Sunday, April 28, 2013

Yay NYC is finally warm :)

It felt like winter was never going to leave us. Gosh how I love when it gets warm I can just hope on the train an go downtown, go see the city, go watch tourist be amazed by this city. We've been here unofficially for almost a year and still I feel like a tourist.
I now know how to navigate the subways and most buses (thanks former job, you gave me the confidence to go out there).

One of my most favorite friends that enjoys my downtown escapades has left me for 3 months. She left last weekend to train in TX to be a flight attendant. I am so proud of her, she has degree in Fashion Design and did well in the industry but after cuts and low budgets and unemployment she jump in at the opportunity to explore her love for traveling. oh but how I miss her...

I've also cannot wait for next weekend, our little guy is turning 4 and of course he wants a Dinosaur theme party, no surprise there. I have already started doing the printables for it :)

In other news I have been sporting this fashion statement:

I know, sexy uh? not really but my feet have been killing me and I notice wearing traditional flip flops with no support do not help me, like AT ALL. then I remember I had these stack somewhere behind all my heels, dusted them off (They are over 10 yrs but I rarely use to used them so they look almost new) and oh my word, my feet where singing. So I told the hubs my ugly sandals are here to stay. And then I dusted this pair (the Gizeh)
which I actually used A LOT last summer when all of our crap was in storage, I was able to walk over 40 blocks in the city with them and have no pain.

And I am thinking of getting these, the Kairo habana Oiled:

It may look a little hippiesh but seriously, the comfort of these are so worth it (you can also try them at QVC for easy pay) Once they molded to your feet it is the most comfortable sandal ever, I figure the back buckle  would help me keep them on while going up and  down all those stairs at the train station.

Funny thing,  the above dear friend just gave me 3 pairs of heels including these gems:

Fergie "Gopher"
Which surprisingly are super comfortable (seriously) but when I am gonna walk for a while or take the kiddo to the park, I am not looking for style. Specially after watching a gorgeous woman wearing Louboutins fall flat on her face on 5th Avenue at lunch time. yeah, not good. 

going from heels to "chanklas" sooo not sexy but necessary and yes, I'm aware a Pedi is on my near future.
So I  am off to beautify myself darlings (the kiddo just asked me to  take it off hahahaha)

Over & out

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