Monday, September 7, 2009


Oh the joys of traveling with a baby!!!
The little guy is a trooper for sitting for 3½ hours to our trip this weekend to NYC.
We had a Birthday party on Sunday in NJ so we decided to make it a weekend trip and hang with the hubs family in NYC since we haven’t seen all of them in…well..forever.

So we left early afternoon on Saturday since I had to drop Sis family at the airport for their Caribean vacation. Packing with a baby is.just.horrible.The milk, bottles, sterilizer, bibs, clothes, diapers, etc...oh my! Plus dear hubs has no idea how to pack so I must pack for all of us...yipeeeeee.

Anyways, our trip went like this: MD-NYC for the night, then NYC-NJ then back home, all that in 25 hours! I know we are a MAD couple but we really enjoy seeing the family and especially since little guy finally met his Radabuelo (Hubs dad). Little guy was such a joy with everyone, laughing and playing...only at the end of the long drive he was getting tired of being on his chair for so long.
BTW- we have a fantastic homeland breakfast made by the hubs dad. Pics to come shortly...
I am so!

I got new shoes from Bass last week!!!

Above Little Man in his car seat...

...but it was too long of a drive for him...

When we arrived he was not in the mood for pictures...

Finally meeting the Radabuelo (gramps from Hubs side)

and finally with Cousin Paola for a NJ celebration.

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