Friday, August 19, 2011

Yay weekend

Dad , me and the little guy, last year.

Uff, am I the only one exhausted?
I told my Mom I've work harder being at home than any where else I worked for pay before in my life. The thing is when she asked me if I rather be working I honestly smile and said no, I much rather be home.

Yes, I don't get to dress up in the morning or put full on make up, there are no lunch meetings, Christmas Bonuses, people to talk to, feeling "important" because you knew things, knew your job well, people rely on you and all that, but when I see my little guy drop grapes on the floor and he looks up at me and says "I'm sourry mummy" and know he means it , it melts my heart.

I've been able to teach him to count, to name animals, to find the moon at night, to find his nose, eyes, ears, to sing, to share. He has probably taught me even more in this past year (almost a year, can you believe it?) he laughs out loud for the silliest things, loves his brother to no end. Gives me his drooled cover cookies and tells me he loves me. No money can compare to that. Its silly and over stated that I have to implied I love my kids, but I do.

Even spending time with the Mom-ster and my Dad has been so nice, the little guy is already use to them being home, he jumps in bed with them and cuddles, I watch baseball games with my Dad, I'm actually setting the table each day to eat as a family as opposed to sitting in front of the TV. Ahhhhhhhhh it feels nice.

I finished the majority of my test, which let me tell you, the blood work hurt afterwards so much more than the Mammogram (have you had one? go get one!). And now I'm doing a heck of a lot of other appointments for my mom-ster...(oh and getting new glasses for me).

Next week there will be some shopping, that should be interesting. (by the way Urban Decay is having a huge sale -even loose pigments for $1!) Yeah, I got me some :)

This week was over whelming with appointments and at times I wanted to scream on how messy the house was: my parents are a little messy in their old age, my oldest decided to put an air mattress in the living room so he and the little guy could lay down...and then I say to myself:

We are all together, this is the stuff my kids are going to remember, the fun they had, the stuff we did. And like I read some where: my kids are only going to have one childhood, make it a good one.

Over & out

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Tricia @ SweeterThanSweets said...

Well said!

I learned at my MOPs group that there are only 936 weekends of childhood... and that's counting the teenage years which we know they won't want to spend with us! We gotta make them count. Thanks for the reminder!