Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The one with the search

I've not been able to write as much as I want, it has been crazy trying to find a place to move to in  NYC. Seriously, what' up New York? is it too much to ask for a decent apartment, clean and with closets here?! Aparently yes. I think I have a better chance running into Katie Holmes and going for a latte like Bff's.

I have seen it all: the small one that you can actually shower and use the toilet at the same time. (and no closet-none. the realto is like "go to IKEA" and I'm like yeah, and where am I putting it? in the shower? Seriously no space) The one so far I swear the sign when we arrive said EastBumblefuck. The one that had so much roaches it look like they where having a Sweet 16 Bash in the kitchen YUK! -although it was LARGE, it just had to be fix, then fumigate, then had a bomb explode in it, I'm telling you- it would work.

We have seen half decent ones very over priced (broker fee alone is either 2 months rent or 15% of the anual lease). There are some beautiful places but sadly some of them are asking for you to make 80 times the  monthly rent, or give them your first born, your choice.

I am hoping to move SOON. My BIL is here too and there are just too many people together. Plus I think they need their home back, and so do we.

One good thing is that I am able to fake where I'm going for the most part. I can now take the subway, bus and grab a cab. :) I know, small triumphs. I've also been reconnecting with old friends and getting excited to been able to see them more often. Yay for old friends.

Most evenings we are still walking...getting to see this on the Horizon...

On our weekends we go here...

Posing like nuts...running away from the Central Park mice...seriously they are NOT affraid of humans

But overall I think I am more settle on the decision of moving here, seems like we are all going to be ok. I'm thinking of a little change too. I have to cut this Pocahontas hair soon, heat+ subway+ long ass hair= one hot me. So since I dont want to cut it all off I'm thinking of doing this:

I'm jumping on the Ombre trend but going with my usual red, cutting a few layers. I think it will be fun (pic from google-just type red ombre hair).

So that is it. No much to report. But as soon a half decent apartment comes my way, you will hear in the news "WOMAN DIES OF EXCITMENT".

P.S. don't get me wrong, if you have unlimited budget you can find anything you want, we just don't.

Over & out

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