pocket (by my Father) but life has thrown me a few curves; big ones actually. I DO know the most important thing is to have my family with me and their love and health, but believe me...being homeless gives you a new perspective on things.

Last year I wanted so bad to have my Christmas tree up, have my own kitchen, my own towels, my own bed. I though of all my little nick nacks and how I wanted them. We did give and throw away a bunch of stuff, and every season I donate the things we no longer use...I get that.
What I don't get is being bother by the pretty Christmas lights, the ornaments, the feeling of the Holiday these things brings.

Is not all, but it helps...because if you see yourself without them one day, trust me, you will dream of having them again. Getting off my soapbox again, I better switch gears. Lets talk about lovely things, shall we?

Right now I'm loving my new Christmas CD by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.I want one of these too. 32 shadows, blush and bronzer, 8 lip colors and 5 eyeliners. Come to mama. (Tarte Jewelry Box)and tomorrow after my lovely encounter with the unemployment office I will be on the hunt for this: (Pic from Short & Chic)

because I want to change the one I'm currently wearing...China Glaze Wagon Trail (dark greenish)

so that is it. Let me go watch Family guy :)

Over & Out

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You don't know what you had until it's gone...

GW Bridge...leaving NYC

...and then you realize how lucky you are that that's out of your life. I don't want to sound ungrateful but my previous job SUCK A$$ big time. I don't mean to say that it was all bad but in retrospective it was not that great.

Only after spending Thanksgiving with my family, not worrying about Monday and the work load that I was going to have for missing 2 days of work (they only close on the actual Holiday) that I was so relieve and happy and joyful. I don't want my kids to remember me for missing out on Holidays just because of work; they mean to me so much more than a paycheck.

We spent our Thanksgiving in NYC with the Hubs family, I don't have many pictures since I allowed myself to just BE in the moment and had someone else worry about the photos. I enjoy the most delicious Turkey EVER. My MIL rocks! and I don't even like turkey, that's how good it was. We did have a chance to stop by Times Square, but again no pictures. This was the first time we took the little guy with us, so I asked the big guy to take pics if he wanted to, he choose to drink his Caramel Machiatto in peace. Good choice.

After our walk looking at the pretty lights, some folks decided to go to the toy store, we choose to head home. While riding the train I remember my parents going on Christmas eve to the toy store to get our gifts. When we where old enough and found the deal with Santa we got to go with them and pick our own gifts. Believe me, it was so much fun for us.

That brought me to think what I want my kids to remember about these times. I want Alain to remember me on the floor trying to remove my boots after our NYC walk, him trying to help pulling them off and instead dragging me thru the floor...while I'm hysterically laughing and screaming I'm gonna pee my pants -and I did.

Aiden and his cousin Gabriel

I want them to remember the smell of baked cookies in the afternoon, on a rainy day like today. I want them to see a mother that takes pride and joy on taking care of her home and her family. Last night I was putting up a Christmas plate on the wall above my sink, my oldest said how pretty and festive the house looked. This is why we do what we they can look back and remember these moments. It feels so good to have a place to decorate this, so good.

Hope you had a terrific time with your families. Remember that THEY are the most important part of the Holidays.

Over & out

Monday, November 22, 2010

Friend Makin' Mondays: Thanksgiving Dinner

I'm linking up (my first link EVER) to the fabulous Kenz @ All The Weigh
so here it goes: What is your favorite Thanksgiving Dish?

Being that I come from a country where Thanksgiving is not celebrated, this tradition is new to me (not the Hubs who was born and raised in NYC). We usually go to a relatives house, this year is my MIL.

Turkey is serve but since I had food poisoning from it once I try to stay away from it.
My favorite dishes that I.CANNOT.WAIT to have are : Traditional Roasted Pork and potato salad. I know, out of the ordinary, huh?

what about you?

Over & out

Sunday, November 21, 2010

There goes my life

If you are a little bit country you may recognized those words from Mr. Kenny Chesney. I've been feeling a little bit country. Wanting more family time, wanting to do more baking (even if it's semi-home made), feeling that we all have to go back to beginning.

My beginning was pretty much the Lyrics of song:

All he could think about was I'm too young for this.
Got my whole life ahead.

Hell I'm just a kid myself. How'm I gonna raise one.
All he could see were his dreams goin' up in smoke.

So much for ditchin' this town and hangin' out on the coast.

Oh well, those plans are long gone.

