Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Zoo, earthquake and my Dad

My Dad is also here visiting, and in his normal fashion he is ready to go home. He has never liked being here, he likes being back home, playing Dominos and watching Baseball on his big leather chair. And so yesterday, to do something different I decided we should go have a picnic at the Zoo

and yes, I do own a picnic basket, cause I'm cool like that. You would think the place was empty on a Tuesday but it was so freaking packed, like the last weekend in the summer was happening. No worries, we still had fun and enjoyed walking around.

The kicker came when we where in the reptile area, we see this huge lizard move his head really fast, which was a little odd, and then we felt it. The earthquake got us there. To me it was not a big deal but people around here panicked a lot( I think they said it was 3.8). The downer was that they closed most of the animal viewing areas and eventually evacuated the Zoo, but overall we had a nice day...the traffic coming home, not so much.

My Little guy served as tour guide, and boy did he enjoyed the cooling mist

This was one of the little guy's favorite animals "Tiger, tiger, roar, roar- thanks Kai-lan"

My poor Dad it's having a hard time here, half the time he doesn't realize where he is, he forgets to shower so we have to remind him. After being a week here he said he finally realized he was at my house and "oh, no wonder your Mom felt so comfortable". If I go out he greets me like he just so me for the first time in ages. But overall we have to be thankful that physically he is still very healthy, he still remember my boys, specially the oldest.

Is just something we have to deal every day and is hard because my Mom has no patience. But she is learning...SLOWLY.

In good Fashion, my Mom and I are going shopping today. I need to get a dress for a wedding- OH and I got my new soon.

Whats new with you?

Over & out

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