Saturday, December 1, 2012

Making a Home- NYC

Helluuuu there.
So I have been thinking (applause) about the things I want to do in the house, so many little projects, things to replace, things to paint and reorganize, give away, etc.
Since our disaster move, where things got stolen or broken, half of our stuff is hanging with glue and hope. Some other stuff we can wait (and will wait) for them. I am getting in a new mood and feeling.

I don't want to sound ungrateful, because I am, I realize what not having a home can do for one's soul, I hope you never have to. But I digress, I learn that no matter what my home looks like, it is MINE and is loved, and happy, and it keeps us safe and warm. So yeah, there is more important things right now, but that does not mean that we wont work hard to be and get better, so one day all those little projects can be accomplished. One little step at a time.

So, for purposes of making my own project list, I will show you some of our rooms and what we plan to do in them.

 First the Kitchen. I do like it, I like having the table in  a breakfast nook, sitting with my coffee and looking out the window. First we will paint, ass some shelves in the wall next to the fridge (ceilings are about 12ft)
Next to the stove there is actually more space, I want to paint one side of the wall with chalk paint.
You see this to the right of the entrance.

This is part of the entrance, is shaped as a reverse L so this would be the long part. Kitchen entrance is before the tree.
We want to take the shelves of the bookcase and put them higher with brackets so we would have space underneath it for a small Ikea Desk and situate the computer here. (hallway leads to bedrooms, bathroom, and there are 2 closets on the opposite wall of the frames)

kind of too look like this (we believe paint will do miracles!)

aww, the tree on the other side, and yes we get molding all thru out the house too-see the living room wall to the left?

The living room actually gets tons of lights, therefore new curtains, get rid of all the scrapbook including the tower pf paper, the corner desk is broken and being held only on one side, so it will go once the entrance gets redone. Sorry for the dark picture and the mini Indiana Jones wanna be kiddo.

Then this one needs a LOT of upgrade

You can see the mess of us getting ready behind me, hehehe. Ok, better girl, better :) This is my Work Day I-don't-look-like-I-have-makeup-on-but-I-do look

So that is just some of them, the bedrooms also need some work, some paint, some new storage, curtains, but all in good time. Just being at home has been a good treat but I look forward to the days when I can start decorating again.

Over & out


Jenn said...

What a beautiful home! And I totally agree...paint makes a huge difference! Have fun decorating.

affectionforfitness said...

Love your lovely new place! Boy do you deserve it after the year you had. Wishing you every happiness.

:-) Marion