Saturday, July 25, 2009

Being creative and frugal

So I've been following a lot of creative ladies on the blogger universe and I feel like I really need to step up to the plate and be as creative and frugal as they are. I mean, if they can why can't I?Maybe we've been leaving above our means (I don't know how since everything goes to bills). I was so disappointed with this country system when I went on maternity leave. I mean, seriously ~ I've come from a 3rd world country that has a better Maternity leave than here (3 months FULL pay). It was such a hassle to get a straight answer only to go on leave and be left with only 5 weeks/60%-of-my-check-deal. (OH, and did I mention that I have insurance and STILL had to paid to the Dr. $400 that the ins. didn't cover, plus $500 to the Hospital and... (BRACE YOURSELVES)... $900+ for the anesthesiologist!!!!! HAHAHA what a joke. But enough of this rant, going back to the original post: I mean I see these women really well dressed and with pretty nice homes..all from yard sales and Goodwill??? I CANT BELIEVE THIS! So dear Sister and I are targeting the GW locale next week and see what we can accomplish. And in the middle of trying to figure out how to be more frugal (CVS here I come) I am starting the Scrapbook for the little guy. (did I mentioned that I have 3 other albums in progress?)

I did however get a chance to create this for my desk:

Sorry for the blurry pictures, this is not my usual camera. It cost me nothing since I had this frame stacked away forever (we are talking 5 yrs) I had paint left over from my Design School days and had the ribbon and the metal word also from different Scrapbook projects left overs.

BTW- I have the albums and MOST of my materials (1 walking closet full of it to be exact) from my days working in that industry, so 98% of my stuff was free :) I know, you hate me.

So without further ado, I'll be posting anything frugal that I come across...wish me luck.

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Karina said...

Not any more since you have people coming over this weekend, now we have to posspone it, who know until when.
BTW good job on the frame.