Friday, October 8, 2010

Take me down to the Paradise City

Not for nothing but who would have though that not having a "job" would be such a hard work! :)
Uff, I've been busy doing nothing. Nothing because I feel as if each day I barely accomplish what I wanted to do.

You know what happens when a woman used to being a work is left home to her own devices? She eats almost an entire batch of sugar cookies. Yeap. So much for being healthier. I have not been meeting my daily water intake. But I will. I will get back to doing more good things for me. I promise to follow my new healthy habits and to do better. By the way I had only 1 cup of soda in 2 weeks and it was only because we had pizza night and seriously...juice/water does not go with pizza.

These days have been spent on pillow fights, chasing a little monster that continuously turns off the TV an run away laughing, baking, cooking, organizing and decrapificating the house. What I do now is take each day a few drawers and clean them up...then move to closets. My Sis says when I'm done I can do her house. Oh the Joy's of being OCD!

We finally went to IKEA and got a matt pad since I refused to use our new bed without it (all the mother's out there with little one's know what I mean: vomit, pee, juice, etc.)
*Warning-this is not a decoration blog and the rooms are still in progress*

So we moved our Queen bed to oldest room.

Move new King bed to our room, hang curtain rod and curtain.

Organized scrapbook/craft closet.
I had 3 plastic drawers filled with all my craft stuff, I clean that up, gave a hue bag to the little guy's former daycare and I purchase these fabric baskets from Target (They where on sale for $2.50 ea but they didn't have matching one's left) they do the job.

Hopefully now I will get things in order so I can have at least one hour a day for my crafts, but the little one has not been napping long lately.

So off I go to chase him again since he just pluck the stem out of a fake pumpkin. My life is filled with Olivia's cartoons and jokes of silly porno! (what?! I have a teenager remember?)

Now Pasta or Shrimp for dinner?

Over & out

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Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

The closet looks great. Do you hire out? :)