Friday, December 18, 2009

News and some Favorites for 2009

This Xmas is so going to rock! Seriously I’m in such a freaking good mood I’m actually annoying myself. I’m acting like one of those perky- happy-all-the-time-cheerleader-type that I hate so much. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE
That or maybe the huge amounts of sugar I’ve been consuming thanks to all the baskets they send to the Big Boss is making me high. Either way I’m so happy “no one is gonna break my style”! Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Anyhow, it’s official. I got a confirmation ticket for my oldest. He’ll be officially here tomorrow night (if the snow storm lets him land) so cross your fingers and toes for me…GO ON DO IT!

I’ll take pictures of the reunion. The plan is that Hubs is going to wear a hat and glasses and have a sign that reads: Mr. blahblahblah. I’m going to pretend to be a fan and have a huge sign with his name and I will start screaming like a Jonas Fan on Acid. It’s going to be superb and if all goes to plan he will be severely embarrassed by his Mom and we will call it even…for now.

So back to Moi. There is a few things that I’m really liking right now. I try to make a list every year of my Fav for that year so I can look back and laugh my ARS off when I see them later in life. I mean seriously, who told me using 5 pairs of socks of different colors was cool?. It did save my ankle when a horse decided to kick me, but that’s another story.

So this year I have just a few... for now. There are things from last year that are still in my favorite list like Coastal Scent Makeup, CVS, Honey Nut Cheerios, and a bunch more.

1.The first Item is a baby item: Up & Up Nighttime Baby Bath from Target. I love the smell and how gentle it is. The price is just right too (Below Johnson’s) try it.

2. Urban Decay Primer Potion. Love it. Your eye shadow will not crease with this and makes it stick so even the cheapest kind will work beautifully. My only complain is that because of the shape of the tube, there is a huge amount of product in it that you will need to de-potted in order to get it. (you can see tutorials on YOUTUBE for this)

3.Shoes that look high couture but aren’t. These are from payless my friends and they are fearless (Yes, I own them) The inside is the most beautiful blue and gold satin.

4.Nutella. My Godfather use to get this for us when I was litlle. Love it then and love it now!

5.Don’t hate me. This is another baby product: The Boppy. Since I had the little guy this year I’m all into it. I still use it and it makes the feeding oh so confortable. Why didn’t they have these 17 yrs ago?!

There you have it. There is also a few other things I'm loving-like my set of makeup brushes- so I'll let you know about those later. Oh, and I have a story about when Mommy Dearest bit a Donkey. Seriously.

Over & Out

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Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

My kids LOVE nutella! Thanksfully they sell it at Costco now.

Have a wonderful time with your son!

Merry Christmas!