Saturday, December 19, 2009

ARRRRRGGGG - Snowed in !

Still in MD. We got snowed in and big guy's flight got cancelled so he is schedule for tomorrow afternoon. Dear Hubs went outside and try his hardest to clean up a little but the street is not plowed at all. We are thinking of waking up at 5am and try then.
The news said that according to the police they were over 2900 reported accidents in MD/VA so we dont want to risk it tonight.
Here is the view from the front window:

That is our car prior to the hubs trying to clean it. And this is the table in the backyard...yeah...looks like a bundt cake...and now I'm hungry!

So Sis is making sancocho ( a soup from the motherladn with lots of meat and vegetables) and I had 2 cups of hot cocoa. Wish me luck for tomorrow. Hopefully we'll make it out.

Over & Out

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