Monday, July 5, 2010

If I can Change...and you can change...everybody can change!

Our baby with yet another Monkey outfit! love it.

Oh, how I love me some Rocky VI. Seriously I do not get tired of this movie. And the soundtrack? well, if you ever so inclined to exercise I can guarantee you it will keep you motivated (not that I know this from personal experience). By the way, I'm trying to get a Zumba DVD, just the single one, and my like asking for Pandora's Box!
Back to the weekend, I worked Saturday, UGH. We did some shopping yesterday and enjoy going to the Military base for funnel cake, family time and fireworks. It was really nice going later in the day because It wasn't as hot and we got to see the fireworks which the little guy enjoyed.
Today, while my entire family is off, I'm working (Just call me Isaura-reference to a soap opera where Isaura was a slave) . But that's OK, you know why? Because on Thursday I will be on a plane with the family!!! Wooooo hoooo

Although our vacation will consist in a lot of running around for the first couple of days. We arrive Thursday night. Friday we have a Church Service for our oldest Graduation (he goes to a Catholic School). Saturday is the actual graduation and Sunday we Baptize the little one!

I am so looking forward to seeing my family, enjoying the sun, the beach, the no worries attitude.
Oh, and lets not forget the food. Ahhhhhhhh. I'll take pictures so I can make all of you jealous.

The Hubs posing with the little guy...who has more interest in the beach ball

The Little Princess taking her uncle's ears

Us, plum as partridge!

Not sure if I'm going to be able to blog from the homeland once I get there, but I'll try my best. OK, I'm lying now. I wont. I need sooooo much my time to be with the family, to talk to my Sisters, to rest and sleep and take as many afternoon naps as possible.

This trip is also going to be sad, our oldest is finally coming to live here and attend college, but it also means that my Dad is loosing his favorite companion. Papi is 82 and I cannot stress enough how close Big guy and him are. He of course wants him to move here but I know is going to be hard for both of them.

So I hope ya'll had a great 4Th of July, that you ate to your hearts content. I am so grateful to be here, in the land where dreams can come true, and so grateful for the men and women that work so hard each day to keep it that way.

So tonight I'll be packing and shopping for last minute stuff. can't wait!

Over & out

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Struggler said...

Have a great trip and definitely take a blogging break!