Monday, February 18, 2013

Guess what? I'm alive

Happy Presidents day!

I am so glad I get an extra day to be home, Saturday we had family over and we didnt get to bed until after 3am! I made a dessert from the homeland and it was amazing (it's made out of red beans) and enjoyed some Valentine's themed movies.

I know It has been the norm for me not to write in this blog.Is not so much that I don't have time (which I do not have much)but more of what to write about. I wanted to write about living in NYC, what I see everyday and the new job and all, but it all seems so silly when my camera has died (not completely but is not worth it, focus is off, etc) so I can't really show you much.

I am planning on saving some $$ to get one rather soon but until then it seems boring to have post and no photos (and in case you didn't know I don't have a cell phone, in NYC,in these times, I get it, and no I don't have one).

(above is the area where I work, no..not Macy's, but across the street from it)

The things that I have learn so far:

1.New York men will pretend to fall asleep in the train so they don't seem like jackasses for not giving up their seats.(I am still young but so many times I have to give my seat to the elderly or pregnant ladies because these guys wont).

2.People will run you over in NYC. I don't walk fast and I don't rush or run to catch the train, there is always one behind. Apparently people don't know this because they will seriously push you out to get to one. Same thing walking downtown. I must look like a lost soul since I am always looking at the buildings and everything around me rather than rushing.

3. In case you think people are kidding EVERYTHING is more expensive here. Going to the market makes "me heart flutter". But you can find ANYTHING at ANY time.

4.Life can be good in NYC. Lots of family around, people visiting, gatherings. It has been good to us so far. (Both the Hubs and I have new jobs- he started today).

5.I am really not a health food fanatic. We have a chef at work that cooks healthy and balance meals (which makes me insane), and even though they have fruits and snacks for us by 3pm I am dying for a snickers bar. Some day I do hope to get used to it. Hecks, I am saving some major cash with their food since is free. Oh, Quinoa how I loathe you.

6. SHOPPING IS FUN! there is so much to see. So many places with cool unique things, plus is enjoyable just to window shop. I am downtown now and is so easy to pop to a store at lunch break.

7. There is always something to do around here.

8.Old buildings are gorgeous, unless you have plaster walls and old heating appliances, they are nuisance.

9.I am glad we came around to a place that has a lot more culture than before, there is a lot more Spanish people around us and I hope the little guy will pick more of it now.


I have to say change has been good so far, there are things that I miss a lot from our former home, but I also appreciate things that I have now and I am glad to be rid of some other things that I was holding on and where really not good for me.

So there you have it, that's all that I've been up to. Job is good and busy, for the most part everyone is super nice, except for one person that annoys the crap out of me but just because we have different personalities, not because we have any issues per say.

So off I go to finish cleaning the house, then off to lunch with the kiddo and then the market.

Over & out

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