And he
said, There goes my life.
There goes my future, my everything.

Might as well kiss it all good-bye.
There goes my life.......

A couple years of up all night and a few thousand diapers later.

That mistake he thought he made covers up the refrigerator.

Oh yeah..........he loves that little girl.

Only in my case it was a little boy :)

A little boy that I missed so much when I left the homeland to come here, looking for a different life, a new beginning, and mostly running away from the Mom-ster. He was almost 7 when I came here and he just finally came to be with me...he is 18. He has all the characteristics of an 18 yr old thinking he knows it all, but he also has the maturity of someone who grown up so fast. He and I take alone drives often, I figure he can jump out of the car when I start asking awkward questions. The other day he was the one asking me questions. He look at me and he said "it hurts you that you missed so much of my life doesn't it?" and I reply with teary eyes that it does. He said to me " don't worry ma', it was for the best and I'm here now. I had a good childhood, and a great education, I love Dad (my dad-he also calls him Dad) and I got time with him".

When did he get so smart? I love that boy. Even if he doesn't put the dishes away some times or doesn't like making his bed. I love him even thought he has 23 Frapuccino bottles on top of his dresser (he washes them though) who knows for what.

Now more than ever I don't want to miss Aiden's life either. I want to enjoy both my kids, see them grow, watch as Aiden learns to sing, play hide and seek screaming "got'cha", see how Alain adapts to his college days, maybe meet a girl. I want to be there. I want to take it all in, after all they grow so fast. A few years back Alain was my little boy that needed to hold my hand, now he is off to college soon. Sometimes being home, making a home, baking and cooking, playing and singing, is where I need to be.

And like Kenny sings:
He smiles..... There goes my life. There goes my future, my everything. I love you, daddy good-night. There goes my life.

Over & out

Monday, November 15, 2010

How to Marry the {im}Perfect guy

The tittle got you, uh?
I know, I'm evil. Let me preface by saying that I love my Hubs more than anything, he is my best friend and the imperfect man...made just for me.

Lately I see so many friends, friends or friends, girls in the family, people you read about, etc. all looking for one thing: Love. When most people think that a career, money, materialistic things will bring you happiness when in reality is the other way around. The hubs and I met in our early 20's. Both not ready to commit, both going to college so we drifted apart. He went his way, dating, even getting engaged. I did the same.

I got to blame Disney and every other romantic comedy for the frustration of many women, me included. You are thrown into the world thinking the "perfect guy" is around the corner. He is going to be tall, handsome, have a great job, say the right thing, do the right thing. He is going to be strong but sweet and he is going to sweep you off your feet.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. wrong answer.
You go out there in the dating world looking for perfection when you are not perfect yourself. So many times I see women passing nice guys because they where not the ideal man. I dated a WHOLE bunch of losers thinking they where the right match. The perfect package doesn't exist. If that was true why is Jennifer Aniston single? or Holy Berry? These are beautiful, amazing, successful women that have everything going on for them. Or so you would think.

I dated quite a lot (unfortunately) but that made me ready to receive the love of an honest man that adores me. Here are my list of things to NOT look for:

OK hear me out. I think my hubs is a hunk- not Brad Pitt, but then again I don't like Brad Pitt. What I mean don't let a good guy go because he has a slightly crooked smile, a little over weight, has the most gawd awful collection of shirts. All those things can get improved. A bad personality can't.

2. Money.
We all want stability but in this time an age aim for hardworking. No one likes a lazy bum but also I don't want a guy that prefers to have dinner in the office and comes home when the kids are already asleep. I've dated guys with money and believe me, they can be so cheap (like not paying for my movie ticket and popcorn-cheap). A hardworking man is willing to work for his family and be there for you. If he has an amazing job all the better but don't dismissed a blue collar guy.

3. Perfection.
You are not perfect (I am though-lets get that clear *wink*) so don't expect him to be. There is different levels and only you know what things are important to you and what things you can let go off. For me being an OCD neat freak sometimes is hard to get that my family is not, but I can live with that. Hubs doesn't cook AT ALL, but he will clean the kitchen for me.
See what kinds of things you can live with (his pet rock collection) or which one's you can't (if he is a smoker, drinker, gambler,etc)

Try most of all to find someone you can talk to, beauty will fade with time; look for someone that can make even the worst times better. Someone who is willing to take care of you when you are sick. Once I dated someone who will leave me in my house and go out, not caring at all how I felt because "they didn't want to get sick" with my germs. The hubs cleaned after me for 40 weeks while I was pregnant, and let me tell you there is nothing nastier than cleaning vomit.

