Monday, October 5, 2009

One year!

Yesterday, a year ago, I was on my hair appointment in a beautiful Hotel in the Caribbean.
My younger sis was with me (like always!) and we where discussing how her hair should be.
I was getting very nervous with each passing moment. Ahhh, the person doing our hair was so nice, she was getting ready to do my makeup and then...I lost it! I started crying and she and my sister started to blow air at me, the lady was trying to give me a shoulder massage so I could calm down and relax. The funny thing is...I was Happy! I was ecstatic with joy...just in a few hours I was going to be married to the most amazing man ever and my best friend.

You see, I never though this day would come. In all the years after that I dated...actually I dated a LOT. Unfortunately I had to kiss a lot of frogs before finding my Prince. I really though that I was never to be married and just be my child and I; and to a point I was OK with that.
DH and I dated when we where younger- not even 20's- and even though we got along we moved in different directions, going to college and things of the sorts, but we ended in good terms. He was one of the few guys that was actually OK with me having a child.

Then fast forward 12 yrs, one day 3 years ago, I was posting a message online in a forum from our old town and he saw it. he emailed me and bet me $1,000,000 that I didn't remember him. I was so surprised!!! Of course I did! We started talking online, then chatting on the phone. just like old friends, he was actually trying to convince me to give this other guy a chance. Then he moved to NYC and we started talking even more, everyday. When finally we decided to get together for dinner and a movie...well, that was then and we've been together ever since!

He has been my best friend and confidant. He truly showed me that love does not have to hurt, that someone can love you back the same way you do for them, that he wanted to take care of me and be with me and have a family together. He really got talking with my oldest and trying to connect thru sports. They are such good friends now. The day of our Wedding my son hugged me and said to me: "I'm so happy for you Mom, we've been waiting for this day for so long".

The truth in those words. This year has been amazing, we welcome a new baby into our family, finally settle in a new place and had some challenges but it dawn on me finally that I'm not alone, there is someone with me, and I'm the luckiest girl. I got a good one.

Happy Anniversary...and don't think I forgot you still owe me a Million Dollars!

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