Monday, October 26, 2009

My Mom is a witch

Not literally though (I think)

why is it when something is happening to me she "just" happens to call?
Seriously, is creepy. I mean, we are not close or anything, not like I call her to let her know whats happening in my life. Don't get me wrong, we talk, we ask how the family is, about Dad, who's getting married/divorce and all that jazz. I just don't tell her everything. We are two different from each other and have never gotten along.
This is why is so strange to me that every time something is happening to me she just...calls.
I remember when I was pregnant the first time around, she told my Dad "Get prepared 'cause Patricia's pregnant" yeap, she knew.
Every.single.time. something is happening she calls. is like a sensor thing. Breakup with looser boyfriend #222 (kidding) she called. Broken heart? Called. Money issues? Called. Health not so good? Called.Then of course she called last night. I didn't say anything and she basically just ask if all was well, but its creepy. LOL

I wonder if I have that.
I wonder if other Mom's have it. Do we get a microchip inserted when we delivered those babies to let us know when they need us? when they are sad? when they are scared? when their hearts are broken?

I've always been ridiculously close to our oldest. I mean, not that I'm not close to little man, but lest face it: he is only about 6 months old and we are indeed as close as we can right now. I know what each cries mean and know the difference between "I'm hungry" or "I'm sleepy" and I finally realize that right now, he is the boss.
But with Big guy we've been like best friends and even though we respect each other we can joke around and be silly. I believe he trust me and I have the most absolute trust in him. I've been blessed with good kids.

I sure hope that I got that microchip-six sense deal going on with them. I wish I can sense when they need me, when they need to talk or when life gets too hard. I hope and wish that instead oof them telling me all is well when I call they can feel close to me and tell me they worries.

Over and out.

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Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

hi Nina - Thanks for letting me know. We're trying to figure out why it won't let you switch the link. Have you totally deleted it and then in a new spot, added into your blog roll and it keeps coming back?
So you have to just go directly to my new site and then you see it fine, right? Trying to solved this mystery. :)

And too funny about your mom's so true, isn't it?