Thursday, December 2, 2010

Loving the pretty things

This post was going to have a very different tittle...something to the effect that people anger me. No, I'm not a hater of any sorts but lately unappreciated people make me really angry...or maybe is sad...sad that they do not see what they have an do not appreciate it.

A very popular blogger posted about being minimalist and how Christmas decor was annoying her. She has every right to feel that way, but I saw so many people agreeing with her. Does EVERYONE out there feels is no longer needed to decorate for Christmas? if that's the case, that is very sad to me. It kind of makes me feel like when I watch HGTV House Hunters: the house is perfect but they don't like it because it has a pink bedroom...really? ever heard of a paint brush?

I remember the blog "Rue's Peanutbutter & Jelly" and how she no longer blogs publicly. It felt there was a competition, all the houses looking almost the same. It didn't feel like anyone was putting any though but rather following along the "big" bloggers. How she felt out of place because her dinning room was red and not the trendy all white. I do love the inspiration but we are not all going to be the same.

I was fortunate to grow up in a upper middle class, all 6 kids going to private schools and universities, having maids, building a new home out of pocket (by my Father) but life has thrown me a few curves; big ones actually. I DO know the most important thing is to have my family with me and their love and health, but believe me...being homeless gives you a new perspective on things.

Last year I wanted so bad to have my Christmas tree up, have my own kitchen, my own towels, my own bed. I though of all my little nick nacks and how I wanted them. We did give and throw away a bunch of stuff, and every season I donate the things we no longer use...I get that.
What I don't get is being bother by the pretty Christmas lights, the ornaments, the feeling of the Holiday these things brings.

Is not all, but it helps...because if you see yourself without them one day, trust me, you will dream of having them again. Getting off my soapbox again, I better switch gears. Lets talk about lovely things, shall we?

Right now I'm loving my new Christmas CD by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.I want one of these too. 32 shadows, blush and bronzer, 8 lip colors and 5 eyeliners. Come to mama. (Tarte Jewelry Box)and tomorrow after my lovely encounter with the unemployment office I will be on the hunt for this: (Pic from Short & Chic)

because I want to change the one I'm currently wearing...China Glaze Wagon Trail (dark greenish)

so that is it. Let me go watch Family guy :)

Over & Out

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Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

I love that dark purple nail polish!