Sunday, October 7, 2012

On the streets of NYC

I am not even going to say sorry. I just had no time to write anything these days. The good things is that I have become a sort of expert on taking all kinds of public transportation in this HUGE city. I actually KNOW where I am going, all by my self (ok google helps me a tad before I go out) and have not gotten lost  :)
I am so happy.

The great news is that I am working again, even thought I miss being home with the kiddo, it is very flexible, I am actually a secret shopper and have to go to several stores during the day (the actual Co. pays me- not an agency) and I can make my schedule too. Yay. Yay for paychecks. Yay for getting store discounts. yay for getting paid to shop (no, I don't keep what I purchase).

The SAD  part is not having a camera right now for me to go around. I've been to Harlem, pass the Apollo Theater, sat today at Bryant Park @ 5th Avenue, walked around the fashion district.

This is where I was doing my work today, sitting here filling out forms. hard work, huh? Let me shut up now 'cause winter is coming and walking around in the cold is not my forte. ..ahhhh so many beautiful views and no camera to show you.

But don't despair, my good fellows at Nikon have an awesome new little camera that I think will do for what I want/need now.The Coolpix S01 3x.

It is tini tiny.

I love that I can put it in my pocket and not worry about it. Do I still want the 1J? yeap, but is not realistic right now, so I am going to be a good little girl and save up for this one instead. 

Now if only I can find a classy, comfortable, cross body handbag that does not make me look like I'm still in college, THAT would be golden.

Over & out.

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Jenn said...

So happy things are turning around for you!

I have the Nikon V1. As much as I love it, I also get frustrated with it. I'm on my second one because of some silly things it does. So maybe it's a good thing you don't have one now, you can wait til all the kinks are worked out of them!