Saturday, February 11, 2012

At least she had a Husband to Kill...

Busy week here.
Let's just say that attending a funeral for a 10yr old when her little Brother and Sis (6 & 8) are there is not my cup of tea. By the time I got to sit down I was shaking. Seeing the Mom touching her little girls hair is just heartbreaking...

In other news the Mom-ster is coming to visit next week from the Homeland, so we get to go to NYC again!!! She is coming for a short visit but still was looking forward to it, until she called me today and drove me NUTS about her flight in just 5 minutes.

The little guy had a play date today with my niece and nephew and he seems awfully tired since he didn't nap. I' hoping he would be in bed by 8:30pm because I plan on taking the Hubs on a date night (we won free movie tickets). I've been looking forward to "The Woman in black" so lets see how it goes. I feel so grown up by going to the 10pm viewing!!! I told the Hubs I did not want to go during the day, I wanted a "REAL" date night.

Oh, and I got this beauty with a coupon. Revlon Naughty is a remake on Revlon Perplex, which was a dupe for the coveted Chanel Paradoxal (which I would never pay for) I also saw it @ WM for
$3+ and if you get the coupon is less than that. Isn't it a beauty?

Above- Revlon Naughty (photo by The nail Network)

Above Chanel Paradoxal (photo) All Laquered up.

So that is it for this Saturday evening, I have to go finish dinner and then get ready for our date.

Over & out

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