Friday, August 10, 2012

I gots my heerrr did

-let me apologize for the gettho headline, but that's the way I felt in that salon.

I have been wanting to get my hair done since I dont have any of my supplies here to do my hair, and being that I have some gray hair this is a no, no condition for me. Plus I did not want to have to cut my hair again like I did the last time. I did, bangs and all. It was not terrible but sometimes you got to remind yourself you are worth the splurge.

I happen to know someone who works in a Salon here in New york,so I figure I give them a shot.
The first thing that bother me was that they did not have a clue what the ombre look was. If you don't know is ok, but I expected a hair place to it is:

Above is the Red Ombre look, is less maintenance than doing highlights or things of the sorts, plus my hair is super long and I figure since people try so hard to get long hair, doing wigs and all, I wouldn't cut it so short, just give it some shape.

Error #2: they did not use a cape on me. Not only did my arm, shirt and fingers get stained but I got wet too, very unconfortable. I have never seen a salon that did not provide capes. Even cheapos as Super cuts do.

Error #3: they did notdo the hair color properly. My hair is supposed to be lighter in the bottom but is not...the difference between the colors is not noticible and I told her so...still she clain it was. FINE then, do whatever woman.

Error #4: When cutting my hair she barely touch it and I keep telling her to cut more since it was MEGA long...I had to force her to do it, and then she forgot to cut my bangs, which I had to remind her of. (which by the way then she told me they where uneven and long. No shit Sherlock, that's why I told you to cut it). She also kept telling me to get layers which I told her I did not want like 3 times.

Error #5 They did rollers which is not horrible but I don't need them. I have fine straight hair but whatever. Aparently it's a policy they have so when people with very coarse hair dont ask for blown hair. Anyways they where frying my brain with so much heat.

Error #6 When I ask the girl to get the rollers out in a curl instead of getting my hair straight she said sure, then proceeded to take them out and blow my hair straight...what the heck? I told her AGAIN to please make sure I had some waves. She said yes, but did whatever she wanted, including parting my hair in the middle. UFF. Anyways...this is the look (sorry for the crappy pis-I still have no new camera so I took it with an itouch)

The curl you see is from me redoing my hair the day after, and as you can see I do have some curl.
I thought this was supposed to be relaxing. It was not. Ninety dollars later I felt used. My hair and the color is fine, is not bad but is not what I asked for. But they are not going to see me again so they lost more since they lost a client and I would not recomend them.

Have you had any issues in the salon?
Tell me.

Over & out


Jodi said...

I am off to get my hair done tomorrow. I love my stylist! He is AWESOME! I have a 'thing' about stylists. I believe that men should do womens hair....I always feel like I walk out feeling 'less' when a woman does it -- like she wont make me look 'too good' as in we are a in a competition.... but when a man does it I always feel fabulous(like he is trying to impress you maybe)! He wants you to not only look good but feel great too! My stylist Darryn is great at doing this! AND he is nice to look at... LOL
I like the colour of your hair (and the length!! I am trying to grow mine out... sigh long process!)But if you didnt like what they did I agree... dont go back again!

Cami said...

I love your blog! i followed! I would love it if you could check out mine and follow me? Thanks so much!


AndreaLeigh said...

oh that sounds like a horrible experience! i think too few people really know how to do ombre. I tried for it as well but it wasn't what you see on models and celebrities. i think your hair looks good though!

Daisy Pink Cupcake said...

I can't believe they didn't know what the ombré look was..... That's crazy! They probably didn't know how to do the look, so that's why you didn't get it but they should have told you that up front. Your hair still looks good though!!!