Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sick baby and a giveaway

Dear Little man has been sick, thus no sleep for me or the hubs.
He started getting sick probably on Friday since the daycare told us he was not his usual jolly self and seemed to be having tummy issues. So on Sunday he woke up at 5am and did not want to go back to bed, or eat, or be jolly. He started crying non stop no matter what we did: bath, car ride, singing, etc. We finally called the Dr. who told us maybe it was his belly and recommended Pear Juice which helped him go to the bathroom.
However, come the afternoon Little man had a fever, he had it the entire night. It would come down with a bath and Tylenol and then back up after a few hours, so we stayed home with him yesterday (this is the first time Little man has been sick- THANK GOD!)
Took him to the Dr.'s office, they said it may just be his teething but because of his age wanted to keep checking on him. So after 3 days of no sleep he feels better today, still we took him to his appointment and he is much better, and no fever. Daddy stayed with him anyways so I could do some work for a bit. He can go back to daycare tomorrow.

Ok so in the meantime, go check this blog, she is so funny and talented and has great cupcakes recipes...oh, an a darling giveaway for Halloween: Saucy's Sprinkles

I need to sleep!!!!

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