Friday, July 2, 2010

It was the night before...

Do you remember the first time we met? I do. It was much like a day like this 18 years ago. I knew you where coming when you made your first sign around 3am. I woke Karina up and asked her to help me with your clothes. I also gave her a list of people to call.

Fun day that was, so much running around and me laughing hysterically out of pure terror.You didn't arrive until after 12pm, lunch time...great timing kid. Then, after everyone was gone, I knew it was just going to be you and me. That night I couldn't put you in the bassinet. You slept in my arms. That night I cried while I held you.

I cried because I was 16 and I just had a baby.

I cried because I was 16 and I just met the love of my life.

Sweet as always...Putting your baby brother to sleep

When you where around 9 yrs old I took you to the arcade to play around like we usually did. After you collected your tickets and the time came to choose your little trinkets you surprised me. Instead of getting a toy for you, you came back with two rings for me. There was a pink one and a green one. To me, they are like the most precious expensive rings in the world. I still have them. And I always will.

Today, wearing them at work

HaPpy 18th BiRtHDaY Alain!

Over & Out

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Kirsty said...

Aww such a sweet post! Happy birthday hehe