Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm not a blogger

Yes,in case you haven't figure that out I am not a blogger.
I do not have the time to write and be all cohesive and have pretty photos for you. I do want to get a camera and show you real NYC life, real lets get on the train with everyone is avoiding only to  find a homeless guy puking his brains out, or lets figure it out why Duane Reade has such a cool selection of makeup. I want so share that I found a little place that makes the best paninis in the Bronx, or how when you are going downtown you should switch from the 1 train to the A 'cause is faster.

There has been a lot of changes, as you know and I'm excited of all of them, even the ones that scare me. I'm learning to trust life, God, divinity and my gut. Things happen and you  can either dwell on them or rejoice on the opportunity to change things, to have adventures and to learn new things. Like not to wear heels all the time no matter how downtown cool it may look.

Last year was a difficult one, you all know that from all my sad little post. But I'm ok with that. I am owning up to say it was ALL OUR FAULT everything that happened to use. We are responsible and should own up to those facts. But I also realize other people should  be held  accountable for their actions, for being awful with us for giving us their back, for treating us poorly, for showing their true colors. They have EVERY right to be that way, and I have every  right to not tolerate that, to move on and don't take their shit, to not make an effort for anyone that is not willing to make that effort to me.

It is really sad to leave people in the past and behind you, people you once loved so much. But the lesson remains: not  everyone  is meant to be with you forever.

I just want to say my piece and be done with it, move on and just share how much I am enjoying  living here. Finding new places to shop, a new beauty place, going for deals at Target but I haven't been able to do that, I discovered I am still angry and hurt and it will take me a little while until I can post and not talk about the same thing over and over, so I  opted for not posting. Does it makes sense? probably not but that is me, I don't make sense must of the time :)

But things are changing and hearts are mending, spring is coming and with it a new perspective.

I hope I can get it all in photos.

Over & out

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