Monday, December 6, 2010

Friend Making Monday's by All the Weigh

The lovely Kenz @ All the Weigh has another Friend Making Monday question: What are you excited about this month of December?
For me this is quite easy, last year at this time we where homeless...and not the we are going to loose our home and have to sell, but more like we-are-gonna-have-to-sleep-in-the-car kind of deal. It was hard and awful. Probably one of our lowest points. I wanted so bad to have a place again, to decorate and have a tree for the kids.

So this year I was so happy that we where blessed with a place to call home. My number one was:
Putting out the Christmas tree and decorations

N0.2 seeing everyone in NYC for Christmas. They are a fun bunch and usually they have a way of lifting my does help I have a great Sister in law.

What where/are you looking forward to?

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