Friday, July 30, 2010

Ramblims of sorts

Because I have way too much things on my mind, it is often that I don't post ANYTHING.
Does it makes sense? Nope, didnt think so.
You see, I have so much stuff in progress that I end up doing nothing. Weird.


I wanted to tell you {and show you} about my scrapbooks. As you may know, our oldest lived abroad all his life (thanks immigration can suck it!) so he is finally leaving with us. When he came for Christmas all of our stuff was in storage. So now he finally got to see the scrapbooks I've been making.

He looked at each album, read the notes I made for him, laugh at some of the anecdotes about him growing up. He finished them and looked at me...and he said..."WOW, thanks Mom...I didn't know all wonderful". So yeah, I felt pretty amazing about myself and I may have done a little happy dance. Ok, I was doing the Macarena full blown mix with the electric slide.

It totally paid of for me, because even though I love to scrapbook and is a creative outlet, the goal was to preserve memories. Having an 18 yr old appreciated your craftiness is AWESOME.

Then I also wanted to tell you/show you how said 18 yr old can turn a bedroom into a garbage a matter of a week. Seriously, I couldn't even open the door all the way. So finally it looks half decent and there is space to walk. The bed in the room is a King size and it has to be moved to our bedroom but I don't like it (too hard) so I'm waiting for my pillow top to arrive this weekend, so I can move our Queen there; which means our conforter set has to go too.

Another thing on my mind was to create a weekly meal plan. I've been doing really good with my cooking so far but I need to have healthier options. I realized this when one day last week said 18yr old knocked on the door and told me he wasn't feeling good. Yeah, his healthy eating crashed with our junk food. That's not the example we want to be.

See a pattern here? who knew an 18 yr old can change your life :)
We are loving each moment of it. But I know this is a period of adjustments for all of us and there will be times where I will tell you how I tried to suffocate him with a pillow because he was being a smart mouth {I kid, I kid}

I also want to redo our bedroom, so far all I've got where new curtains from IKEA but hey, is a star.
So there you have it, a whole lot of nothing with nothing mixed up.

See you on the flip side,

Over & out

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