Friday, September 25, 2009

Halloween Decor! (about time!)

First I have to say that sometimes I get sad remembering the Decor from the House in NJ...oh the luminaries, the smog machine, strobe lights, etc, etc, etc...Now Halloween is a little different but equally important to me since it's my favorite Holiday.Coming from a Caribbean place, you truly enjoy the change of Season...for me (if you haven't guessed) Fall is my favorite. I love the whole, pumpkin-apple picking, crisp air, apple pies, Hayrides, hunted houses, scary movies, costumes, Halloween, Thanksgiving deal. It's just so...well..perfect! No pressure about presents, only the joy of getting together with family. (that and the fact we didn't celebrate this back home *WINK*) OK, so without further a due, here is the Halloween Decor for 2009:

My Martha Stewart wanna be bones...there was glitter everywhere!!!!

Balcony...I didn't take a pic of the glass door or the railing (black & purple garland and glow in the dark ghosts) just imagine that is decorate, ok?

Our Halloween Village! One day we will have a big table just for this...and even more items!
It lights up and moves...Blood Bank & Torture place...we need a witch in there :)
Another shoot at the bones, these where purchased at Michael's and glittered with Martha's kit. The bowl/glass thinga majingy is a terrarium...all items purchased on sale! (The Terrarium was $6)

Bottles:Labels already made, they where purchased at Dollar Tree, 8 in a package. I have another set to use with the real drinks on our Scary Movie Night.
If you notice the books in the back are a collection of Anne Rice Vampires, Stephen King, Jack the Ripper, more Vampires, witches, etc...we are weird like that. Also the picture above is a black and white Erie signed copy of Anne Rice's old New Orleans home where the book "The Witching Hour " took place. ( I will post about my New Orleans obsession soon)

TV cabinet: Dollar store frame, reads boo (I saw this @ Thrifty Decor Chick but I believe she got the Idea from someone else...White pumpkin with stickers..this is ALL over blog land!)

Trick or Treat Banner is from Martha's collection at Michael's and also Granding Road has them...
My Idol Martha, there are several Halloween issues from previous years on our coffee table
Fall decor and pumpkins, next to it is a bird cage that needs to be decorate for fall as well...I'm thinking candle and a wreath...

Bathroom towels...

Bathroom Tea light holders ...
OK, so I was cooking so ignore the mess but here's the stove. We also have towels and more decor (including on the fridge) but I think this is good for get the idea, don't ya?

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