Tuesday, September 1, 2009

shoes, shoes and YES ~ more shoes!!!

OK, so I kept thinking that doing one shoe at a time was going to take way too many post, turns out I was right. Instead I'm posting my Summer shoes now and then in a later post I will show you the fall/winter one's. Of course that I sometimes wear a sandal in the winter for a party or something. And there are some shoes I wear year round...so without further ado here they are:
That mess is my side of the closet, behind that pile with the pink box on top are more plastic shoe boxes, also not in the picture are plastic containerswith my boots.

Black and cream one is one of my faves. I wear the brow ones all the time.

Camel buckle one is Enzo Angiolini, to the left is a ankle wrap sandal from Victoria's Secret.

Red one is Kenneth Cole, cream is Candy's, then Nine West, Anne Klein and the last one Alfani.

Hello lover! My ultimate favorite shoe by Chinesse Laundy, bought on sell 75% off on Amazon.

These are just the hang out one's: Nike's, ADIDAS, Croks (the red one is missing from this shot) Rocketdogs, Birkerstocks (I have another open sandal one- also hiding) then the Maryjanes, blak and white Alfani, yellow Banana Republic, and the best flip flops ever from Eddie Bauer...oh there is a high heeled blue flip flop from a Brazilian brand that are in my car.

As you can tell 80% of my shoes are high heels, I mean I am only 5'0" tall. And yes, I was able to wear these thru out my pregnancy. Thats all for now, until the fall one's come out.

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