Monday, May 20, 2013

FMM: getting to know me :)

Another awesome Monday, this weekend was dedicated to seeing more family. Saturday we didn't come home till 1am and my little guy was so tired from playing all day with cousins. I received some good news last week and things are changing yet again for us but I am SUPER EXCITED by these new changes. I will let you know as soon as the first step gets materialized since I don't want to jinx it.  Now let’s get to this week’s topic.
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Getting To Know You
1.  Have you ever been skinny dipping?  No, but I will. Just waiting to get back to this spot at my Aunt's beach home :)
                                                                         (hubs, kids and some nieces/nephews)
2.  If you could choose an exotic vacation destination today, where would you go? I would said England but since it's exotic I will pick Bali
3.  Do you prefer to live in the city or the suburbs?  I never would have known how much I like city a lot. I think we are here to stay.
4.  If you could paint, draw or illustrate any masterpiece in the world, what would it be?  Any of the English country side.
5.  What is your favorite dish to cook when you’re cooking for one?  Tacos and this awesome grilled cheese from Byron Talbot.
6.  Who has recently influenced you in a spectacular way?  My Father, always. He has been so kind and forgiving his whole life, always eager to help others. He is 86 and I miss him so much. And this weekend the wife of one of the Hubs cousin's. She has a tenderness in her and a heart full of faith.
7.  Have you ever considered dating a person who’s younger than you?  If so, how young would you go?  I dated a guy that was 3 yrs younger (he lied about his age) younger guys can be immature but I guess it depends on the guy.
8.  What do you typically wear when you’re at home with no plans to go out?  Shorts or sweats with a tank top
9.  Do you prefer a shower or a bath? I would love to take baths more often but I don't always have the time. Relaxing with a bubble bar from Lush is my idea of awesomeness

10.  When you meet strangers are you outgoing or are you introverted?  Definitely outgoing. I just met two new people @ Target, one lady in the coffee aisle turned out to be from the Motherland :)
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Carina said...

Came by from FMM. Another Lush lover! And excellent choice on Bali!

Kalee Sorey said...

I picked London at first too! I would love to see Bali too though. I'm not picky with exotic places as long as they have plumbing! :)

Kalee @