Saturday, July 24, 2010

How to get roasted like a Lobster AKA Vacation time!

Ignorant me though I was already immune to the amazing rays of the sun of the island since, hecks, I'm a native. Apparently not. And apparently Hawaiian tropic is powerless against the sun too. Who knew.

I manage to get sun poisoning my friends. Yeah, blisters all over my back, hubs having to dress me, me crying in pain, cursed words where said and not able to sleep. Oh, but it was SOOOOOO worth it. (ok, so I like pain...that's what she said).

(me, almost toasted but not quite)

We arrived on a Friday morning, nap for a while and then start getting ready for the festivities. Oldest graduated the next day, and I couldn't have been more proud. Then do more stuff for the Baptism of the little guy on Sunday. He was Baptized in a Monastery to ordain men into priesthood (in the garden) so no church pictures.

Spent time with family and took some days out to the beach courtesy of my Godmother's condo!!! wooo hooo for free stays, even if we had to cook. I wont bored you with all the minor details (like how my brother in law fell on the street, face first, broke his jaw and ended up having his mouth wire shoot and how we may or may have not made fun of him)

Here are some of the images!!!

Arrival night at the coast, that water was sooooo nice!

View from pool looking at the ocean, at night time there's several lights shinning down and you can see this huge fishes that may have been sharks :)

See white building? that's our place

The family going for a dip

The pool, we spent most of our time here

Moi, no family on the background

Little guy first dip in the ocean, he loved it! He said WOW

Ok the rest of the pictures I have on the other PC, so stay tuned for part DOS!

Over & Out

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Melanie said...

I'm stopping by from Southern Comfort in a Northern Life and I wanted to email you but there is no address in the address bar. I want to say that the Kindle is made just like paper and not a computer screen. It is really easy on the eyes and you can make the fonts different sizes. It is great for my aging eyes. I would recommend it. It is so easy to read and very handy:)