Friday, September 25, 2009

Del Amor y otros Demonios

The tittle is from a favorite book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, is called " Of Love and other Demons"

My job has been kind of crazy lately, getting really big, really fast and
that means more work. Believe me when I said that I am GRATEFUL
in every way possible for this job. I first started with the company in another State
and then moved to MD when they expanded here. It was a blessing
'cause Hubs hated his job in NYC (actually, I hated that place with!!!
They where horrible and didn't follow thru with his promises, and so many other complaints.
Hubs really wanted to moved and when we find out the Co. was expanding it was like a prayer
answered. (FYI: hubs works in the Law field)

In this time an age where I know tons of people who have been lay off and are much
worst off than we are, having a job thats thriving is a blessing. I'm also so greatful
that my schedule is kind of unconventional: kind of half a day on Wednesday's and another
day off during the week- so then half day Saturday. Ya' know what that means????

Well~ it means that we get to spend more time with Little guy!!! He only goes 3 full days to daycare and hangs out with me on my days off and with Daddy on Saturday's! Thats truly a blessing. With Big guy (older son) I spent his first year at home with him, plus my Mom was right there so he was never placed on daycare. I was very happy of that. With Little guy, we don't have that option, but at least we feel we get to be with him more :)

I've been reading a lot of blogs in regards living a frugal life and we have done some MAJOR twiking to try to manage our finances. I mean daycare is almost as much as rent (actually what a lot of people DO pay in rent!) plus the whole dieaper.milk.clothes.etc...
We are not getting an additional income and we have all these extra stuff to pay for.

I have become a coupon queen of sorts (not like "Balancing Beauty and Bedlam" she is like my hero!!!) but I'm trying my best.
I'm obsessed with Halloween and I was making sure I purchase everything I need it with coupons from Michael's and the Dollar store (love the ideas that are out in blogland). It took me a few weeks, but it was

I purchase only things on sale now and make sure we get our bang for the buck. I have a coupon book in my purse now!!! - I'm not great, but we are trying. (I was MEGA excited when I score a shirt and a sweater from my favorite store Anne Taylor for less than $15!) Our meals are where we spent probably the most since I try to get what we like, but hey-there is always CVS for Extra Care Dollars and the new Up and Up line at Target- believe me, those things DO help.

I just have to say, if you are struggling- hang in there- God always- always- provides!!!
He doesn't forget about you. Those things that you think you can't live without suddenly are not as important. When I get to see how lucky we are, how blessed, how much more we have than othes do (some people spend thousands to get a baby and we have two beautiful and healthy children... Some are lonely~ we have each other) I say: no matter what it WILL be OK.

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