When the hubs and I reconnected again we both where different, both physically and emotionally. We grown to be better individuals willing to commit to an honest person. We learn the Shakira look a like may be pretty but may not have anything worthy to say. I learn that no matter how charming a guy can pretend to be, he can have some serious issues.

And here is a hint: people don't change, you can make them change. If he doesn't want commitment or kids don't go out there saying "Oh- you'll see, he will change" because chances are he wont. I am not saying you should settle or lower your standards, but to look pass the surface and realize perfection does not exist.

Who cares if he puts the toilet paper under-even though everyone KNOWS is over. If he leaves his shorts on the floor is ok, that he snores like a big grizzly bear, or that he parks a little crooked, that he makes a mess of water over the sink or that he doesn't know how to cook (or make coffee for that matter).

He is the guy that takes care of me, that brings me Hershey's cookies & cream because he knows I need it, the guy that bathes his baby and changes even the dirtiest diaper. A guy that listens to my girly talks about makeup and nails and pretends to get exited when I do over a nail polish, a guy who knows who my favorite author is and will spent an entire Sunday in bed with me watching Monk.

My guy is imperfect. And he was PERFECTLY made for me!

Over & out

Saturday, November 13, 2010

10 things I'm loving

There is so much that you learn and appreciated once you star focusing on you and your life instead of worrying about work and meeting deadlines. On this beautiful day, I do not miss working at all. Actually financial reasons why I will go back to the rat race. UGH.

These are a few things I'm loving lately (in no particular order):

10. Aiden has learn to give me over exaggerated kisses making MUAAAAA noises and wetting lips with tons of saliva...but I still love it.

9. all four of us dancing in the kitchen doing the Yo Gabba Gabba "wiggle, wiggle...hold still" moves

8. I had my very first Heath bar! why no one told me about this piece of heaven before?

7. Making new dishes like Chicken roll and old traditional ones (like this Sweet Plantain dish from the homeland)

6. and while we're at it my Tassimo Coffee maker (above)- fresh coffee all the time? Yes, thank you! Aiden Popsicles and laughing at how much he enjoys them (even though he stoled mine-that's why he has 2)

4. soaps from Fortune Cookie Soaps, they are so cute and smell fantastic! ( I'm using Boogeyman)3. China Glaze Holiday Nail polishes for a fraction of the cost (thanks loving Naughty and nice (dark purple) and Little drummer Boy (intense blue). I believe there are 12 colors total.

2. Great Customer Service @ Zappos! after getting my Hunter's boots and the welly socks for my Bday I realized the cream wellies made me look like all I needed was a red jacket to be working for Santa...not the look I was going for.

When I called them for an exchange they overnighted my charcoal one's even before I sent the cream one's!!! and you have one year to make returns, THEY ROCK!

1. conversations like this with Alain (oldest):
driving and listening to "Clocks" by Coldplay

me: when I hear this song it makes me day dream that I'm in a huge field, riding a horse,

A: whyyyyy?
me: I don't know, I have a wild imagination.

A: you are weird
me: I'll take that as a compliment


Over and Out

Monday, November 8, 2010

Turns out I have morals- geez...thanks Ma'

I always thought of my self as a very open minded individual. I'm pro-choice, I have no problems with gays, I think as long as you don't hurt anyone you should do what you want with your life (except drugs, I am completely against them).

But turns out I have some morals in me from being raised Catholic. Lock the doors, hide the children, hell has frozen over. I am much in agreement with Chris Rock when he said no intelligent person is just one thing. Some things you are liberal, others you are more conservative. You can't be that closed minded not to hear the other side arguments.

So today, while we where driving, the hubs, big kid and I got into a discussion in regards to the news about gay people protesting the Pope in Spain. They decided it would be "cool" to wait for the Pope-mobile to pass by and then they start making out/kissing in front of him.

I sincerely think it was an act of disrespect and does not prove their point at all. So what? you making out in front of the Pope is going to make him say :"those two looked cute, maybe I should reconsider". He is the Pope, he is the head of the Catholic Church and therefore he WILL NEVER agree with Gay marriage. Neither will any other old fashion religion (Jewish, Protestant, Mormon, etc). Deal with it.

