Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dominican Life: Decor

I figure I would start making some post so you guys are more familiar to my little piece of Heaven The Dominican Republic. Yes, we are a third world country in the Caribbean, but we have so much culture to offer.

Yes, we have very poor areas, but we also have very beautiful cities that show our Spanish and French influences. We are known for beautiful beaches and our amazing tasty food.

Hopefully you get to experience some of it thru these series of post. Lets start with decor. Although we do love or tropical colors, we are not too keen on really bright furniture, such as in Jamaica per say. We do tend to like things like dark woods and wicker, and of course some traditional style furniture. Most places have their own artisans that carve and make these pieces. Usually you can find someone to make any kind of furniture for you or even design it yourself since it's a fraction of the cost than the US.

I remember growing up seeing some painted furniture on my grandpa's home, then the trend went away, and like all good things is back in style again.

I'm showing some examples of the decor from Casa Cuesta, one of the most popular design stores in our country (you can find them on FB and go thru their albums)

We kind sort of love to decorate with greenery and fruits/vegetables.

We also like using simple things we find in our home, such as twigs. Can this be more simple and cuter?
I think I am going to copy this one with the corks

Love this look too

I wanted to include some of my family homes, but all of them include people in I may add it at a later time. The next post would be about food (with recipes), then travel information and destinations. So what do you think?

If you have any questions or ideas, let me know.

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Carbie Girl said...

LOVE it! I love the way the delicate little twigs look, I may have to try something like that. I say keep the pics a'comin :0)