Monday, April 29, 2013

FMM: The ABC's of me

So today may be a little longer with the ABC's but since my plans for today are really tame I jumped on the wagon before I star this weeks madness of scrap stuff for the kiddo's Birthday. So please join in:

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FMM: ABC’s of Me
 Here’s how it works…you’ll choose topics about yourself, your likes, dislikes, etc.  according to each letter in the alphabet, and share a little with us. 
A) Both our boys names start with A, not because I was crazy obsessed to have them as such but we couldn't agree on names we both liked : Alain and Aiden
B) Books, tons and tons of books have been a part of my life from a young age and I am not fully committed to letting go of the real deal: the smell of a book is priceless to me.
C) Coffee is my vice, I don't drink or smoke, but by golly that coffee better be there in the morning (I do not drink it thru out the day)
D) I know way too much about Dinosaurs thanks to an obsessed kiddo.
E) Exercise is a pain in the ass to me, but I know I better get on to it before I hit 40 -only 3 years away.
F) My Friends are very important to me and I can't ever be one of those women that forget her friends once they have a significant other.
G) See above, Girl time is a must for me.
H) Happiness is a choice. I can be sad for all the things I don't have, all the things that went wrong, but I CHOOSE to be happy because I realize how much I do have.
I) Ireland is on my bucket list of places I must go.
J) Judging people is not in my character but I have been guilty of passing judgement before, and I am working on that.
K) Knowledge is very important to me, I dislike ignorant people who go thru  life not wanting to educate themselves.  It's not all about going to College or  having a degree, some "intelligent" people can be very ignorant.
L) I am constantly making List of EVERYTHING: shopping list,  things for the house, wants list, project list, party list, etc.
M) Motherhood turned me into my Mom, and I finally realized that is not a bad thing.
N) I am saving for my next Nikon camera
O) I ordered Leslie Sampson "just walk-5 day plan" because I need to move and do something about exercising
P) I go by Patricia but it is not my First name :)
Q) I question everything! ask the Hubs.
R) Rebel, I have always been but always with a cause.
S) I am not a serious person, like at all.
T) Traveling this year would be a dream come true, cross your fingers that it happens.
U) my maiden name starts with U, which I love since it is very unique.
V) The Hubs name starts with V.
W) Work is very important to me but never more important than my family. I see people putting work before anything else, having high goals and sadly (?) that would never be me.
X) marks the spot
Y) I don't like Yogurt.
Z) Zzzz for the lack of sleep that I've been deprived my entire life. It takes me forever to go to sleep and even then is not a deep sleep.
Now it’s your turn! Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments!! Happy Monday friends!!!!!!!!

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Amanda Brown said...

I can relate to a TON of these. Loved "H" I believe that is so true!!

Natasha Collier said...

Stopping by from Friend Makin' Mondays @ All The Weigh. Great answers!

Tammy Vigil said...

Ireland is definitely on my bucket list too.:)