Saturday, December 5, 2009

Only happens to me.

Someone grab a pen 'cause these stuff would only happens on a sitcom.
Seriously, the weirdest things always happen to me. Why? 'cause I'm a prone to be a clown, or like my dear Alain calls it "should be married to Jim Carey", or because I'm just plain stupid.This week I manage to glue my right eye.

glued shot.
with nail glue.
go ahead. go laugh, snort coffee out of your nose. I'll wait.

yeah, no kidding there. I wish I would have taken a picture but then I had more pressing matters; like making sure that $h#! was not going to blind me. One Eye Willie? Cool. One eye Patricia? naaaaaaaaaah. (do you remember that movie?)

So I have made so adjustments to our budget and gave up my addiction to do my nails *SNIFF*
(hoping to get back to it SOONER rather than latter) but anyways, I had a rip in one of my nails that was driving me mad. So I grab the nail glue an put a drop on it. Of course at the same time Pearl decides she is going to jump me. So I gesture to her to get off, shake my hand, glue splatter to my eyelid. OK even if I TRIED to do that intentionally, I wouldn't have got that perfect shot.


SO I'm running in circles, saying (yeah, talking not screaming) to the hubs, Crap I glued my eye. And he has the look that questions: "Did you drink today"?

he only says:
Ok, now its funny even to me. I looked at him and he sees that I look like Sloth from "The Goonies" Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy yoooooooooouuu guuuuuyssssss

Now, he is freaking out and telling me maybe we should go to the hospital. But all I do is laugh and said this will only happen to Moi. ARG. Go to the bathroom laughing, my sister and my niece found me on the way.

My sweet innocent little Mia looks at me and sees my eye and gasps and says (while pointing with her little 20 month old index): Ninaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
My sister exclaims: "how you do that?" which I reply: Only me Karina, only me~~~~

What should I do? what should I do? what should do? Splash some watter...doesn't do diddly squat. and that's what the bottle says, wash your eye. UGH.

Makeup remover? uhmmmm, its working , its working, its working...then I see that lucky me, my eyelashes got the most of it, so I'm pulling them off. (can you see this?) and laughing, and cursing, all together. After doing that for 10 minutes it finally came off.

My eye was saved.
My bottom eyelashes? not so much.

Over & Out.

P. S.

I found a funny lady. Check her out: Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic

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