Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'll take Lestat over Edward any day!

Before you start screaming at me and telling me I'm insane, let me tell you that I'm currently reading book two of the Twilight Series "New Moon" and I will continue to read them because, well, I love to read. I am definitely trying to give this a chance, yes I saw the movie. No, I don't think its the greatest Vampire movie ever. I've been addicted to Vampire Literature and films from early teens and started collecting these from the time I was 17. I read my share and saw even a few more.

I just don't get all the fuzz. I think the movie was good, entertaining- yes (but then again I love "Coming to America" so I may not be such a good judge).

In my humble opinion Anne Rice is a MUCH better writer than Stephenie Meyer. Anne books have a way of mesmerizing you and making you feel you are actually there. The desperation, complexity and sadness of some of her characters can be felt thru her written word. Her books are so amazing that, when I finally had the chance to travel to New Orleans, I felt like I've already been there 'cause she wrote so much about it and with such detail.
Above is Anne Rice's Former New Orleans home, where the book "The Witching Hour" was based on. The house is currently owned by Nicholas Cage.

I'm sorry but sometimes I just want to grab Bella and slap her senseless. Sorry!!!!
Maybe because I am not a teenager, but even when I was and felt madly and deeply in-love; that love that can take your breath away; I had so much more sense. She is just so pathetic in some parts that I actually had to stop reading and exclaim: "Oh C'mom!".
I am entertain mostly with the cast around it. I do like the story behind "La Push" and Jacob and all that. I like Vampires period, no matter how bad/silly they may seem. So yes, I will continue to read and view this movie. After all, I am a Vampire fan and it's my duty to keep my mind occupied.

For me, Lestat is such a passionate and complex character. He was the real deal to me. Him and Gary Oldman in the Bram Stocker's Dracula. I mean those are men I could fall for. Edward? not so much.

And to think that "Buffy" was so long ago! I even have a collectible watch to prove it!. Even "First Bitten" you remember that one with Jim Carey. Or "A Vampire in Brooklyn" hahaha, I do love it all. So I guess maybe I'll change my mind about it. Oh, and in the subject of Vampires, I am not completely convinced on "True Blood" or "Vampire Diaries".

Again, I cannot see myself falling for Vampire Bill, but I like Ana Paquin's acting and all the other characters there. Saw the first Season so far so let's see what else Season II brings. My Sister recorded the "Vampire Diaries" for me, and it was ok...didn't hold my attention for long or maybe it was because I had a fuzzy baby on my lap. At least I know I'll be entertain for a while.

If only Anne Rice will go back to writting about Vampires *Sigh*


Karina said...

lolol, you are insame. I have to read the Anne Rice books first and I'll let you know.

Unknown said...

great blog--but that wasn't the anne rice is 1239 first street---that one is nearby--but not it.

Unknown said... that's it

Unknown said...

the house you photographed was 1315 first Street

Unknown said... this is the house you photographed