Monday, February 25, 2013

The Wardrobe

After being without a job for 2 years I have found I pretty much do not have ANYTHING to wear to work. OK, I may have some basic pieces but the majority of my clothes are either stained or eaten (from being in  storage) or in serious need of replacement (I am looking at you grey pants). I also got rid of an insanity of clothing I have been keeping for God knows what.
Seriously, the dress from my cousin's wedding from 10 yrs ago (way fancy and long, and I would never be able to wear it any where else), things that did not fit properly, items that I got as gift that look horrible on me...etc. I believe the total count was 3 massive Black plastic bags (the one's use for the outdoors).

I still have a teeny tiny closet, but when I Google or look on pinterest for tiny closets they look like mansions compare to mine. Yeah, that tiny. But I am making it work.

First, I decided that what I have does not work for me. I spent way too much time and effort to put an item together, and more time's than not I am not happy with what I am wearing or what I look like. SO I bought this ebook (mentioned before)The No brainer wardrobe. and decided I need pieces that work together for work, but that I can also alter to work on weekends.

Then I found this amazeballs blog: Putting me together and it has change my world. I cannot wait to go home and work somethings together. She is so fab and I love that I can see 7 different outfits using one key piece, like this:
 She is amazing! Please go check her out.

I have started shopping for key pieces such as a white button shirt, a chambray shirt (Old Navy) so each paycheck I will get 1-2 pieces that can work with what I have. I cannot wait to try more of her tips.

My goal is to be all set up by Summer! wish me luck.

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