Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Two on Tuesday: Love

I'm joining again the fabulous My Chihuahua Bites for another:

Today’s topic is:

What 2 (or more!) things do you love about your significant other?

If you do not have a SO currently, please consider blogging about what you’re looking for in a SO. What attributes must your future spouse have?

#1 – He loves me, all of me, the good and the bad.

I could be moody and OCD, I like things my way, and he loves all of it. He tells me I'm beautiful and means it. He always has a loving gesture towards me, even when I'm not my fantastic self.

#2 – He is smart and Interesting.

He went to Law school and is a man that is always interested in the world, he knows about politics, sports, he loves to read, he loves to learn, he loves telling me stories and I could hear him talk about them all the time.

#3 – He is kind.

He treats everyone with love and respect. He is the cousin everyone calls, the Brother his siblings depend on, He is a great friend, he stops to help people on the streets even if he does not know them.

#4 – He can talk to anyone.

I'm agreeing on this one. He is one of those guys who can make friends in the shopping line, at WM, in a concert , etc. he loves to talk to people.

#5 – He is a provider all the way.

He provides for me and our family, he works extra hard often getting home late at night. He loves taking care of us in any way he can.

#6 – He CAN dance.

I am so lucky because he has the Latin flavor in him, he can dance almost anything and does it really well. There is no better feeling than dancing in his arms.

#7 – He is a great dad.

For being raised in a Latin home he is not your typical male that does not take care of the kids because is a woman thing. He bathes Aiden more than I do, he changes diapers, he does feed him and try to spend as much time with him. but he is also a great role model to my oldest. Alain is not his but he always tells everyone he has two boys and is super proud that Alain is in college and does so well. He takes time for him, they go to movies, concerts and he makes sure he has quality time with him. They also love to joke around.

I swear those are different hats-all red.

#8 – He takes care of me.

Again I'm also adding this one because he so do. I was sick for the entire time of my pregnancy. He would hold my head and my hair up, then clean up afterwards. He would sent me to have a Mani/pedi friends date so he could clean the house and I didn't smell the fumes, he did the Laundry and anything else. To this day this man opens the door for me, I never have to carry anything heavy, he is always there to open a jar and kill bugs.

#9 He cares for the things that I care.

It may seem silly but he cares for the things that he knows I care. He will remember that makeup palette I mention once, he would give an honest opinion about my nail polish and my hair. I could sent him images of the boots I want and he would research it for me. Those little things, like ordering a book he knows I would love or the new CD from my favorite artists make me feel love everyday.

#10 He can agree to disagree and respect my opinion.

There are tons of things we don't agree on and he is ok with that. He can listen to my point of view, provide his but not try to convince me to change my mind. Ex. he thinks Whitney Houston was a tragedy and people should have done more @ the Grammys...I don't. Yes, it was sad but a prayer and a song tribute I think was enough.

#11 He is sarcastic and Funny.

We have a wicked sense of humor, he gets me and I get him. He doesn't mind busting a move in the middle of Target if we hear a fun jam, he would be silly with me, he would chase me down the street to tickle me, he does not care who is watching us.

#12 He is the nicest guy I know.

Seriously he is. Even when people are not so nice to him, when people do unkind things, he is still a nice guy.

Even thought I don't believe this day is that important (he does) I am well aware how lucky I am to have someone who cares and loves me each and everyday. So I'll leave you with the perfect quote for us:

“We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” Dr. Seuss

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