Monday, July 16, 2012

Finally writting again

I'm back again. Not in full force since there is still too many things for me to get done. As you notice some things have change. I am not going to make a big deal about it but lets just say I wanna be able to write without being judge, I want to say what I feel like when I want to and I want to be able to be honest when I do get in here. Some people just made it a little uncomfortable for me so things had to change.

New York living has been interesting. I seem to be ebjoying it more, the independence of hoping on a train and getting any where, the fact that shopping is made so easy, having things delivered for free when you have a kiddo is AMAZING (specially living in a 5th floor with no elevator). We are still looking for an apartment and some things are working out better than others, but I'm not going to lie, the adjustment has been hard.

The kiddo loves it thought, the parks have sprinklers which he loves, he gets escited about the train, and even telling him we are going to Target he gets all "are we taking the train?" excited. Having so much family around sure helps too. We have also been walking a lot, going to a track field so my son and SIL hubs can run, it takes us a while to get there and I'm finally making it without pain (it's 40 blocks to get there and come back). Thankfully we have this view to keep us on track: RIVERSIDE!

Pictures are not mine (FOUND on Google)since I always forget to get the camera, Lets see if I remember today. So this has been my life so far, rumming the NY streets with the boys, enjoying the heart beat of a very hectic and crazy city, looking forward to the weekends when the Hubs comes back from working in DC.

 Looking forward to getting our new place and seeing what else life has in store for us.

Over & out

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