Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Witch with a B

I already knew this week was going to be hectic, after all my parents are here, I have tons of medical test to do {nothing major}, the little guy has appointments, then my mother, then the bank. Thankfully we had an awesome weekend in NYC again - but remind me to never again travel on Saturday, I like my Friday nights.

above Bubba enjoying the drizzle in the park, below is what seems to be a replica of the Haunted Mansion...

Is actually the Van Cortlandt House {is inside the park}

The Baby Shower was not what I expected since people where late, tables where late, decor was not what I had in mind, but we all had a great time with family and that is more important.
My Parents flight got super dupper delayed so we stayed an extra night in NYC.

Now to the tittle of this post: now my parents came to see my Brother {who's ill} but also for some legal issues (because it involves the government I cannot say exactly what it is). It was confirmed that parasite that is my older Sister was the one who actually cause this trouble for my parents. My poor Mom-ster starred crying right there in the office, shaking her head, saying she could not believe she was so mean. I, on the other hand, stated hyperventilating and ready to punch the living crap out of her.

Is a good thing the chicken shit that she is she moved 6 hours away (my family has no contact with her after she moved at the beginning of this month, the rumor is that she is on vacation in Asia- if there is fairness in the world I hope she gets thrown in jail while she is there) Seeing my mother so distress just made me furious, is something to have some friendly diatribe with her all the time and other to jeopardize my parents livelihood just to be a despicable human been. If she was still in NJ I would be driving there to kick her ass and show her some respect. (YES I believe this case calls for violence) and I hope never to see here because I don't know what I would do to her.

Thankfully I was able to resolve the major issue with my Parents, I will keep doing the best I can for them. Now I'm off for a walk with my Dad (who didn't know he was in my house and almost had a panic attack because he didn't know where he was...but he remembers my son ).

Days like today remind me is so nice to have good family around, and then they are the assholes you wish you where never related to.

Over & out


Carbie Girl said...

ouch, sounds like u had quite a time! SOrry to hear about your sisters negativity doing so much damage. You would think with so much going on, now would be the time to pull together as a family.. sadly not everyone sees things that way -- probably best that you not see ur sis then!!

AndreaLeigh said...

yikes. So sorry you are going through this family drama! it stinks when you can't even trust your blood relations. I hope everything works out with your parents' legal troubles. I will be thinking of you!