Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Au Revoir!!!

Nothing life changing here. Just that we are leaving tomorrow afternoon, and I'm not pack yet! hahahaha...Seriously, not funny. I blame the husband. I don't know why but I'm blaming him. I have tons of things to do before we go (well, not tons, but a few) and thankfully we have an afternoon flight so I can still have the morning.

First of all, when I started flying international you where allowed 2 80lbs bags plus carry on. Then it was 2 50lbs. Now you are allowed one bag. But if you are flying Spirit it will cost you $19.00- if you pay ahead- per bag or $25 at the airport!!!


Am I supposed to travel internationally with just a carry on? A carry on which by the way will cost also after August 2010? This is ridiculous beyond believe, and why is it anybody doing something about it?

Is not like the planes got smaller and the service better. JetBlue has awful service -don't get me started on American Airlines- and neither airline provides food, not that we can eat what they serve. Is there an agency I can complain about? There should be. This will be our first trip with Spirit and I hope it all goes well. Traveling with an infant can be tricky.

Oh, and I have to pay taxes on the baby that's going to be on my lap. Yeap. Awesome.
But never the less, we are off! WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Ya'll take care while we are away!!!

Over & Out

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