Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Adventures of pee pee and things of the sorts

I'm sure my boys, specially the little guy, are super happy our camera is broken right now. Pictures from my home today would be hysterical and would have all sorts of toddler nakedness around. That and several pairs of peed train underwear, wet cushions, and things of the sort.

I've been trying to Potty train Aiden FOREVER and it was two steps forward, 411 backwards. Why are boys so difficult? My Sister had it good since her daycare takes care of her kids and she would just follow up at home.

I would put the timer for every 15-20 minutes, take him and nothing would happen. Sure, he did pee pee must days but then would still pee in his pull ups. So today I put underwear on him. And already our couch and one dinning chair (oh, and my back) have been peed on.
Still I put him in the toilet, ask him where we pee (he knows) then show him the couch cushion, which he says "sowwwwy". But still he pees all over.

Now I decided to put this little gem in the middle of the living room

and keep trying all day. We may have to deep clean the carpet this weekend.
Did I mentioned that I also woke up with a major migraine and that my neighbors where making so much noise it sounded like elephants where humping? But that is not the focus today...pee is.
So I'm looking forward to tonight, to the Hubs coming home and me locking myself in the bathroom and relaxing. I think I'm going to paint my nails a pretty light blue.

Oh, and I have an interview Thursday, lets see what happens.

Over & out

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