They already got the right to get married, the Pope has the right to his opinion and I feel that they tried to imposed their believes with those actions. They have the right to disagree.

I'm ok with Gay marriages, I had more than a few Gay friends but I do not agree with any Public display in front of a religious leader (whether you are are gay or straight). I am raising my kids to have a believe that there is something bigger than them, that God does exist. I am not a religions person but my faith to God is there. And yes I am pro-choice and in favor of the gays, etc. but I will not make out in front of The Pope, a priest, a monk, or the Dalai Lama. There are things that I think SHOULD not be done. There should be some boundaries.

I think we should go back to learn to respect elders and Religious leaders, we need to go back to praying in school (and hecks if you don't agree your kid does not have to participate) We have to learn to respect our Teachers, people of authority and not hide behind the curtain of freedom so we can insult people that don't agree with us. We have the right to disagree and your rights end where mine begin.

OK, I'm stepping down my soap box.

Over and Out

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Discrepancy of life and changes

I think this may be a long post-again.
You know what is wrong with America? I'll tell you. We worship money. We put ourselves, our families and our religions last. We don't give family the value it should have. And you know what happens after? After you work for almost 4 years, transfer to a new location, get a new schedule, neglect family time, go to work even when you are sick because you want to be responsible, do what they ask of you and then more. And you know what happens at the end?
They let you go AND to put the cherry on the top have the cojones (excuse my french) to not want to pay your unemployment.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Now that I got that out of the way I feel much better. But don't you fear, Aquaman is near! I am a fighter and that's exactly what I'll do. Fair is fair.

Anyway, our plans for Halloween drastically change. We where supposed to hang with the hubs family for a reunion-Halloween bash-birthday party. Due to our current situation we opted for staying home. We had fun. We took the little Monster trick or treating, I watched the first two "Omen" movies with the big kiddo.

I've been also cooking a lot. I made Lasagna, a Taco Dip and a Chicken ring. Yumm, Yumm, and Yumm. I feel like Betty Crocker...and tomorrow is Quesadillas! :) who would have thought of me being so keen with the kitchen. I am more relax now days, feeling that maybe...just maybe my place may be right here, at home.

Another new thing going on I decided to have a little bit of a look change. This is me in the before...

Reeeeeally long-Pocahontas-like hair (bad lighting, I know)

Not terrible, but basically long and straight. It has been like that for a few years. About 3 years ago I cut it all up to donated it and then just grew it again. I didn't enjoy the short look since my hair needs help getting volume. This time I opted to cut 2 inches and have side bangs. This is the After:

Much better!
And the best part? it cost me about $20 plus tip :) and that's including the price of my new red hair dye. Ahhhh. I love mini makeovers. Now I try everyday to do some makeup looks so I can still feel human and feminine. Gotta love getting all done up to play in the playground.

Here is to all SAHM. To take a few moments for you, get a mani-pedi and feel pretty.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm a Palm tree

I read somewhere on the net this week that spoke to me. Don't ask me where because I suffer from mom-nesia. I googled it and I gather that it was perhaps an analogy that was taken from a message from Joel Osteen:

Not a direct quote-The Oak, being a strong tree is not meant to withhold a storm.
A palm Tree can handle hurricane force winds by bending in the wind and when it is bending it's roots get stronger so when the storm is over it is stronger than when the storm began. When the storm is over the palm tree stands upright stronger than ever ready for the next storm...

I've discovered that I am indeed a palm tree, how is that for a meant to be since the homeland is full of them? :)

I have seen some storms that I wish you don't, and yet victorious I stand. I am not defeated, instead, I stay strong each time to become who I was meant to be. Every time I have a new obstacle I remember the last one, that one that you often wonder how the heck you are going to get out off (helluuu-pregnant at 16 anyone?) and I tell myself: you SO can do this. You can cry, you can be sad, mad, upset, angry and hurt but YOU WILL go forward. ALWAYS.

It helps a great deal to have someone by you that gets this too. We are palm trees. I see my life now and I wonder "what's next" and it comes down to that it really does not matter. It will be what I should be. I'll try harder. I'll have faith. I'll try not to make mistakes, but heck- I only look perfect...I'm human. (I kid- the human part of course).

above- Me dancing on my Bday celebration (aka same day I was layoff, and yes, that was a fried cheesecake)
Right now, somehow, we are making it. I have to say it feels reeeeeeally good to be home. To play with the little guy and have long conversations with the big guy. I have to laugh because right now my oldest is playing in his computer "Don't stop believing" by coincidence :) I sure hope HE never stops.

