Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm back Trish!

Well since it seems I actually have someone reading my blog, here is my update for the day/week: I turned 34 this past weekend! Yaaaayyyy- so happy 'cause I had such a great time.
Last year I was sick as a dog with the pregnancy so it was a thrill to be able to actually eat my food this time around (I know~TMI). My Mom says I should say that I am younger since according to her I don't look my age, but having a child on his teens doesn't allow for this unless I was feature in the evening news, if you catch my drift.

The hubs as always was so sweet and sent me Roses, Truffles, a bear and balloons to work. Ahhh
the girls went crazy about them.
Then for my Bday dinner we went to a Japanese Restaurant with Sis and her hub, my Goddaughter and of course little man. Little man was excited, it was like he had a clown in front of him instead of a Hibachi chef, GD got a little scare with the fire but she enjoyed the food. Ahhhh Sushi Salmon! YUMM...then Dessert! On top of all that I got my sis to make a traditional meal the next day and they got me an Ice cream cake (brownie-caramel concoction to die for!) AND I still have to go shopping with my gift cards and Hubs is getting me
yet another coat!!!

I had an awesome time and also spoke to my big man (older Son) who was celebrating it as well. Oh~how I miss him, but thank God soon enough we will celebrate birthday's together again.

So I think (uhmmmm) that I'm done with my Halloween Decor and will be posting about it tonight. I got tons of ideas while looking thru blogland so thank you all for being such and inspiration. Now to the hunt for a Skunk costume for Little man!!!

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