Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I will Survive...Sing it Gloria!

I'm alive.
That's great 'cause I swore I was dying on Saturday. Thank God there was enough snow outside to cover my body and keep me frozen for a while until the hubs could take me out and buried me (or just dump my ass in the Ocean, either way I'm cool).
Seriously, WTF? Getting sick again...WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYY? I already had my turn. UGH. And this time I refuse to be sick, REFUSE I SAY. I am going to be Dancing the night on Christmas eve, fist pumping, running man jumping, Vogue posing, Macarena style! I'll call it: I've-never-been-drunk-in-my-life-but-i"ll-pretend dance.

Disclosure: If you think I'm a little hyper is 'cause MIL brought some medicine from the motherland (which by the way, will sell you anything without a prescription) and I'm overdosing on it in order to get better. That and large amounts of caffeine...and chocolate :)
So the flight was cancelled Saturday night, but we were able to reschedule for Sunday, which BTW got delayed. It took us 5½ hours to JFK Airport. UGH. Madness. The streets where cover with snow and ice on the towns, but the highway wasn't terrible. Still we were stuck in NYC for the night ('cause little guy started screaming like a banshee when he felt the cold and plus, it was a long ride to make it back)
We ended up crashing with the hubs family, which was actually a lot of fun. It felt like camping. SERIOUSLY. Eight adults and 2 kids in a one bedroom apartment. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...ok, calming down now. Yeah, but seriously it was fun though. For me at least, not for the people who actually had to work the next day and stepped and tripped all over the place on their way to the bathroom. Buahahahahahahaha...way funny.

So Big guy made it and we headed back home Monday, the traffic was horrendous and it only took us...uhm...about 6 hrs to come home...yeah...fun. And THEN I decided to be responsible and told my boss I was coming in to do some payroll ('cause I know if its not done people will come with torches and pitch forks to get me) so after that drive I worked from 5pm to about 8:30pm.

All while being sick.

Then home to take care of the hubs and baby.

Cleaning bottles at 11:30pm.
I'm a freaking Goddess. Go ahead, say it. You know is true :)

I'm feeling better today, also cause the little guy finally is sleeping more. That and the fact that I got a Christmas present: A LUSH SET! (yummy Yummy Yummy Shower Gel & fairy Tail Sugar Scrub) Doing some dancing right now!

So here are some pictures of this crazy and blessed weekend:
A not-so-impressed-by-the -snow-baby:
A not cleaned street:
Webarelymadeitoutofthehouse home:( Sis home)
Me, in a cute hat (SHUT IT HUBS)
Oldest calling his grandma after arrival:(and hubs trying to bite...his head?)
Warm baby loving Sis tree:

This is what I learned these last 4 days:
*snow is so pretty...from inside the warm home.
* Airports need WAAAAAY more seating
*it's real: the feeling that if you don't pee right this minute you are going to die
*I'm so glad hubs does the snow shoveling thing
*People CAN and WILL smell the Vick's Vaporub on you :)
*You can survive while breathing out of one nostril.
*there is no better Christmas present than to have your family together.

Over & Out

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