Today was so beautiful for me and I did so many mundane things, like clean the fridge. I am so proud of it I should take a picture. We had the maintenance people come and service the heat/air and check the fire alarms. The little guy was like "uhmmmm hiiiiiiiiii" so adorable, and then started mumbling in his own language if they could please rescue him from this insane asylum. Then he forgot about them and tackle the cat.

I'm rambling. Carry on.
ahhhh, I love fall. I truly do. (even though the last 2 fall seasons have been awful to us). This one...well not so bad if you ignore that I was layoff. I'm starting to BELIEVE they did me a favor. Family should always go first. I am happy today. Happy to be home. To make a home. To make home made burgers for dinner. Happy to have implemented a two week meal plan. Happy that I can go food shopping tomorrow with no worries, then take the little one to play. I'm Happy and it feels good :)

How about you?
Over & out

P.S- does anyone else is waiting for the last minute to get Halloween costumes? I think I'll go as Snooky!
(first pic from the homeland, 2 photos before last by Daniel E.)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Don't hate me... " I don't hate you, I can't hate the Pathetic"

You know when you go on vacation and the time flies and all of the sudden the week is over and you wonder where the time went? well, that's me these days. Ah, you missed me didn't you?

Everyday is spent with family, handling a little one, that sometimes does not want to leave my sight. It has been both a joy and a big stress having the little guy full time. I feel bad for him because at least in daycare he had other kids to play with; I'm trying to take him out to play and do stuff with him. He loves going out.I still miss going to work, not the actual work but the getting dressed, putting makeup on, going out to lunch, etc. So I've been trying to do some of that too, although I have to admit my sweatpants have become my BFF. I finally got a chance to do a movie date with the Big kid. We watched this: So good...and the story of my life
and also this:

Anyone trying to meet people online should see this movie. I found it good but sad...
I've also had a True Blood Marathon when I found out the save feature on the cable was going to expire. I watched 19 episodes (12 from Season II, 7 from season III) in less than 24 hrs. Yeah baby. By the way, I'm not a huge find of the Series since I'm more of a classic Vampire kind of gal; but hecks- is Vampires none the less.

Also we did some of this:

Life has been full, not without its challenges (why does unemployment takes so long and yet they already sent me a letter about taxes?) Other than that I've been finally tackling the scrapbooks again and I feel creative and active.

So what are you up to?

Over & out

Friday, October 8, 2010

Take me down to the Paradise City

Not for nothing but who would have though that not having a "job" would be such a hard work! :)
Uff, I've been busy doing nothing. Nothing because I feel as if each day I barely accomplish what I wanted to do.

You know what happens when a woman used to being a work is left home to her own devices? She eats almost an entire batch of sugar cookies. Yeap. So much for being healthier. I have not been meeting my daily water intake. But I will. I will get back to doing more good things for me. I promise to follow my new healthy habits and to do better. By the way I had only 1 cup of soda in 2 weeks and it was only because we had pizza night and seriously...juice/water does not go with pizza.

These days have been spent on pillow fights, chasing a little monster that continuously turns off the TV an run away laughing, baking, cooking, organizing and decrapificating the house. What I do now is take each day a few drawers and clean them up...then move to closets. My Sis says when I'm done I can do her house. Oh the Joy's of being OCD!

We finally went to IKEA and got a matt pad since I refused to use our new bed without it (all the mother's out there with little one's know what I mean: vomit, pee, juice, etc.)
*Warning-this is not a decoration blog and the rooms are still in progress*

So we moved our Queen bed to oldest room.

Move new King bed to our room, hang curtain rod and curtain.

Organized scrapbook/craft closet.
I had 3 plastic drawers filled with all my craft stuff, I clean that up, gave a hue bag to the little guy's former daycare and I purchase these fabric baskets from Target (They where on sale for $2.50 ea but they didn't have matching one's left) they do the job.

Hopefully now I will get things in order so I can have at least one hour a day for my crafts, but the little one has not been napping long lately.

So off I go to chase him again since he just pluck the stem out of a fake pumpkin. My life is filled with Olivia's cartoons and jokes of silly porno! (what?! I have a teenager remember?)

Now Pasta or Shrimp for dinner?

Over & out